Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula Review

Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula

Hello Everyone!

I have been an admirer of Shahnaz Husain since childhood, but I refrained myself from buying her products because of their price tag. It was my son’s first birthday on 20th of July and I started preparing for it from the month of May. I was looking out for products to help me remove my blemishes, and I came across this “Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula.”

Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula

I took a quick look at the ingredients.
Almond oil: 1.50%
Haldi Ext. 8.05%
Nimbu Tel 1.50%
Tankhana 2.0%
Mom 10.0%
Base q.s. to make it 100%

Ingredients seemed to be quite interesting.
Then, I turned to see the MRP, it was Rs. 475 for 40 gm.

I decided to give Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula a try, even if it didn’t work out, it for sure would not harm me because it was from a completely Ayurvedic brand. I must say I was damn impressed by the super cute and designer bottle pack. Its cap bears signature of Shahnaz Husain. My husband’s take was that they have charged Rs. 200 for the bottle 😉


What the Bottle Says:
A powerful pre-wash combination of lemon and turmeric, with antiseptic effects, it protects the skin from ageing and drying effects of soap and chlorinated water. It can be used as a soap substitute in case of extreme dehydration , making the skin soft smooth and healthy. It is useful in skin diseases such as eczema and itching, as well in treatment of skin pigmentation and stretch marks.

This is how it looks, creamy in texture.


Usage Instructions:
Apply all over face, neck, hands and body. Wash off.

My Experience with Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula:

I religiously used the product daily and it definitely helped me get rid off blemishes on the sides of my forehead. I had these blemishes since past many years and nothing had worked on them this miraculously! I wish I had taken the snaps of my forehead before using it. However, I have a combination skin due to which it made my T-zone a bit oily and therefore I washed my T-zone with G&H and rest of the face just with plain water.

I guess it shall be a safe bet for people with dry skin and blemishes. I might think of using it in winters when my skin becomes dry. Oily skin people better stay away.

Pros of Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula

1. Miraculous for curing blemishes.
2. Very cute bottle packaging, good to keep on your dressing table.
3. Completely natural ingredients.

Cons of Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula

1. Price a bit on the higher side.
2. Not good for people with oily skin.
3. Broke me out (when I didn’t wash it with G&H just for one day).


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11 thoughts on “Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula Review

  1. ho…you both look very cute :)) what is your son’s name?
    i’ve only tried one SH product and it broke me out very badly…. and yes the pot is really pretty 🙂

  2. even I hv gt pigemntation on cheeks after my delivery…..:( which is stuborn n nt going /fading …..i tried evrything bt in vain…. :pan: :duel: :duel: :duel: :waiting:

  3. u look so happy together.. both mom and son..

    btw wat is g and h. sorry for my ignorance. and can you tell us how you used it, for how long. is there anything specific to do to get it to wrk better.

    sorry for so many questions, but i have some blemishes to be gotten rid of too.

  4. @Parita: Hey Seems youve had a bad experience with SH products. Well I am using Shalife and thats very good. Although Shaone was a sheer disappointment.:(

    @Gayathri: :)Thankyou!

    @ramya: Kushargra.

    @Jiyasingh: Hey jiya even I had slight pigmentation on my face and loads below the bust line, I regularly used ubtan..jowar ka atta and almost all types of possible ubtans ..Tummy part I used to scrub almost daily …and all of it went away 🙂 U can also try it out. Gud Luck!

    @Amy: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

    @Supriya: Hey Supriya thats absoloutely fine..Well G&H is Body Shampoo by Amway, I am going to post a review on it soon 🙂

    @Yes please do stay away from it 😀

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