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Karun Asks:

I was wondering if there are any ‘shine free’ lip balms available in India?
I cant seem to find any!
You know.. for men…
Nevia’s men lip care is good but the product hasn’t been launched in INDIA!!
What are men supposed to do?


24 thoughts on “Non Shiny Lip Blams : Ask IMBB

  1. Boro plus can also work…they say it is apt for cracked lips..just that if you apply it and go out in sun, your lips will become dark!! :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

  2. I think you can use any nontinted lip balm…petro jelly/vaseline..just leave it on your lips for a while and dab with a tissue to blot out the shine…

  3. The Nivea lip care range which is available in India has some basic, non shiny options which can be used by both the sexes I think.You can try the ‘Repair and Protection’ (outer cover -pale green in colour) or the ‘Essential’ (outer cover – blue).

  4. Oriflame tendercare lip balm is absolutely shine free. Additionally, you can try Lotus Cocoa butter lip balm as well. The color is neutral and there is no shine to it.

  5. my father is as addicted to lip balm as i am. i get him lotus herbals’ cocoa lip balm which is in a stick form. it’s non shiny and i use it sometimes as well. the packaging is not girly as well, just a deep cream colour. affordable too.

    another option is neutrogena.

  6. Try Nivea repair and protect…Its invisible,easily available everywhere and has a very subtle Elichi like smell.My Dad uses exfoliates lips mildly over time..

  7. nivea repair n protect,lotus cocoa n neutrogena is gud…neutrogena wud be best…has spf,plain..n works well..der was this thg calld Dr. Lips too before…nt sure if available now..

  8. you all will surely love “Sebamed Lip Defence” Lip balm it is available in SPF 15 & 30. Little high on price. but you will surely love it. You can get it in good medical or health n glow shop.
    Just give it a try.

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