Streetwear Metal Eyes Liquid Liner – Royal Indigo Review

Streetwear Metal Eyes Liquid Liner: Royal Indigo Review

Hi ladies! In tune with my recent street wear makeup craze, I am reviewing the new metal eyes liner in royal indigo today.i believe this is apparently new on the block, as I saw the SA just arranging them out on the counter from a sealed pack carton full of makeup:heavenly: I was in style one mall in Chennai where I had gone to pick up some more lipsticks like cocoa matte n buff matte but they were out of stock:wilt: I chose some more from the testers but no fresh pieces were available:wilt: that’s when I saw some other girl bringing a carton full of makeup which were mostly filled with these metal eyes liners. it was quite a mix but I hurriedly picked up some …they had no testers so she opened four fresh pieces(they do that all the time)

streetwear liquid metal liner

Colors available: Royal indigo, dark green shade, dark brown shade and the black one.
Price Rs 300 for 2.5 ml (but I am very sure this is even lesser in health and glow)

This liner claims to be a metallic liner but I don’t think is anywhere close to that. its a very everyday though shiny liner with very fine and mixed shimmer in it. the color is so beautiful to wear with shimmer reflecting back when light falls on it.otherwise apart from bright light this liner may look very regular.thats the fun, the shimmer in it does not make it over the top at all and this one is very different from my other metallic liners, which do not have shimmer mixed in but are metallic on the whole(I donno how to put this)the shimmer here is little multicoloured nut not noticeable unless someone takes a closer look.the other colors were black with shimmer something like onyx from lakme(compared in picture).it is not like lakme intense shine liners as well.


Lakme vs Streetwear liner

Instead of metal eyes , these should have been called shimmer eyes. These are just too beautiful to look at. My next favourite will be the dark green one , then the black and then the black one. 🙂

Streetwear liquid liner

lakme jewel eyeliner



Now here is the catch: The liner after 3 minutes of application had a moderate burning sensation over my lids just above the area where I line my eyes. This gave me the shock of my life. I thought it must be something other than that and dismissed it .The next day and the day after, I tried these again and experienced the same burning sensation, a few minutes after application. This subsided after ten minutes or so. It may be that due to continued usage of eye liners for years my eyes may have gotten a a sensitivity problem but this never happened to me with any other pencil, gel, liquid liner ever. So I really suggest sensitive eyes to stay away from this as we cannot take a chance with our eyes. Others, please try it at the counter before purchasing. 🙂

Not so good apart from this is that though it would stay for four hours, the slightest touch of water or sweat may wash it off. On being smudged it releases a lot of shimmer which may shine even more than the liner.

Swatches :


Swatch with water
Swatch with water


Last word:
• Not opthalmologically tested in my opinion, has to be tested on skin before purchase
• Sensitive eyes stay away
• Pretty colors
• Smudge at the slightest force or water or sweat
• Consistency is little on the runny side, not so much tho!
• Like the packaging, long and slim
• Somewhere between shiny to shimmery but still suitable for evening wear or night
• Nice break from our blacks and specially gel liners that we have moved to!
• Not so great for the price but anyone will fall for the four colors .beware!

Meanwhile my hunt for the cocoa matte and buff matte lipsticks is still on.

Imbb rating 3 on5 just for the colors.

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51 thoughts on “Streetwear Metal Eyes Liquid Liner – Royal Indigo Review

    1. i have never heard such athing ebfore..and 300 for a streetwear liner.. revlon is mad with their pricing.. confirmed. :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  1. dont get any more of these now :nababana: .. okk neha dear.. try sum of ur tested brands :haanji: ..n dont wear it now if u r having tht burning sensation :nonono: .. pllzzz.. :worship:

          1. han nids nahi ye sachi baat hai
            i tried it thrice so that i right a truthful reveiw and dont write off a product JLT
            but i failed as it happnd thrice
            but its very pretty im serious

  2. m so tensed..i to aiwae said to bf dat i wanna cook smething fr him..wat does he want..nd he said..i want cake..ab btao…mai cake kaise bnau..mere pass to oven b nae hai…nd mujhe kuch bnana nae aata.i thought net se recipee dekh ke bna cake…. :chewnails . :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

  3. u knw..m searchin on net for eggless cake dey all r so heavy..mai to dar gyi…nw gonna search fr fridge cake recipees.. :phoolan:

    1. jigs there is a five mins micorwave cake i saw somewhere on the net try that
      it worked for me
      ye liner mey cake kaha se aya waise han 😐

      1. neha..i was tensed opened alwz for all ma page khula to yahi puch lia..nd u darlings replied.simple na…. :tongue: :shying:

  4. too bad it burns 🙁 the color looks very pretty but….
    and the chambor and colorbar one are so lovely Neha 🙂

  5. Neha………………..I think most of the streetwear products are not tested on eyes……I have heard and experienced burning sensation and itchy eyes with streetwear eye products…. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: haanh correct hai…..Nids ko bhent kar do yeh liners 😉 😉 😉 😉

    1. 😀 han nids ka address pass kar do zara
      haiinnn :shout: u also expereinced
      fir ye 300 rs mey q sell kar rahe kambahkt :spank:

  6. The shade is beautiful but I always go for waterproof liners, can’t risk that esp in the rainy season when it starts pouring here any time! The pic with all the swatches looks so pretty..loved the chambor shades and Avon metallic too! How r the Avon metallic ones? Waterproof?

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