Shahnaz Forever Sun Protective Cream SPF 40 Review

Shahnaz Forever Sun Protective Cream-SPF40

Since summer is here I wanted to do a review on any sunscreen that I bough . I wanted to buy a sunscreen which would be really sweat and water resistance since I am went on a college trip to Rishikesh and there will was rafting ( I will do an article on that too) . I bought the Shahnaz Forever Sun Protective Cream-SPF40 which is very thick so it would be nice for that place. The thing is that I bought the same sunscreen 2 years ago for a Goa trip and I did not tan one bit , everyone asked me what was I using , I actually looked more fair (I don’t like being fair πŸ™ ) .

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

What it claims – This water resistant/ sweat resistant sun block cream is specially designed to provide broad specturm protection against UVA & UVB radiation. It contains sunflower oil and extracts of indian madder, cucumber seed, Himalayan Wild Cherry, which are multi anti oxidants and natural rehydrants, providing intensive moisturisation and nourishment to the skin. Keeps the skin soft, youthful and radiant, with an even colour tone. Easily absorbed, it leaves no visible residue on the skin surface. Can be used by all skin types, but more suitable to normal to dry skin.

Method of Use
Apply evenly on face and exposed areas 20 minutes before sun-exposure.

Purified Water, Ricinus communis Oil, Kaolin, Methylene Bis-benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol, Zinc Oxide, Emulsifying Wax, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Glycerin, Rubia cordifolia Extract, Cucumis sativus Seed Extract, Parfum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. .

It has the usual boring cap thing which actually doesn’t function very well considering the face that all the sunscreen comes out if you open the cap quickly . πŸ™

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

I took a little of it on my hand (I took more then sufficient )

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

As you can see it does not blend nicely , you can see that my fingers are a different color , it is very difficult to blend also , you have to use very hard strokes and with your palm and not the fingers .

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

But after some 10 minutes it sets and gets absorbed in the skin , but it still leaves a little white presence on the skin , I guess it is because I didn’t massage my fingers with the sunscreen but it does look ghostly sometimes :/ .

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

As I said I bought the same sunscreen 2 years ago and looking at the packaging , the company has definitely sniffed the competition, it has gone from a boring to a sleek look with a bigger picture of the queen :p

shahnaz husain sun protective cream

The sunscreen 2 years ago was even more thick and was more pinkish then what it is now. Although the color is different they are as difficult to work with ☹

Cons – it does not blend easy
-It leaves a ghostly white layer which does disappear after 10 minutes but not completely.
– I HATE the cap , I battle with it every time I use it
– it is so difficult to blend that sometimes when I apply it on my face , my baby hair come off :/

-It really is waterproof, I was in the Ganga water with this on my body and it actually stayed on my skin, although it became a weird layer but it still stayed
– it is in reality sweat proof
– it does the job of making sure you don’t get tanned
– there is a very slight smell of cucumbers.
– for Rs 170 of 120 ml I think its reasonable

Will I buy it again – yes but just for the body, for face I use my Neutrogena .

What sunscreen do you use ?


35 thoughts on “Shahnaz Forever Sun Protective Cream SPF 40 Review

  1. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN !!! lol
    tht pic is seriously way betterrr ….. tell her to experiment by puttin up her recent pic on d products … PPL LL RUN AWAY … hehehehehehehe :devil: :devil:

    JOKES APART !!! – PRODUCT SEEMS TO B WORTH TRYIN ONCE … m skeptical abt d white cast it leaves

  2. You have to struggle to blend and the ghostly cast don’t talk about it πŸ™ i have this as neutrogena,lotus both dint work for me πŸ™ so i tried this..I mix a drop of moisturiser with this and it looks more natural and the white cast is barely visible i tan very easily so i am forced to use this πŸ™ .:( and this does not break me out:-) only these two points are worth considering

    1. yea πŸ˜€ , nuetregena has started drying my face :/ which is sorta weird considering the fact that its suppose to be high tech πŸ˜›

      1. I hate neutrogena one πŸ™ it did nothing for me and i agree with wierd feeling it gives.:( i hardly used it 4times and tossed it in the bin.:-( i heard sungrace sunscreen is good

        1. ooh and once it went in my eye , like a very miniscule part of it and i was standing on the bust stop , i kid you not i literaly has tears in my eeys for 15 minets and i could not even see anything because my eyes were filled with water . i dont know how many buses i mised to collg :/ but i am assuming many in 15 minuets and then i got relief cause i wiped my eyes over and over wid a cloth for 15 minuets πŸ™

  3. hmmmm..nice detailed review Komal :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: …yeah..these sunscreens naa…its too difficult to get some decent one for face!!! 😐 😐

  4. I am glad to have found Neutrogena oil free moisturiuser which comes with SPF 15 for my face. & I use Neutrogena SPF 50 (MATTE ONE) for the body. They both work well.
    The white cast does not sound good at all.

  5. The thing about sunscreen that really sucks is, that a sunscreen which works always leaves that whitish cast. AS it is THE whitish cast which reflects sun rays and prevents tanning… Invisible sunscreens prevent cell damage (Sun burns and stuff) but aren’t as useful against tanning..

    So the decision is: Tanning or white cast???

    I vote for staying indoors!!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  6. Wow! Thats quite a white cast!! But i guess its nice to find a sunscreen which actually works and lives to its claims.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  7. hi komal. the sunscreen u use for the face is neutrogena dry toch sunblock spf 55 or neutrogena oil free sunscreen spf 15. do let me knw spf 15 did not suit me at all.

  8. i used this cream in old packing three yrs back……..that time it was in foundation color………but could not get it for face…… its leave very heavy lair on skin…….and i hate it!!!!!!!! but new packing with white color ……….hummmm thinking try this again……. :toothygrin:

  9. i have used this for years on end, and i know what you mean when you say it is tough to blend. the foundation colour and thicker cream is for oily skin and the cream coloured and lotion like consistency one is for dry skin. the dry skin one which is spf 20 , is easier to blend than the foundation like stuff. but if you have oily skin and use the easy to blend formula , you are going to shine and how.

    it does leave a cast on face, but the basic funda to this is , apply it 15 – 20 mins before stepping out. and after about 10 mins odd, just dab a damp hanky on your face. i feel tht greatly reduces the powder cast.

    but one thing is true , it sure ensure you dont get tanned , even if you sweat like mad, most sunscreens either stop you from sweating , block pores a la antiperspirants etc or get washed off with sweat. luckily this one stay.

    despite the cons , i think this product delivers, and is a good idea if you are going to undergo heavy sun exposure..

  10. The color now is less pinkish.. But yet foundation like..The consistency is so thick..!! I wish they could do something with the consistency of this sunscreen and offcourse white cast..If you apply it a little more than required it looks like i have put on a facepack! I have used it as a base once and i set it with powder πŸ˜€ it actually worked.! I know wierd.! πŸ™‚ It took me lot of effort to mix moisturiser and blend blend and blend.!

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