Boots Essentials LipSalve Collection

Boots Essentials LipSalve Collection

Boots Essentials LipSalve Collection

I was cleaning up my cupboard and was about to bin some items. Then, I thought I would review them before dumping them. So, here it is – I will be reviewing the Boots Lipsalve collection.

The Boots Essential Lipsalve collection is made up of 4 variants:


1. LipSalve Original.
2. LipSalve Spearmint.
3. LipSalve Strawberry.
4. LipSalve Tinted.

My Experience With Boots Essentials LipSalve Collection:

A few months back, while on a visit to the local Boots, I picked up three of these Lipsalves. There was an offer 🙂 Three for the price of two. Even though I have a stock of my favourite Himalaya Lip Balms, I couldn’t help but pick these. Lip balms, sanitizers and wipes are three things you will find lying in every room in the house and also in every bag that I carry.

I had picked up the Original, Spearmint and the Tinted one.

The Original one has SPF 15. It’s smooth, un-fragranced and you don’t feel like you have applied a lip balm at all, keeps the lips moisturised for a good 2-3 hours.

The Spearmint one is similar to the Original one in terms of texture, feel and staying power, but it doesn’t have SPF15. It has an awesome fragrance though – spearmint. It smells just like Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. However, the smell doesn’t stay for long, 5-10 minutes and you no longer get any smell. I also wonder why did they have to remove the SPF15? Adding fragrance doesn’t mean you should do away with some other good feature. 🙁


Last (and in this case definitely the least), the Tinted Lipsalve. It neither has SPF15 nor any fragrance and the texture is just awful. It is supposed to enhance your natural lip colour. However, all it does is leave a pinkish white coat on the lips, just awful. I have used it only once and it was so horrible that it never saw the daylight again until today. It’s going to the bin – where I feel it belongs.

Some of the ingredients found in all three variants:
– Octyldodecanol, isopropyly myristate, polyethylene.
– Shea butter, beeswax, Apricot kernel oil, soyabean oil, aloe vera leaf extract, matricaria flower extract.

Price: Normal price 5 g stick for £1.01.
I got 3 for price of 2.

Pros of Boots Essential Lipsalve

– Like the packaging, easy to carry and apply.
– Good price.
– Original one has SPF 15.
– Dermatologically tested.

Cons of Boots Essential Lipsalve:

– The Tinted one is awful. They need to change this one or do away with the product completely.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I may pick up the Original and Spearmint once again and will also like to try the Strawberry one, but the Tinted one, I do not want to get anywhere close to it 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Boots Essentials LipSalve Collection

  1. I saw these n i was quite tempted to give the a try only because “lipsalve” sounds so precious and indulging kinds. :silly: Glad i skipped these. I mean these dont look that awesome as well no? 🙂

    1. Yes Rati…they are nothing great.
      I picked them up because they were on offer and because of the cute colors… :hypnotized:
      The tinted one is horrible – the other two are okay. I still prefer my Himalaya Lip Balms

  2. Good mng to me. Lol
    These don’t seem too good na. But I’ve heard so much about boots prods I’m going to pick something the next time I visit target 😀 its a UK brand kya????

    1. Yes…these are not so good.
      But you are right – some Boots products are really good. I myself have used other products and found some to be really nice.

      Yes – They are UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer

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