Street Wear Stay On Lip Liner Pink Sapphire Review

Street Wear Stay On Lip Liner Pink Sapphire Review

My heart pains so much as I write this review and I need your sympathies. 🙁

I went to buy a matching Lip Liner for lip gloss that I had bought. I was at the most well known and the most reputed shop of my home town so I kind of trusted the people there. They showed me a lip liner amd I immediately bough it. Later, after like a month or so, I realized that they handed over a street wear lip liner to me that was manufactured in 2008! While all this while I thought it was of the same company as that of the lip gloss. Now I am not even sure of its expiry. The expiry date is not mentioned on the liner. If you have a clue, let me know.
Streetwear Liner
I just saw that its shelf life is 3 years which means that mine is already expired. I so wish I had noticed it earlier and had given a good one to that SA. But I act dumb at times, particularly when I visit mainland. Traveling to mainland for us means buying llottttsss of stuff that we don’t get here and lip liners are one rare commodity here.

Anyway, so here is the review.

Product Details:
Street Wear Stay On Lip Liner gets on very well with just one swipe.
It glides very well on the lip borders.
There is no need for second swipe.
Blends well with peaches, pinks and nudes as well as browns.
Price: Rs. 350

Ingredients: Don’t know.

My Review:
I like the way it blends easily with the color and is smooth and soft in texture. It does not stay for too long but it is quite easy to glide on the lips. Comes in a retractable pencil so that is a negative with me as I prefer pencils over retractable liners.

The color is very nice. Works with quite a few similar shades that I have.
The best thing about it is that once you apply it and top it up with lip color, it gets blend very nicely and gives a nice line to lips.

Here is the swatch. I broke the liner while taking the swatch ☹

Swatch on paper

Swatch on Hand
Street wear lip liner

• Blends well
• Nice color, quite pigmented
• Very soft and smooth in texture
• Comes in a retractable pencil

• Pricey as compared to its peers
• Breaks easily if you pop it out a bit too much (I broke mine)
• Does not stay for too long

Will I repurchase it? NO. I wont but the product in itself is not that bad so you can try it.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

But just a reminder to myself and to fellow readers who have been trapped like this at some point of time – do check the manufacturing date before purchasing anything!

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24 thoughts on “Street Wear Stay On Lip Liner Pink Sapphire Review

  1. Nice shade. :yes: Dont worry Surabhi, instead go for shopping again :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: u will feel better :haanji: :haanji:

  2. TA..

    Yeah..!! shopping is kind of a stress reliever na.. but my hubby would kill me.. 🙁 he is like you look better without lipsticks so why do u need so many of them.. 😐

  3. Oh dear Surabhi! that is terrible of the SA to sell off an expired product! I have had that happen to me once too, i applied the liner & after i removed it a few hrs later, my lips were started stinging & burning soooo bad! Then i went & checked the date & was :headbang: :headbang: we shud be more vigilant i guess…i try to be now every time since that experience…
    the shades does look good 🙂

  4. it’s such a pretty color but sad it is expired. 🙁 I have learnt this the hard way. Now I always make sure that I check the date before purchasing. 🙂

  5. Thats really disgusting that the SA sold u expired stuff…. the shade is pretty!! next time be vigilant abt the date…… Is this lipliner still available??
    Thanks fr sharing :teddy:

  6. Condolences.. :tongue: If you have kids..give it to ’em for painting :haanji: In my yearly cosmetics/makeup purchase I have shopped so many things which are gonna xpire in coming 4-8 months.. :waaa: Seems I have to rub-o-fy ’em day & night to finish ’em off & by the end of this year me gonna look like Katrina Kaif.. :preen:

    1. heyyy thats such a great idea.. I threw this one away though but I have few other cheap liners that I can give to my baby to play with 🙂 thank youuuuu :teddy: :teddy:

  7. Ohhh Surabhi :hugleft: :hughright: ..thats sad..such a nice color..this happened to me once.. i got a maybeline lip gloss from h&g hometown and went off to other city to work.opened that bottle with full excitement.
    applied it on my lips…horrible smell came the moment i applied:yuck: :yuck:

    then i saw the expiry was expired :waaa: :waaa: 😥 😥 no way to replace it minute it was in dustbin :waaa: from that time i made it a point to check the mfg date

    1. Yeah Ginny.. same thing happened to me. I didnt apply it there.. only used it when I landed in A&N. and now i will make sure to check the expiry date. I wish we had stronger regulatory bodies to check all these.

  8. If you have the bill, you can return/exchange products that are sold after their expiry date even if you opened or used it. It is against the law in India to sell products after their expiry date. The shop should conduct periodic checks of their stock to prevent this from happening even if you didn’t check the expiry date and opened the product. Most of us would throw it away and not bother about it which is why these people are able to do such things and get away with it.

    1. Rene.. I dont have the bill.. and even if I had it.. it wouldnt have been possible to return it as I am many miles away from that shop.
      But I generally check the dates particularly with eatables and the moment I find some trouble, I never spare the shop keeper. Will do the same with cosmetics as well.

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