Toni&Guy Heat Defence Spray, Hydra Texture Heat Protector Review

Toni&Guy iron-it heat defence spray and Hydra texture heat protector by Alfaparf

My first encounter with hair starighteners began three years back when I bought my first straightener by morphy Richards. Now three years later, I have a Philips and a Remington one too apart from some conair hair tools and Remington ionic hair dryer. Considering the obvious damage hot tools do to our hair, I had to invest in some heat protectors, if I were to continue having hair on my head. I could see my hair sizzling between the iron plates and curlers tongs, and could see steam as if ironing damp clothes. Initially it was all good when my hair had better quality, over years of usage of straighteners, my hair gave up and started being more comfortable in their natural waves and curls. Nevertheless, I love straight hair and will not stop torturing my hair☺so these are the three sprays I use prior to straightening, blow drying, curling my hair when I do do it occasionally now.

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

Toni & guy offers a range of products for texturising, curling, straightening hair apart from the hair brushes. I guess the brushes range from 500 rs to 2000rs.

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

Toni&guy iron-it heat defence spray: 200ml for 475rs

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defense

What the pack says:
Be an individual, be ahead in the style stakes with toni&guy, be smart don’t trdae off healthy hair for a polished style.this light spray protects against heat damage, conditions, and smoothes, boosting natural shine

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

Hold at least ten cm(4 inches)away from your hair and spray liberally on damp hair if blow drying, or on dry hair if using hair straighteners.
Salon tip: also use as a light leave in conditioner

The red one is the old packaging from the range which is exactly same as the new blue ones. I also picked up the new can which says maximum heat protection for straight styles

Toni&guy iron it heat defence spray maximum heat protection for straight styles:

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

What the pack says:
Heat straightened hair needs special care. This light spray protects against heat damage, conditions, and smoothes, boosting natural shine.

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

Directions:shake can well. Hold upright and atleast 20 cm(8 inches)away from ur hair and spary liberally on damp hair if blow drying, or on dry hair if using hair straighteners.
Salon tip: also use as a smoothing leave in conditioner for all styles.

Benefits the new pack claims:
Silicone derivative selectively conditions, targeting dry areas
Silicone wheat complex protects the hair from heat styling.

Hydra texture ultimate transformation sytem heat protector dehydration shield: price(don’t remember exactly but will be $15 to $20)

What the pack says:
Dehydration shield for hot straightening: an effective heat barrier
This formula enriched with a new molecular bond based on provitamin b5 helps the hair maintain perfect hydration preventing moisture loss. Adds shine and preserves the hair’s natural beauty
How to use: spray it on 80% dry hair uniformly then style using the flat iron.

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

My take on the products:

Toni and Guy Hair Defence
Toni and Guy Hair Defence

These are basically the same sprays with little modifications here and there
The toni &guy ones’ smell is overpowering like a chemical smell turned sweet which could have been avoided
I don’t understand why I need to spray it from 8 inches away….it gets all scattered
Its basically like livon turned into a lighter spray
Its not greasy but u need to use at least ten spritz if u have voluminous hair
Fine hair can do with very little
It acts as a light coating to protect hair which any other hair product would also do
Since it is specifically targeted for hair straighteners, I picked these up

My words of caution from personal experience:
With or without these, in the long run, hair tools will damage hair. These will only postpone the occurrence
U do need to put on some hair masks to deep condition if u use such hair tools
Make sure u shampoo thrice a week and condition every time u shampoo
Use the lowest heat settings on the tools unless absolutely necessary
If u have dry hair that tends to get dryer with heat, these sprays can only save u from 30% of damage I feel
Never straighten wet hair and never use irons that claim wet to straight hair
Never use hot tools without some sort of a light coating on hair, like some leave in treatment or conditioner
Be liberal with heat protectors, we really need them to save our hair from 200 degrees celcius of straighteners
I would say, go ahead and style ur hair, but then do give them the care they deserve

These are available in health and glow and beauty centres as far as I know. I do not want to rate these as using hot tools is very subjective but I do recommend buying one which is specific to the purpose of ur hair.


46 thoughts on “Toni&Guy Heat Defence Spray, Hydra Texture Heat Protector Review

    1. u ahve great hair
      so buy one with adjustable temperatures
      i wont be able to see nice hair damaged :-((
      check out morphy richards…they have wide slim ajustable temp ones …
      website has details rati
      and then philips …i bought latest but has only 200 degrees heat…not good for ur hair
      u will need very low heat
      thats for thick hair

      then croma has remington…slim wide digital
      range from 2000 to 5000rs
      do ask them for a demo….and then see the feel on ur hair

      WHICH IS 125 british POUNDS 😐
      so my hubby did not buy for obvious reasons 😐

  1. Thanx for tips Neha.
    I had straightened my hair twice in salon….and both the times they ironed my wet hair 😕 :-(( :-(( :-((
    I now do permanent straightening at home. Its so much cheaper. And avoiding ironing again n again. I use Chaoba iron got from beauty centre. :-))

    1. Jinal, please post details about how you do straightening at home? Do you use Wella products? I have heard of people doing it..but no idea how to do it the right way..

    2. oh yeah my first exp was chaoba at a salon in goa
      how do u starighten at home?

      wet hair ironing means permanent damage jinal

  2. Hey Neha…..I am very scared of straightners….I want my hair to be straight, but I am really scared……I am thinking of buying a straighter……you have mentioned morphy richards, I will go for it first…..and buy this toni and guy spray also………..thanks for giving so many details about ironing and the tools Neha…… :-))

    1. jomol i have thick hair so need high heat :-((
      u try morphy or philips and take a demo
      here in chennai at shoppers stop they do have all the range
      so try any around 2000 to 3000rs
      preferably wide

      i spent 4k on remington but did not like it so i am not suggesting that

  3. Neha….I have two questions…where can i get the curl soft cream and why do we use paddle brush….I have a hair styler which has a paddle brush and I am unable to use it…………….. :-((

    1. jomol
      paddle bruch is great for starightening hair with a blow dryer
      trick i learnt at a pune salon is that THE HAIR SHOULD BE PULLED AS TAUT AS POSSIBLE WHILE PULLING WITH A PADDLE BRUSH and blow drying
      other wise hair like mine will never get straight
      paddle is great for voluminous hair
      so tossing head upside down will give u that hair tension while blow drying
      but will also give u volume…i dont need that
      this girl used to pull the paddle brush from under the hair at 90 degree angle somehow to pull hair straight… amazing blow dry

      jomol i saw toni&guy products at health and glow in chennai
      \and dorabjee and beauty centre in pune
      i am very sure they will have it in hyd

  4. I too have completely damaged my hair by straightening them too often :(. Used a serum but never a heat protectatnt 🙁
    I am off straightening for a while now

    1. me too …. my husabnd used to be amused at the steam and smell of burnt hair…initially
      so i am refrainign and keeping starightneing for occasions only :-((

      heat protectant does coat hair to some extent so i feel a bit less guilty monika

  5. Neha – this is really informative. I dont straighten my hair very often, like three times a year, because just blast drying my hair makes it nice n naturally straight. I wanted to ask you whats a good serum/spray to protect the hair from the heat of a hair dryer ?
    Coz hair dryers do a fair amount of damage themselves and I use mine more often than the straightener…..

    1. true
      all these sprays above are to be used before blow drying as well
      with the difference that u spray them on damp hair before u blow dry
      and dry hair before u starighten 🙂

  6. The best straightener is GHD 😀
    5000 BUCKS here
    i saw the pink one.
    I am going to buy it next year most probably
    currently i am using the revlon one. it’s okay.
    I didn’t find CHI here :-((
    Nice article neha 😀
    i like hair articles .
    I do not straighten my hair except for my fringe.

    1. ya thats waht i told rati
      ghd is the best but 125 GB pounds was way over my budget
      but instead i have spent as much on three diff ones 😐 😐

    2. nice post!!
      what is ghd ? whats the full form… ?

      @gia,where can i check it out in mumbai?

      i have a remington one it had cost me 1600.i guess the voltage is not enough in this one…. i had bought it for mum.. she has very thick curly hair… i have to go thru a hundred times over one section with this hair iron on her hair… wheres as salon ones take only 3 to 4 sweeps… what is the benchmark of voltage that i need to check?

      again where in mumbai can i check ghd ?? 😛

      1. donno full form but its stairghtener brand
        lookin for it india myself
        remington is :no:
        i had the same ecp with mine 4000 ka wala 😯
        waste na neha

  7. Just in time review Neha :yes: :yes: Planning to get my first straightner but am deathly afraid of frying my hair. :tremble: :tremble: Will definitely use heat protectant :-)) :-))

  8. Neha, thanks a lot for these wonderful tips. I have medium wavy to curly thick hair. I tried using the Philips straightener – it made my hair a little straighter, but with lot of frizz. I did use a heat protectant spray before straightening. Now I want to try other brands. I live in Bangalore and the Health and Glow store here carries only 3 other brands Remington/Braun/Panasonic. Which one is better – they would not let me try on my hair, so there is no way for me to find out.

  9. Neha, And do u know where I can find Toni and Guy brand products in Bangalore ? The health and glow here does not carry them.

  10. i wanna buy a heat defense spray in chennai…. i m not able to find where can i buy…… can you please tell me the shop name…….. can i get in express avenue chennai……. in which show room i ll get it…. actually toni and guy salon is there…… can i get heat defense spray of toni and guy in that salon….. please help me…………… :chewnails 😥

  11. how could i get straight & sleek hair with straightner at home? which hair product should i try to get straight hair? i have wavy hair.

  12. I hav bought philips blow dryer and i hav used it but the front smal hair stays curl and the backend hair was straight somewt but day by day hair was damaged ,so rough,frizzy,results n more hairfall .i didnt use tat heat protectng spray, can i use tresemmeh hair products hairfall.wt can i do nw suggest me

  13. In past 4 years I have got permanent strainghtening done for 4 times..n 6 months back I took keratin therapy ..i have frizzy wavy I am again thinking of some sort of treatment..i use hair color inoa at home cuz I have grey hair also..I am very fond of bouncy n soft feel unfortunately my hair look dry n slightly damaged..please suggest me some good hair treatment..

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