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Skirts…oohhh I just adore them. For me just nothing can beat a good fitting skirt.. just nothing and now read the irony.. I don’t have a single skirt in my wardrobe. Yes its true.. last time I wore a skirt I was in school. The reason I am still deprived of this beautiful garment is simple.. I GET CONFUSED. I really get very confused about what type will suit me. Though I love it on everybody else I just can not find a right one for myself.

skirtsTo end my dilemma I decided to surf the net and try to find some tips that would help me choose the best one for myself. Here is what I found out.

A-line Skirts: These skirts are shaped like a capital A i.e. narrow at the top and wider at the hem. Women with plus sizes or wider hips and thighs will look flattering in these skirts. These skirts tend to hide the fat around the hips and thighs.

If worn in big prints then these skirts give a voluptuous look to those among us who are thin.

skirtsHigh-waist Skirts: These skirts look best on tall women or on someone with long torso. To really get the look right with these skirts pair them with soft high neck blouses.

Pencil Skirts or Tube Skirts: Both these skirts are fitted from the waist, the only difference among them is the length of the skirt. Pencil skirts are knee length whereas tube skirts go down to the calf or ankle.

Anyone with a perfect hourglass curves can carry this skirt. But if worn too tight they may destroy their look too. They require minimum accessorizing, just grab a sleek clutch, add a belt highlighting your waist and you are good to go.

Bubble Skirts: They have more fabric around the hip area as compared to the waist and hem, which makes them look like a bubble. These skirts are flattering on people with thin frame as they add voluminous effect to the appearance.

Knee length bubble skirts can be worn by curvy women too.

Straight Skirts: They are just straight.. I mean their width is same from the waist to the hem of the skirt. Due to this factor they generally have a slit to ease the movement. These skirts look good on any body shape though the length should be considered before buying.

Straight calf length skirts look good on boyish body frame. Pair them with heels and let the compliment roll your way.

Mini Skirts: Most stylish and versatile of the lot. Mini skirts looks good on thin women. Pair them with anything boots, flats, sandals just anything and they will come out equally good. Avoid wearing micro mini skirts if you do not have great legs. skirts

A straight mini skirt looks stunning on women with long legs.

Flared Skirts: The only difference between flared skirts and A-line skirts is the flare at the hem. They cover the fat over hips and thighs beautifully. Pear shaped women can opt for these skirts.

These tips will surely help me get a flattering skirt for myself. Hope they help you too.
Happy Shopping..

What kind of skirts do you like?

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19 thoughts on “Skirts for Your Body Type

  1. Woww…lovely article Era!! Even I used to love skirts and wear a lot when I was at US…I guess will start wearing them again now!! 😛 😛 Summers are best time for skirts he he he!! 😀 😀

  2. Hey Era ,
    U seem to be writing articles on the most apt topics…..gr8 job yaar……me too luv skirts though dont have many.

  3. thnx era,,very useful infrmatn..i wear nly shrt skirts dat too at hme a simple reasn..m cnfused.. :thanks:

  4. i have broad shoulders, fat arms and comparatively narrow hips. (inverted triangle kinda figure) please suggest me the appropriate type of skirt as i love to wear them… i also have a post baby fat on my tummy. please help…

  5. Hey thanks a lottttt…that was great information! Never gave it a thought about the classification of skirts! :toothygrin:

  6. Hey Era
    Just read the article & guess what I am so bored of wearing jeans every time & everywhere. So I am thinking
    about buying a few skirts…the problem is that I am overweight & cannot figure out what kind of skirt to buy.
    I have a skirt thats straight with a slit on the side, what do you think should I wear this kinda style?
    What else should I look for when buying a skirt/dress for me.

    help 🙂


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