Sun Safe -Lotus Herbals SunBlock Reviews – SPF 40, SPF 60

I’ve been using sunscreen forever now.. like since we started getting these lakme’ ones in 4th 5th standard.. I used to tan and get sun burnt easily so my mum used to slather it on me. Always!

I hated how It felt.. all white and shiny and heavy..

Today, we all know how important it is to shield ourselves from the harmful UVA UVB rays and all.. I really won’t get into that cause everyone has read Sanjeev’s article. 😀

I’m going to talk about the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun sunblocks that I own.

  1. 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock (SPF 40)
  2. Intensive sunblock spray (SPF 50)
  3. Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
Lotus Sunscreen
Lotus Sunscreen

1. Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock (SPF 40)

 Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock
Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock

Priced at INR 275 for 120 g.

What the Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock claims-

3-in-1 daily sunblock is a revolutionary sun protection formulation which combines broad-spectrum UVA (PA +++) & UVB(SPF 40) protection with skin lightening ingredients to give a uniform matte finish to the skin. Its fast absorption and non-greasy formula ensures a shine-free, light & clean feel.

Active ingredients-

Herbal extracts of birch, mallow & hops.

Water, talcum, kaolin light, glycerine, polyacrylamideC13-14 Isoparaffin laureth-7, oxybenzoene,octyl methoxy cinnamate, titanium dioxide, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, isopropyl myristare,cyclopentasiloxane, elcosene, copolymer, fumed silica, 2- phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, fragrance.


 Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock
Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock
 Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock
Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock

Pros and cons of Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock

  • This comes in a tube.
  • The consistency is gel like. It is an opaque formula; I feel it leaves the tint to even out the skin tone, in turn making it bright and even toned. (Non moisturizing)
  • This is not a smooth gel/fluid.. I feel rough when I rub it in my face..
  • It definitely is mattifying.. I was a little sceptical about using this during my very dry skin days, but this DID NOT LET ME DOWN. It dint dry me out. No stretchy feeling after this.
  • This delivers what it claims- for all skin types, mattifying and sun protection.
  • This doesn’t claim to be water/ sweat proof and it is not.
  • For my very dry skin, I tend to overdo my moisturizing and this product completely makes it nice and even.
  • I am on my second tube.
  • I dint really care about the fairness claim (I like to get tanned and I tried to skip sunblock many a times but either my mum or my conscience would threaten me before I committed this crime! :P).
  • But as soon as I wear it, my face does look brighter..
  • So I like this.
  • Honestly, everything about sun protection still goes over my head, but the UVA UVB- SPF 40 somehow comforts me. I feel like I am protected. 😀 😛
  • I never read the ingredients list because this is the only very high chemical concentrated product that I always used consciously. So I was really scared to read it even today. But you gotta do what you gotta do!! J
  • This spreads very easily, but the rough texture is what I dislike.
  • I would have liked this product to be fragrance free. I don’t like its fragrance. Stays on for quite some time.
  • I can’t wear this with white!!! All my white tops have gotten dirty after I apply this to my neck. I my clothes in the morning itself so I can’t say if the colour is transferrable after sometime. I think not.
  • I have to use another sunscreen for other body parts. But I like this for my feet. No chip chip so I don’t slip. 😛 (I thought sunscreens were stickyyy)
  • The opening in the tube is quite big and this product can get a little runny and spill out and create a mess (all inside the cap). Thankfully, the cap is a tight flip that won’t let the sunblock leek. [I face this problem with almost all my lotus tubes. I don’t store them cap down. I keep all these tubes in a jar crimp down and head up].
 Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock
Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock

My older tube of this sunscreen (i dint use this for 4 days, and could never get myself to use it again) and the lotus sheamoist (before and after every use, I have to wipe it) look like this-

 Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock
Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock

All in all I quite like this sunblock, only for my face. I’d give it 3 and ½ stars.

Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)

Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)

Priced at INR 375 for 60g.

What the lotus website says-

This extreme sun block cream contains high concentrations of intense sun screens and sun filters to reflect, scatter and absorb all the UVA & UVB rays. Protects skin completely against skin ageing, tanning, skin cancer and all sorts of UVA rays associated damages.

Active ingredients-

  • Oregno- anti oxidant, anti irritant
  • Chamomile- soothing and calming.
  • Carrot- anti-tan.

Ingredients list

octyl methoxy cinnamate, avonbenzone, benzophenone-3, micronized titanium dioxide, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl, tetramethyl butylphenol,

Photos and swatches-

Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)
I have never seen my hand so oily! And can you see the white cast?

Doesn’t spread! After trying harder.

Pros and cons of Lotus Herbals Extreme sun block cream (SPF 60)-

  • SPF 60. UVA index 20. = happy me.
  • Sweat/ water proof.
  • Use of natural ingredients.
  • Their claim of the product being *non-greasy* is something we can all laugh at!
  • It is a good product, Lotus is doing a really good job and i always believed they delivered what they promised. Why lie about such small things? Puts me off!
  • This is the typical old school sunscreen. Sticky, won’t spread and will leave a white cast on your face. Your dry skin will feel like it has been polished with wax.
  • It was difficult spreading it on my hand. It was worse on my face. It is just going to stick in patches. Very very difficult to spread nicely and evenly.
  • The white cast- okay I won’t talk about that.
  • My face was shining! I never dreamt about it. You know how I said I over moisturise with almond oil? (Okay shoot me!) My face didn’t shine then! My face was white and shiny!
  • It is very sticky!
  • Thick white cream that won’t budge. You have to struggle to spread it on any part.
  • After all this, it has to and will stay sweat/water proof.
  • Lotus always claims that their products are for “all skin types” I feel the basic categorising should have been done.

I will try to make this sunscreen work for me.. Maybe around my eyes, ears and all. Actually, there is nothing to make this work. It is just a pain to use. But the extreme sun protection is responsible for it. So you can’t complain. I felt no burning sensation on my cheeks and hands and they dint even turn red, that, I generally do without any sunscreen. (it was the sunniest day in this month). I don’t know if this is how I should expect it to work..

I really like lotus as a brand. Their products are cruelty free. So even if something doesn’t work for me, I wouldn’t break up with this brand because there are plenty of other options this brand provides

Will I buy this again? If it helps my eye area (socket around the eyes and cheekbones). But then there are so many other options from the safe sun range, so maybe not.

I would give it 3 stars. The consistency should have been workable. We can deal with everything else.

I can’t say anything about recommending this product but I can easily recommend the SPF 50 spray from this range, to which I would give 4 and ½ stars. I’m on my 4th bottle! 😀 . Read review here-

Lotus Herbals Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF 50

I would like to add the complete ingredients list for the Intensive sunblock spray (SPF 50), UVA index – 16.

Ingredients list-

Water, octyl methoxy cinnamate,oxybenzone, glycerin, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol, octa hydroxyl stearate, propylene glycol, cyclopentaciloxane, sorbitan monooleate, cetostearyl alcohol, acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, triethanolamine, salvia officinalis (sage) extract, anthemis nobilisd (chamomile extract), thymus vulgaris (thyme) extract, 2- phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, disodium EDTA, fragrance.

Phew! I put all this on my face?!

Have you used Lotus Sunscreens? Which one is your favourite?


71 thoughts on “Sun Safe -Lotus Herbals SunBlock Reviews – SPF 40, SPF 60

  1. Hi Ik nice review… i never used sun screen lotion… im tempted to use one now.. but am confused how it needs to b applied ie whether i should apply moisturiser and then sun screen lotion or the vice versa.. help me with tis..

    1. you SHOULD use sun screen Deepa. its like very very essential. 🙂 i would recommend the lotus spf 50 spray. very easy to use. and very effective. 🙂 i use my sunscreen after moisturizing. then i do the rest of my face makeup.. if i’m using a heavy sunscreen i sometimes skip moisturizing.. but then, thats how i do it.. just for my hands and all.. 🙂
      and thank you. :))

  2. Ik regarding extreme protection, I think you could give a try to that neutorgena ultra-sheer 60 or 80 SPF and is not very ultraaaaaaaaaaa sheer but i find it quite agreeable 🙂

    Also great review i think i will give the spray one a try, as i find in brands like Neotrogena and Vichy mostly offer spray protection around SPF 30 only
    .-= deb´s last blog ..Aint they looking great =-.

    1. hey Deb!!! thank you!! :-* your comment always makes me smile!! so thank you again!!! :-*
      and i know i’m going to sound funny again.. but.. neutrogena tests their products on animals. 🙁 i’m so against that.. so i decided to stick to the cruelty free options as far as possible. 🙂 O:-) O:-) O:-)
      you go ahead and try the lotus spf 50 spray tho.. i love it! its really really nice! if you have oily skin, you may try the spf 40 mattifying one for the face. i really love these. onmy 2nd and 4th bottles for those! 😀

  3. Ik,
    Nice review.I have used 4 sunscreen products from Lotus-The Gel sunscreen,a weird berry sunblock,an anti tan lotion and an anti tan gel..

    The gel sunscreen(189) works well 🙂 on my face and the anti tan lotion(Rs 165) is perfect for my dry body skin 🙂 .The anti tan gel made my hands feel stretchy 😕 and the berry sunblock behaved exactly like wot u mentioned in ur SPF 60 extreme sunblock..Waxy,Smelly and din spread well :reallyangry: ..
    On top of that it din protect my skin at all.I had fried :pissedoff: arms and legs wen I got back home every evening :pissedoff: :loser: ..I have almost the entire tube left with me..Planning to use it to grease our front door. :evilgrin: .Gets stuck at times.

  4. Its become a daily routine to check this site for the review of products……..I am so addicted to this site that before i even open facebook i open this site……..
    You guys r doing a fantastic job……………
    Rati Ur a rockstar

  5. i am using the lotus sunscreen gel with SPF 20. but my face becomes oily and shiny just after 10mins. my cheeks turn red after half an hour and its impossible to re-apply sunscreen in the middle of a market or bus or a restaurant. :silly:

    i think i must buy the SPF 50 one,but my real problem is my super oily skin and the super humid weather of kolkata. my face just looks like a mirror always. i hate that. :pissedoff:

    and yes,i love this blog. it is my routine too to check this out everyday. ratidi and everybody rock! :kissing: :kissing: :kissing:

    1. thank you bulbul! :):)
      why dont you try the mattifying sunblock spf 40 from lotus?
      might help. you know i have issues with reapplying sunblock too.. so i do is carry sanitizer ALWAYS and tissues. clean hands clean face and put on sunblock! :)) hope it helps!:)

      1. oh,thanks a lot.. 🙂 im gonna buy that one soon..sorry for the late reply.. 🙁 off to visit some relatives’ house..
        o,by the way,yesterday i purchsed three elle 18 dewlipz and got one for FREE..the SA scared me a lot about this tanning..she told me if i dont use an anti-tan pack, im gonna have wrinkle on my face soon.. 😯

        i do carry a sanitizer too..but i hav had problems with wet makes my skin more oily..can u suggest me some good wipes suitable for oily skin?

  6. You know I forgot to bring sunscreen to Pune so I thought I’d purchase the SPF 50 spray. The shopkeeper didn’t have that so I was itching to buy SPF 60. Twice I picked the tube and kept it back. Then I just randomly decided to pick SPF 30 . Now I am so glad. 😀 😀

    1. haha yeah.. i dint find it earlier somehow.. so i had done a review on that as well.. :P:P then rati told me.. i changed it!! :D:D
      thats my fav sunscreen too!!! :inlove: but i also like the matte finish one.. :):)

      1. Ik,
        Lemme finish up my lotus anti tan lotion.I’m gonna pick up the SPF 50 first thing after that :drool: …
        As for reapplication,I use Kara sunscreen wipes for that.Cant afford to carry a sunscreen bottle in an engineering college :tremble: ..My classmates :vampire: :devil: would finish it up in a day…
        And call me MAKEUP KI DUKAAN for the rest of my life!!! :struggle: :struggle:

        1. you know thats exactly what i used t feel… and dont even get me started on our loos!!! 😮 😮 😮 kara wipes is a good idea.. had them.. but they dried up only after i used like 3:P:P!:( and they also dry my skin up.. :(:(

          1. I faced that drying up thing too 🙁
            Also they aren’t readily available in local shops n there is no alternative to go for..
            Haven’t heard of ne other Indian Brand making sunscreen wipes !! 😕

            1. yeah.. my skin gets very very irritated when dry! hence my obsession with
              i really want to do something about this.. i dunno may be carry some in little bottles? :struggle:
              plus you know i get crazyyy if my bag becomes heavy after i stuff it with nonsense!! i really like it light and mess free!! my car is always in a mess! its like my suitcase i skip!!:P:P
              and i dint know you are in coll! i thought you were some 12 year old kid!!:P:P really! seeing your pic?!?! soooo cutteee!!:D:D:-*

  7. I love the 3 in 1 matte look sunblock, been using it since I secretly used my sister’s, (LOL! wat r elder sisters for!?) for about 7 years now!…..dont like the other lotus sunblocks though, they make me look like a frying pan :((

    1. haha awww!! and i am the older one in my house!!!!! sooo dont sayyy that!!! :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :P:P but thankfully i have a younger brother!:P
      i’m glad to know you found the right sunblock! 🙂 a lot of people have a lot of issues before they find it!:):)

  8. Hey,
    I am new here, so hi to everybody!
    I noticed the ingredients in the sunscreens, all of them have parabens, I have been hearing about parabens being harmful.

    I infact have used lotus 3 in 1 sunscreen ,but i wasn’t that concerned about ingredients then… i remember the sunscreen going bad after a few months of using it, the oil separated from the colour(tint) the sunscreen has. It also started smelling weird! Tried the anti tan pack, but it made me go red! i have highly sensitive skin which tans easily. of late I have been using sunscros spf 12 (its prescribed) but i have been burning on the apples of my cheeks still!
    Kaya for that matter has only spf 15 but dosent burn me, but i tan with it!
    neutrogena spf 70 with helioplex was too cakey and greasy!!!
    SIGH!!!! well… i think i m going to give the spray a try, sounds easy to apply especially on the go!… just have to confirm the paraben part of it…
    p.s. this is an amazingly insightful site… enjoyed every bit… :heart:

  9. p.p.s
    has anybody tried Loreal UV perfect? the tinted one, sounds good
    spf 50
    even coverage, is available in clear, tint and glow

    Thanx 🙂

    1. hey mani.. welcome to IMBB.. 🙂 my 3 in 1 sunscreen never got badd. 🙂 lotus has been pretty good to me.. but if that sunscreen dint suit, i am guessing lotus might not suit you.. 😕 i never tried the anti tanning pack.. so i really dont know about that.. and i never tried the Loreal one.. i am pretty anti loreal till they stop testing their products on animals.!!!
      if lotus suits you, i suggest you give the spray spf 50 a try! its max protection, minus the greasy-ness and cakey-ness and it doesn’t test its products on animals!:) it might not be of a huge concern for many, but along with a lot of IMBB ladies here, i believe in supporting animal rights:)

  10. Hey ik,

    I dnt support animal testing, dont usually buy loreal. But i would like people to become conscious of the ingredients the companies use! India seems like to be a dumping ground for everything toxic! These cosmetic giants take advantage of the fact tht there isnt much awareness about the ingredients used in products! Like SLS in shampoos n soaps is known to cause cancer! check out this link
    Abroad ppl are still a bit conscious! i see my mom using lakme lipsticks full of lead, and i cringe!! We need quality products, which are organic, free of animal testing, tht suit sensitive skin. Even johnsons not safe for kids!!
    I know of only forest essentials shampoo tht is SLS free in india! but atleast thts a start. havent come across a decent sunscreen yet!
    The funny part is we are all abt ayurveda.

    1. hey Mani.. 🙂 thanks a tonne for sharing the link with us.. my quest for a paraben free life starts!! i remember till 2 months ago, i was freaking out over ingredients like sls and parabens in products, but i really dint find much.. as far as shampoos are concerned, i started using himalaya shampoos since sls is not mentioned in their list of ingredients! thats the only drug store brand i found! and i was pretty sure that it was their complete ingredients list.. confused now! ?:-) ?:-)

  11. Hi everyone. I have combination skin, acne prone have some open pores too..But i try to keep it clear and blemish free. I amd 28. I have been using 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock (SPF 40)for past 3 to four years.. It is really really really good for my skin.. so good that even Shahnaz Hussain sunscreen does not work for me. Absorbs fast, leaving no residue, almost foundation like base which gives a nice even skin tone..actually i use it instead of foundation sometimes..does not sweat off or make ur skin burn in the sun..
    I recemmend this product to everyone with my type of skin.. I used to have horrible acne.. Only product that has worked for me is called Chandik Herbal skin treatment which i am using for past 8 to 10 years. Actually you dont need to use anything else when u use this.. Amazing need for other face packs, or scrubs.. It really simplifies skin regime.. Really worth trying since it lasts forever and is so mild and can be used daily..check it out.. 🙂

  12. Guys, try the fab india shampoo for sls free nourishing care. My mom uses it and digs it totally.
    I am current using biotique hair cleanser and it is sls free as well_well at least it doesn’t mention it in its ingrediant list. I love this cleanser. Cleans the hair without drying it out.
    Another tip- if the shampoo doesn’t lather, chances are its sls free, cuz sls is primarily a foaming agent.

  13. Just read the reviews and found it pretty interesting. I have been facing a lot of issues regarding a good sunscreen. I used banana boat and left with whole lot of acnes. Since Lotus seems to be great here, so will buy Lotus spf 40 tommorrow… i hope it will be good to my skin too. And IK, loved the presentation that you made.


  14. I have a different experience.I use to go for swimming classes in the morning session. From 8-9 am ,when sun is shining above your head.I used Lotus Herbals safe sun .(PA + UVA,SPF 20 UVB-sweat & water proof) After using it for 3-4 days,my skin got darker. I was shocked to know that the thing which I thought would do good,turned to give reverse effect. I stopped using it at once. I simply wasted my money ,I could have bought some good & better branded sun screen cream than this. I warn all of you who wants to buy this product to think twice b4 buying it.

  15. Hi Eliz,

    I think u must have tried using SPF 60+ which is water proof and water resistant.

    This is good for ppl who go for swimming.Please suggest more on sunscreen lotions wich are good.

  16. hiii i want an help actually my skin gets tan very fast…coz of these sun….i need help can u suggest me which spf is good for skin …i use to use lotus spf 30 but i can’t see any result its still the same and my skin gets tan…so i need help which spf is protect from tanning problem.. :sidefrown: ?:)

  17. Hey ik,

    I m glad i found dis website n thnx for all ur reviews…I find dem gud. I need ur help regarding sunblock, n some tips for face glowing. I m wheatish in skin color, and sun is my worst enemy. I try to use nuterogena ultrasheer sunblock SPF55 and still my skin gets tanned. I am not sure whats happening, my face has lots of acne too. Is it because of sun and what should i use to detan my skin….n what would be gud cream to use on my acne face..I have normal skin. Plzzzzzzzzz help me 😐

  18. all the gals out here..rockn:) iam a sunscreen freek.still trying to find the best there any body who has used both lotus sunscreen and suunban forte (or suncross) ?if so can u tell which wud be better to prevent tanning?

    1. Hi Radzzz,
      I wd like to ans ur ques abt lotus sunscreens & Sunban Forte SPF 50 as I hv used both.

      Lotus sunscreens SPF 20 gel
      Iused this sunscreen coz it was gel like but it didnt do anything to protect my skin ocz I was on my Kinee those days & got tanned.

      Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Look sunscreen SPF 40
      My sis bought this sunscreen & I used it. It is an excellent product, just like a BB cream – all ur daily skin care things put in one.
      Its a gr8 sunscreen – we didnt get tanned after using it,
      it brightened up d face instantly – d fairness effect
      for summers it had d matte look – wonderful clean feeling
      & it stayed for long on our skin.
      I remember we visited our uncles house & 4 of us, my cousins used this same sunscreen & we were all going mad over how gud it was & d best we all had used till then.

      Lotus sunblock SPF 60
      This one is a sunblock & mainly for swimming & ppl going for adventure sports, not a daily sunscreen.

      Sunban Forte SPF 50
      This is a doc prescribed sunscreen. As a sunscreen it is effective & does its work. I hv been out wearing this in sun for long & after coming back, trust me, I hadnt tanned even one single shade!! I was so surprised, but but but, it has its cons
      it is very greasy/oily on application
      I hv to work at blending it well
      it leaves a white cast
      it makes me sweat, as most of heavy, cream type sunscreens do.
      So I stopped using it in summers & decided to retry it in winters when we actually need a creamy, fat based moisturiser. So I m gonna use it this winters & see how it does.

      So out of these 2 brands definitely lotus 3 in 1 matte look SPF 40 is d winner for me. I hv tried Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen SPF 50 & that is wonderful for my dry skin. It gives a healthy glow which is very nice.
      Also if I may suggest, I used Jovees sunscreen with SPF 30 on my dry acne prone skin & that is also an excellent one. It is very moisturising, dry touch on d surface of d skin, gives a nice glow, doesnt tan & didnt break me out. My cousin used its SPF 45 variant & she has oily pimple prone skin & she said d same things abt it – didnt break her out & it was excellent.

  19. Hi.. I need a help.. mine is oily skin.. my body is very fair compared to my face.. complexion of my face is uneven.. little acne, white head heads on nose.. feel very sad for that.. I am looking for best sunscreen lotion..if possible please tell me the best sunscreen lotion and also day cream and night cream which is available in india.. Hope I find the answer soon 🙂

  20. By reading so many reviews i am confused 😛 please suggest me which one to buy lotus 3 in 1(SPF 40 MATTE LOOK) or Lotus SPF 50 spray?? My skin type is normal neither dry nor oily. Only my T-Zone area is a bit oily. So which one should i buy??

    1. 40 for face , spray for body. problem solved 😛 I have used the spf 40 before , it`s pretty good , it even hides minor blemishes.

      1. The spf 60 one isnt solely a physical sunblock , it has chemical sunscreens like avobenzone ,maybe that`s why it has the consistency of most sports sunscreens – heavy. The white cast is from the micronised titanium dioxide. Sometimes zinc oxide is used too. for this.

  21. last year I had used 3 in 1 matte look.. bt 4 a change ds year i bought spf 30 lotus safe sun.. Itz amazing.. It has actually made me fairer in a city like bhubaneswar.. 😛 whenever I apply it, it makes my skin glow and since my skin is dry, itz oil effect makes my skin moisturized. And it is easily appliable too… I am on my 2nd bottle of ds product.. Just a single flaw- It makes me sweat like a pig :P.. After readin all ur comments i hav a gr8 urge to use spf 50 spray… Will it also make me look fairer 😛 Coz m too conscious abt my complexion.. Last year I moved 4m Mumbai too bhubaneswar.. and here the sun literally burns my skin.. A few days back wen the heat was at its peak, I went out for about 30 secs in the sun without using sunscreen.. Wen I came back my face was completely red and there were severe sunburns over my cheeks.. nd it was just 30 secs.. not over exaggerating.. So IK plzz tell me will spf 50 spray also make me luk fair??? 😀

  22. Hi Ik,
    I wd just like to mention that Lotus sunblock SPF 60 is a sunblock, not sunscreen.
    Sunscreens r not water proof & r meant for daily wear.
    Sunblocks are water proof & sweat proof & r mainly meant for swimming & adventure sports, where long time in water dries d skin & cream base helps it. That is y most sunblocks r oily/greasy on application. That is how they r meant to be.
    So u can use Lotus sunblock SPF 60 for swimming if u want, but not day time wear.
    Hope that helps ur prob 🙂

  23. Hi every one

    I haven’t used Lotus Products but I have used some other sunscreens like Ayur and Jovees . The problem with me is that After applying the sunscreen lotion I sweat profusely. My entire skin stars looking like a frying pan and one can actually see sweat beads on my face and all. I want to know whether this problem is experienced by the others also or not? Should I try Lotus sunblock spray SPF-50? will it work or will it again be a wasteful bargain? plz reply asap

  24. Hi di, i m from Bangladesh. after few days i will go Kolkata . from which market of kolkata i can buy original product like lotus sunscreen, white tone face powder?? Can anyone suggest me accurate place and Shop name of kalkata??
    Thank you soo much

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