How To Stop A Pimple From Growing On Your Nose

Today, we would be talking about how to stop a pimple from growing on your nose. Have you ever encountered a pimple on your nose? I think every woman has experienced a pimple on the nose at least once in her lifetime. Pimple, zits or acne on the nose can be really painful and unsightly as well. Before your pimple grows into a really big one on your nose, here’s how you can stop it from getting bigger. Check out few simple easy ways to stop a pimple from growing on your nose.

Pimple on nose

1. Keep Your Hands Off:

One easy and simple way to stop a pimple from growing is by not touching it once you see a pimple forming on your nose or anywhere on the face. Do not try to pop out or even squeeze it. Squeezing or popping out can allow the dirt to enter inside the pores thus making the condition go worse. Touching your pimple will worsen the condition in a few days.

2. Warm Compress:

You should be opting for warm compress technique in order to prevent any pimples from growing on your nose. Take a cloth and wet it with some warm water. Squeeze out the excess water and place the warm cloth on the pimple. This will help to clear the pores and also prevent a pimple from growing further.

3. Avoid Wearing Makeup:

When you notice a pimple is trying to pop out, you should avoid applying makeup on it. Makeup can clog the pores and also trap the oil inside the skin thus triggering the pimple easily. You should try to keep your skin as natural as you can in order to stop a pimple from growing further.

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4. Keep Washing Your Face:

You should wash your face every day so that it clears out the dirt and dust from the skin. Dirt and oil on the face can be the primary reason behind your acne. You should not wash your face more than twice in a day as it can strip off the natural oils from the skin easily. Once the natural oil strips off, it can lead to breakouts on the skin, thus increasing the risk of pimples. Wash your face in the morning, evening or night before going to bed.

5. Use Acne Cream:

If you think the situation cannot be handled on your own, then you should opt for an acne cream. Acne creams generally contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient which can prevent a pimple from growing further. Acne creams are easily available in the market and can be used on regular basis.

6. Use A Mild Cleansing Agent:

In order to get rid of the dead skin cells from the face, you should be using a mild cleansing agent. Dead skin cells can trigger oil production on the skin thus leading to a formation of a pimple. Pimples can get worse because of oily skin or clogged pores and hence you should keep your skin clean using a mild cleansing agent. You can use Vivel Cell Renew Perfect pH Ultra Mild Face Cleanser or Cetaphil Daily Facial for a better skin condition.

7. You Should Limit Consumption Of Dairy In Your Diet:

You should avoid consumption of too many dairy products as it can trigger production of acne on the skin. You should avoid consuming milk, yogurt or cheese on regular basis. Consuming dairy products can lead to work out and also worsen the condition. Instead, you can alter dairy products with products like soy milk, almond milk, tofu etc.

Here are some of the easy and natural ingredients that will help you to get rid of a pimple on your nose –
– Tea tree oil
– Garlic
– Massage with ice cubes
– Apple cider vinegar
– Listerine mouthwash

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