Smoke those Eyes with Inglot this Holiday Season

Smokey Eyes The other day I headed to the Inglot Store (Select City Walk, New Delhi India) to checkout some matte nail paints. This was actually the very first time I was checking out the store.I had been there before also but the prices really put me off. Regarding the matte nail paints, I’d say they have semi matte finishes and not full matte finish. Also the nail paints are in the range of 560+, which is pretty high when an Indian brand like Colorbar is available and offering some quality nail paints at cheaper prices. After checking out some blushes and nail paints I was leaving the almost store when I ended up crossing a lady.  This woman was buying Inglot products worth Rs 30,000-35,000 for her bridal collection. 😀 Among her cartload of collection, there was this beautiful blue eyeshadow palette lying there.

A quick round at the store and I located the same palette in black. This palette really took my heart away. These are the kind of colours that would give you a beautiful smokey effect without any bold black look on your eyes. It’s an M3 eyeshadow in Double Sparkle. Price Rs 725

Inglot Smoky Black 1
Inglot Smokey Black 1

I couldn’t wait to try this look on my eyes. Here are the few things that I noticed about this palette:

  1. The colours are highly pigmented. The swatches that you see are just one swipe of shadows.
  2. The name says ‘Double Sparkle’ but the shadows when applied on your eyes do no t make you look like a disco ball. There is just right amount to shimmer  and good enough to wear on a day to day basis.
  3. This might sound weird but to check the longevity of application, I didn’t remove the shadows with olive oil. Instead, since I was washing my face with Lush Angels on the Bare Skin, I thought I would remove the shadow with that only. My shadows just slightly faded and were almost in place after I applied my cleanser and rinsed my eyes with water. 😀
  4. The colours are not harsh at all.  I had always been skeptical about using black shadow. An intense black shadow is capable of giving you the sexiest back eyes and the worst of black eyeballs. SO far, I apply loads of kajal and black liners to get the safe smokey black look.Now I can explore more with this palette. The black in this palette is so soft, you can barely go wrong with this.
Inglot Smokey Black 2
Inglot Smokey Black 2

My rating would be A+ 🙂

Inglot Smokey Black 3
Inglot Smokey Black 3

These are some of the random things I did with my eyes. 😀 (click to enlarge)

Inglot Smokey Eyes
Inglot Smokey Eyes

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Merry Christmas to All!:)

So ladies, how do you do smokey eyes? Any easy peasy way?

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25 thoughts on “Smoke those Eyes with Inglot this Holiday Season

  1. Wow..the colors look nice !! Just like you I always rely on kajal (shehnaz Hussian’ rocks..give it a try) and a liquid black eyeliner for the intense has always worked , no doubt.

    After i moved to the US and got exposure to some brands here..I realized eyeshadows are so much fun. And believe me , eyeshadow primer was the best thing that happ to me. One application and I totally agree that it brings out the actual colour of the shadows and no creasing/budging for the whole day. If you got somebody abroad defly try Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer potion. The best !
    Lo’real has one too called decrease..but not as good as urban decay..But not bad at should try and approach a loreal counter and find out bout this.

    Nice blog !

  2. Hi Jan,

    Welcome aboard. 🙂 I have used Shehnaz Hussain’s kajal but since I have watery eyes it smudges a lot and my eyes start looking like two balck baals on my face. 😛

    I know most Indian women are afraid of expreimenting with eyeshadows so they mostly rely on kajals and liners. I have heard a lot about Urban Decay’s primer but we don’t get it here in India. Thanks for the Loreal tip, I will try to find it out here. I mostly use foundation + mosturiser base on my lids and it works fine for me.

    Thanks you and do stay around. 🙂

  3. There is an Inglot store opening very close to my place.

    After reading this review of your’s I have been waiting for it open soon so that I can chk out the famous MAC dupe 😀

  4. I have not tried much from Inglot but all that I have tried is nice. I firmly believe that they are MAC dupes. 😛 I am going to try more stuff from their line and will update you on the same. 🙂

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