Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Review

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Good makeup applicators are as important as good makeup products. I was looking for wedge sponges for a specific purpose for quite some time and this looked quite affordable. So, I picked this pack from Inglot. Read the review to know what I think about it.

Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Review

Product Description:
Perfect for application or blending of variety of products, this applicator provides easy layering from sheer to natural coverage.

Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Details

INR 250

My Experience with Inglot Cosmetic Applicator:

There is nothing to say about the packaging. It comes in a plastic pouch which you throw away as soon as you take out the wedges. It is nothing fancy and usable. Considering the price, I would have preferred a zip lock pouch to store the sponges. I use another container to keep them.

Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Packaging

The wedges are pink in color and both are of the same size. They are smooth and the edges are sharp. The size is ideal to cover the face and also the nooks and corners. It is very smooth and soft. It won’t feel harsh on the skin at all.

Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Unpacked

I do not use this sponge for liquid products as I prefer my beauty blender for that. I bought the wedges after watching a video by Wayne Goss where he taught the technique of applying powder over foundation with wedges. While applying the powder with brush, it can make the application uneven and make the foundation streaky. But, things are easier with wedges. You can take the powder on the wedge, dust of the extra and then buff the powder on your skin slowly. I use the wedges exactly for this and my makeup looks perfect. The powder is applied and blended in perfectly. It sets the foundation, makes it look even and the pores blur out. I also pack some powder in the under eye area for baking the makeup and it does the job well there too.

Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Powder

I also use it to get a sheer coverage kind of look with just powder. I spray a mist on the skin and buff the powder into the skin with the wedge. It looks like a sheer BB cream application. I have never really tried blending any liquid with this, but you can if you want too. But like beauty blenders, this sponge will also give sheer coverage. I blend away the cream contour, highlight and blush with it and it does the job pretty well too.

Inglot Cosmetic Applicator Closeup

Overall, I am happy to have this in my stash.

Pros of Inglot Cosmetic Applicator:

  • Affordable.
  • Very soft and spongy.
  • Wedges are of perfect shape and size.
  • Reaches out to smaller areas on face.
  • Blends the highlighter, contour and cream blush well.
  • Great for buffing powder on bare skin or over foundation.
  • Reusable and washable.
  • Provides a natural finish to the skin.
  • Blends the product evenly without making it look patchy or cakey.

Cons of Inglot Cosmetic Applicator:

  • Poor packaging.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot Cosmetic Applicator?
Yes, I will keep using this for powder application.

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