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Jyoti asks:

First of all, thanks to all of you for introducing me to this beautiful world! I have a tendency to buy a lot of stuff for skin care. Due to this habit, many items remain unused. I’ve heard that for good skin, it is always better to use the products of the same brand. (Like chambor hydra range). Now a days, I’m using just herbs face wash, followed by chambor softner. After this, I use neutrogena oil free moisturiser and ponds bb cream. Finally, I finish everything with lakme rose powder. I see no improvement in my skin. I have a combination skin which is blemished due to hormonal imbalance. Please suggest what can I change in this routine?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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32 thoughts on “Skin Care Routine For Good Skin: Ask IMBB

    1. Welcome Jyoti *woot* *puchhi* I completely understand your issue, I am in the same boat, deprived of good skin because of hormonal thing *headbang* *headbang* You are using the correct products. If you want a better one, try the clinique 3-step system according to your skin type. Also, home remedies help a lot: Try these:

      1. *specs* i am eying on the Clinique range now.. i always wonder what will happen to my x-bottles then *cry* *waaa*
        love you Jomol!! *pompom* and i read in your reviews that lotus whiteglow too worked good for you… i want to finish the current stock ASAP…so that i can try next things *hifive*

  1. for blemishes i would suggest nutmeg face pack. It does wonders for blemishes and even bring out glow 🙂
    Even aloe gel and lemon are great for blemishes
    stick to home remedies 🙂 🙂

    1. thanks a lot Sakina..!! *thankyou* I’ll surely try the nutmeg face pack… *powder*
      i tried patanjali aloe gel for some days.. however i guess i was too quick to analyze the results *hihi* *duh*
      lemon had irritated my skin once .. my skin had instantly started itching .. so quite unsure about that.. may be due to the dryness *cry*

      thanks once again *thankyou* *puchhi*

      1. As lemon is highly acidic, you have to dilute it before applying to face directly. For instance add rose water. 🙂
        above all i suggest nutmeg pack, as Its working very well on my blemishes

  2. Hey Jyoti.. it is alwayz better that you consult a dermat. Bcz what we all will discuss here is the routine that works for others. A dermat should be your first preference for your blemishes .. gud luck.. 🙂

    1. once dermat had given me some cream and that had broken me badly… since then i am skeptical about them as well… but yes.. i should atleast visit them once… 🙂 I don’t know if there are any good dermats in Pune *scared*

      thats very true that the routine that works for others won’t always work for me *haan ji*

      *thankyou* *puchhi* Mansi

  3. Can any1 suggest gud derma in ghatkopar or thane plzzzz. My hands are severly tanned more than 6-7 yrs.. No improvement. Plz help.

  4. hi jyoti

    i was facing the same problem earlier. even dermatologists could not help improve the texture of my skin and my blemishes. i left using any product on my face other than a face wash and a moisturiser, and believe me, my skin is beautiful now. now i leave my skin alone. no fancy stuff and your skin heals itself. it took around 2 months of solitude that my skin recuperated. seriously what i learnt from this is that nature knows how to recover. try it once..maybe it will help you too.

    1. *shock* … nice..!!

      I’ll try doing that.. but the thing is i am too impatient… but yes .. *thankyou* such a genuine suggestion!! *hifive* have a glowing skin forever *pompom*

  5. Hiii jyoti. Apart from sharing the same name we have the same skin type and blemishes problem too. Ever since jomol posted about oil cleansing technique I have been doing it once in two nights or every night. And I must tell you my skin has improved a lot. The next day when I go to my morning tution by just wadhing my face with water , my friends compliment me that even without a facewash my skin looks so clean. Another tip would be to scrub your face atleast once or twice a week. Combination skin id prone to oily t-zone and attracts a lot of dirt and blackheads. So exfoliate it just for 2 mins minimum. And while you start scrubbing dont wash your face . Wet yout fingertips and take some scrub and massage your face with it and the most important part is after doing with fingertips , massage with your Palms for 30 seconds and then wash off with warm water. And after this use a light face wash . You will see your skin becoming squeky clean and soft. And ya lotus whiteglow gel creme is a great mosturizer. I have been using it and my combination skin loves it. I hope I am of some help. 🙂

    1. *hifive* Jyoti!! *woot*
      OCM is something i always think about.. never incorporated so… ok ..yes I’ll start it now..

      may i know which face wash and scrub you are using *shy*

      *thankyou* for your suggestion.. its really helpful *jai ho*

      1. I am using himalaya almond scrub now and currently not using any face wash. Jst wash off my face along with body with johnsons baby shower gel. Its very mild so I am liking it on my face tooo. Facewashes are making my skin a lot dry in winters . Also I tried the nivea aqua face wash. It was very nice I must say but it started leaking and the whole face wash got leaked and wasted . I guess it was a packaging problem. Otherwise it was perfect for winters. Wil buy that again.

        1. *hifive* Jyoti…

          I use Biotique papaya scrub and Just Herbs “Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash”…. *powder* *thankyou*

  6. right. oil cleansing is awesome way to get glowing skin 🙂 It remove All traces of makeup and leave skin soft and supple. Its a must try

  7. shaila have posted amazing article to make nutmeg milk mask. Here,

  8. Just wanted to add my 2 cents bit too. I have combination skin and this is what works for me.

    Olay effects face wash
    Jovees rose water
    Vlcc eye cream
    Lotus brightening cream

    Before makeup
    Lotus white glow brightening and lightening cream
    Vlcc sunscreen

    Once a week its Lotus yogurt lightening and brightening masque

    (I have dark circles so my makeup is concealer/BB cream etc)

    I want to thank Jomol for introducing me to Lotus skincare. Its working really well. Thanks so much Jomol *puchhi* *thankyou*

  9. Hey Jyoti, it’s not necessary to use the skin care products from the same brand, you can mix the brand but it should be like this- cleansing milk (as they are more gentle) toner (balances pH level of skin) moisturizer according to your skin type, if you want you can also incorporate a serum in your routine for extra nourishment and use it before moisturizing. For hormonal imbalance I’d suggest you to take fish oil supplements regularly and if you are a veggie like me have omega-3 supplements in place of that and then there are a lot of home remedies which does wonders if used regularly. And the skin care routine you are currently following won’t do anything good to you like you expect. And also one more thing, use a gentle scrub twice a week and face mask once or twice if you have more oily skin.

    1. Hey Arzoo…
      so nice of you.. My confusions are almost clear now… *happydance*

      yes i am vegeterian… can i start omega-3 without doc’s consultation? and how much dosage do you take regularly? *blush*

      and yes… i dont do much to improve the skin as i am always confused about what to do… i have so many things around but my confusions. *scared*

      thanks a lot *puchhi* … i know what all i need to do now… *haan ji* *happy dance* *hifive*

  10. Hi jyoti,
    Try to stay away from products that contain harsh chemicals as they tend to affect negatively in long run. Incorporate a good night cream acc to ur skin typ as skin tends to heal maximum during the resting phase. Consult a gud dermatologist.
    Hope u c sm imprvmnt 🙂

    1. Hey Niharika… yes now a days …. i always look for the ingredients list.. thanks to IMBB *puchhi*

      i generally look for something herbal or having less chemicals… 🙂

      yes i am too hoping to see some improvements after the suggestions from all of you …

      *thankyou* so much!! *puchhi*

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