Simple Purple Nail Art Tutorial

Simple Purple nail art

Hi girls . I tried out another simple nail art and decided to share it with you all . It is very simple .Hope you all like it .

I used –

My disposable Nichrome Loop as dotting tool . You can use toothpick too . 🙂

Green fevicryl color
A Good base coat – m using Christian Dior’s 108 shade
Purple colored nail polish – m using a cheap VOV nail paint
Glitter nail polish – VOV brand again
Purple colored rhinestones – I picked these up from beauty store for 25 bucks
Top coat to seal in the nail art .. m using colorama clear nail paint


I started off with applying a good nail cream, pushing back my cuticles a bit and applying a good base coat. A good base coat prevents breakage and other damage, including splitting and peeling and promotes healthier nails.

purple nail art

Once you’ re finished .. apply purple colored nail paint to the tip of your nails … I have applied on all my finger nails except for the ring finger nail and thumb nail. Once the purple paint dries.. follow it by applying glitter to the tips of the nails leaving ring finger nail and thumb nail. If you like glitter.. you can go ahead and put glitter on the whole nail and not just the tips.

purple nail art

Next we work on ring finger nail and thumb nail .. I painted both the nails using glitter polish only. Let it dry .

purple nail art

Once everything was dried.. I took out a few of the rhinestones.. they were somewhat heart shaped. . apply a clear coat of nail polish on finger nail you ll be working on and then touch your dotting tool to that nail .. after that pick up the rhinestone and place it on your nail.. the minute quantity of clear polish will help the tool to pick up the rhinestone.


So I picked up rhinestones and placed them together like so . To form three petal flower on my ring finger nail and thumb nail. . on the other nails . I randomly applied the rhinestones on the corners of each of the nails.

Next I picked up tiny quantity of green acrylic color and place three dots below the flower and dragged the dots inside with the help of the dotting tool to make leaves.. I repeated the same thing for my thumb nail .

Lastly I applied clear top coat on each of the nails …so that the rhinestones adhere to the nails properly and the nail art is set.DONE !! I hope you like it . 🙂

purple nail art design

Till then enjoy !!!


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  1. Looks awesome, u have so beautiful manicured nails :)) , amazing, simple but creative, I love the rhinestones, thnx :thanks:

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