Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club Review

Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club

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So, I was going through Devleena’s review of Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Fruit Passion, when I remembered that I had ordered a Streax Deo sometime back, I don’t remember when, I have lost track of the things I order online and end up never using them. I am a capitalist’s delight you see. I went and dug up my pile of ordered stuff like a hound looking for a bone in a mound of dirt and eventually I found it and today I’ll be reviewing for you Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club.


Price: Rs 160 for 100g/150ml.

Product Description: Be the life of the party with the exciting fragrance of sandal and floral rose with a dash of musk.

Ingredients: Alcohol, n-Butane, Iso Butane, Propane, Fragrance, Diethylphthalate, Propylele Glycol, Triclosan.

My Experience with Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club:

Here’s a tiny little detail about me before I begin the product description. While I am not a connoisseur in any way the word could mean, I do appreciate good smelling stuff. And I appreciate subtle, delicate smells. I don’t really like to wear perfumes, so I keep looking for the same in deos which I apparently bathe in everyday. Enough digression; on with the review. The product comes in an eye-catching black bottle with a pink nozzle and cap, and a wide array of colours emblazoned on its body. It was only because the bottle looked so good that I had ordered it in the first place.

When I first removed the cap over the nozzle, which incidentally happens to be the first time for this review, a very strong musky smell overwhelmed me. While I am not a fan of musk, I don’t loathe it either; there was something else in the smell that bothered me. I kept the nozzle in front of my nostrils for a very long time before it hit me, the musky smell was mixed inextricably with a very sweet, almost cloyingly sweet smell, maybe tat of sandalwood, as it mentions on the bottle. The bottle also mentions a floral smell, to be precise that of a rose, but I would never associate the amalgam of smells that the nozzle sprays out to be anything remotely near rose fragrance. I remember, when I was a child, I annoyed the hell out of my mother for perfumes, and she’d get me those cheap ones that you can get anywhere for under hundred bucks; this deo reminds me of those perfumes.


The smell is so intense it could numb your nose, if they are as sensitive as mine, that is. When I buy a deo, I expect it to get rid of my body odour, not make me smell like the worst nightmare of Fragonard. Also, the nozzle sprays on way too much product. I don’t like this deo at all.

Pros of Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club:

• Cheap
• Nice packaging

Cons of Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club:

• Atrocious smell.
• Contains alcohol, although which deo doesn’t?


IMBB Rating: 1/5 (only for the attractive bottle)

Will I Repurchase Streax Feel Fresh Deo in Club:

This particular variety, no; but I might try the other varieties.

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  1. Lol Sushmita an attraction towards packaging leads to such a big waste of money *headbang* i always have a tendency to pick up products who have a pretty looking packaging but sadly the results are too bad *hihi* *hihi*

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