How to Stop Acne Caused by Dandruff?

In this post, we will address an issue that has been on the cards for a pretty long time. It is a very common experience among all, Gen Y and Gen X. We shall try to address, as concisely and as handily as possible, the occurrence of acne on account of dandruff. It is a common enough issue that concerns many women out there. Now, we all are aware that acne breakouts are triggered by clogged skin pores.

Remedies to Clear Dandruff

A lot of things can lead to acne breakouts, such as excessive sebum production, hormonal imbalance, or even poor hygiene and clogged pores is the main reason that causes breakouts and pimples. That’s right, excessive sebum production and clogging of hair follicles give rise to both dandruff and acne. It’s common knowledge that dandruff can additionally trigger pimple outbreaks by blocking the hair follicles/skin pores on our face. We will try to bring forth some remedies that will help us tackle both our concerns. So, without any further ado, let us get on with the list:

1. Anti-dandruff shampoo: It is just as in it is recommended in the Art of War, eliminate the source of the problem and you have solved the problem itself. Since dandruff is one of the leading causes of acne, one of the best and perhaps the most logical of all recommended solutions would be to tackle the issue of dandruff itself. The use of a good anti-dandruff shampoo will help to reduce the problem a lot.

2. Do not rinse conditioners into the scalp: If you apply conditioner on your hair, do take care to avoid the scalp. Apply conditioner through the hair, but keep it away from the scalp. Conditioner on the scalp might just further aggravate your dandruff and even if you somehow get some conditioner, do take care to wash it off thoroughly.

3. Keep your hair off your face: It is one of the major reason for dandruff-induced acne outbreaks. We allow our hair to fall freely on our face. Now, if we have a dandruff condition, then we should keep our hair away from the face.

4. Avoid hairstyling products: If your skin is prone to breakouts, it is advisable not to use any hairstyling product. Most products either cause hair to dry out or make it too oily; either ways, both conditions aggravate the dandruff situation.

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Best Ingredients to Treat Flaky Dandruff

5. Hot oil massages: Dandruff from dry scalp is the leading cause of pimples, and a hot oil massage, once a week, will improve blood circulation and improve overall scalp health, thereby reducing the problem of dandruff, which in turn will automatically improve your acne situation.

6. Lime juice: Lime juice is rich in anti-bacterial properties and that, in turn, helps you to cleanse your scalp, thereby, quite literally, addressing the issue of dandruff straight at its roots.

7. Wash your face: The fact that dandruff flakes from your scalp and head get a chance to fall and accumulate on your face to the extent that it blocks your skin’s pores means that if you are in the healthy habit of washing your face regularly with a mild cleanser, you can quite easily tide over this particular aspect of the situation. So, get into the habit of washing your face regularly.

8. Brush your hair regularly: It is a very good habit of brushing your hair regularly. It helps by removing the dead skin cells from your scalp and thereby keeps your scalp and hair, clean and tidy. It is good practise to brush your hair at least twice per day.

Well dear readers, tell us what you think of our list and do leave your thoughts and queries in the comment’s section below. Stay healthy and pretty you all.


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