Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Creamy Brown:Review,Swatch

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Creamy Brown:Review,Swatch

Hey beauties, today, I am back again with a lipstick review after many days. The one I will be reviewing today is Streetwear color rich lipstick in “Creamy Brown”. I have all along been a pink and red girl when it came to lipsticks. I always thought brown would do nothing for my face other than taking away the color from it. But recently, due to my love of dramatic eye make up, I realized that we need one beige or brown in our kitty for the times when we want our lips to be understated and let eyes do all the talking. So this is how this lippy caught my attention. Read on to see how it fared.

streetwear color rich creamy brown

Product description:

Creamy in texture, Street Wear Color Rich Lip Color is highly moisturizing lipstick. It possesses long staying power and does not fade off or get smudged. Moreover it comes in nice packaging and is quite affordable.


Rs.140 for 3.5 gm


The shade is perfect nude beige which would suit fair to dark complexions alike.  Though the swatch appears to be a bit pinkish, it is a complete beige one. The camera was not capturing the exact color L but anyway, I am clean-bowled by the color. It is the perfect shade which I want for my “no make up look” days or my “dramatic eyes” day. The brown is unlike the “dead” kind of brown which makes your lips look lifeless. On the contrary, it brightens up the face.


Texture, pigmentation and staying power:

The texture is smooth and buttery. I have never used such a smooth gliding lippie before. It glides on like a dream . The pigmentation is quite good. Just as they claim, one swipe is enough to get the color. But yes, it is build-able too. It is very light on the lips and does not feel waxy. There is no weird smell too. The lipstick stays on for about 4 hours on me. After that it starts to fade. But it doesn’t settle in fine lines and is easily removable with coconut oil. ( that’s my make up remover always )


Pros of Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick:

    • Affordable.
    • Easily available.
    • Smooth and buttery.
    • No waxy feeling or weird smell.
    • Stays on for pretty long.
    • Can be removed easily and doesn’t stain lips.
    • Pigmented.


Cons of Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick:

The only con I find with this is the packaging, I find it quite unattractive. Otherwise its sturdy.

Will I buy and do I recommend Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick?:

Obviously! Go get it ladies! 😀 It’s a must-have!

IMBB Rating:


Hope you all like it, waiting for your comments! Keep smiling, keep glowing.

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42 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Creamy Brown:Review,Swatch

        1. yeah….now toh u can proudly say ki its a part of ur job but mooze pata hai neha pehle se u hav this truckload lipisticks in ur friddze, haina haina ? 🙂

  1. Hey Aparajita cute cartoons you have on the pics that you put up in the review! I like them very much! And nice lip swatch!

  2. hey Aparajita, its a very nice lip swatch, me gonna buy it… all I want to know is my lips are quite pigmented, will it cover them ???

    1. hey akhila, this is definitely going to cover the pigmentation.. its very creamy and opaque… so unlike sheer lipsticks it would do the coverage pretty well 🙂

  3. hey Aparajita, its a very nice lip swatch, me gonna buy it… all I want to know is my lips are quite pigmented, will it cover them ??? Please reply and let me know

  4. i love brown.. bt i dont have gud experience with streetwear lippies..they fade off very fast on me..glad it worked for you.

  5. I almost said ‘yuck’ when i saw the shade in the tube, but it magically transforms on your lips…looks super pretty on you!

    1. hehhee… that’s always my reaction when i see brown or maroon lippies 😉 but ya, this one turned out to be “frog prince” 😉

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