The Body Shop Nomadic Goddess Warm Glow Bronzer Review

This is an attempt to review the 02 Warm Glow shade of Baked to last Bronzer from the Nomadic Goddess collection by The Body Shop.

One Word – Gorgeous!

*The Product as told by TBS:* A natural-looking bronzer, handmade and slow-baked for up to eight hours of deliciously rich colour. Perfect for a sunkissed glow.

  • Pearls & pigments
  • Community Trade Olive Oil
  • Community Trade Marula Oil

Our Baked-to-Last Powders are a fusion of powder and pearl, handmade and baked on hot terracotta discs so pigments bind together, giving fabulous colour and rich coverage. With Community Trade olive oil.


  • Sculpt and define with a Blusher Brush.


  • Dust the face lightly with a Face & Body Brush. Layer for intensity

I picked up the shade 02 Warm Glow.

I did so as against 01 Golden Bronze because 01 was a bit too brown, I am a very non brown person (not particularly pink either!) and not comfortable with real bronzers (as I think my complexion tends to slightly lesser than dusky).

If you are comfortable using bold bronzers this is a good pick. If your complexion is more than medium again this would be a better choice.

02  Warm Glow is an uncommon combination (another reason I chose it) – it has pigments of bronzer gold, coral pink and of a light cream shade. WarmGlow

And I guess for that reason, this lovely product here is a 3-in-1 as I see it. It acts as a bronzer, blush and highlighter – in the way you use it.

  • A few swipes on the product with the powder brush and a soft application on your face gives a bronzer look – a warm one at that, the glow as said above.
  • Pick up good amounts of the product with a blusher brush and apply like a blush – it makes for a nice shimmery golden-coral flush on your cheeks.
  • Dip your brush in the lighter parts and it can then be used as a highlighter.
  • I see it more as a blusher (strictly imo)
  • This can definitely be built up for intensity, as and where you like it.
  • Fundamentally though, it is quite a subtle product with barely-there hues. So it does require a bit more than you think you would for each type of application.
  • I am not confident it can be used to sculpt, define (or contour) your face as is said.

The light in which it is seen makes a difference too (as you may see in the pics). Day light tends to show it like bronzer nevertheless but more as a healthy glow to your skin with less shimmer. Yellow Light / Flash tends to capture the shine more and thus gives that slight golden shimmer (good enough for evenings) Warm Glow The toughest part came when I had to show the features in pictures. The finish looks better in person. I had applied it all over on my face but the camera didn’t capture it too well. What I have shown here is its use as a blush. Bronzy (but not too golden) with coral-pink shadows (the way I like my bronzer – yay!) Warm Glow (I am guessing it will shine through better on cheeks that have no pores, facial hair and are smooth ;))

  • The packaging is neat, clear and nice like the product itself.
  • The product did not dry my face or make it oily. (I am guessing it’s the handy work of olive and marula oils listed)
  • I couldn’t smell any fragrance which is good.
  • The texture is silky smooth and you would hardly feel its there.
  • The impact of the product stays on for a good 6-8 hrs (from experience of using it on powder foundation and working air-conditioned indoors)

It is probably the baking procedure that brings the colors together creatinga beautiful rhapsody of shimmer and health! All shades are in harmony with each other giving that glow. If you are after a classy bronzed look (rather than a chiseled- model -bronzed look) this is the one.

If you prefer a slightly conspicuous look, this may not be the correct choice. As I said it can be built to show more glow, but it is never going to go over-the-top to reveal specific colors. It always blends in.

I really can’t think of any particular negatives. I wish though it was easier to open the case. I am guessing its hard as its still new.

I had originally gone in to pick up Delipscious and the Loose Powder in Body Shop. When I couldn’t decide between the Loose Powder and Baked to last Bronzer, the SA promptly did that for me – her reason being this was limited edition and beautiful! Gladly Agreed!

Lastly why I said “attempt” when I started this write-up – Few pictures and these many words don’t do justice to what it really is (at all!). I don’t need the sun to kiss me anymore; Warm Glow does it and without a tan 😉

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30 thoughts on “The Body Shop Nomadic Goddess Warm Glow Bronzer Review

  1. HD – thx.
    ah, now since u have asked that question – am wondering 🙂
    I dont lie (at least not easily ;)) so – no – its not really my real name. I use it everywhere my original name is not required or already known! esp writing.
    Gaea is a greek Goddess – of Earth; She was the first to be created on earth (along with other elements) and the mother of all – first of the Titan Gods. I knew this from Prometheus and Gaea, characters from Ayn Rand’s novel called Anthem 🙂
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..The Body Shop Delipscious Sheer Lip Color – review =-.

  2. It’s a gorgeous bronzer Gaea and it looks so natural on you. Will see if they are giving more discounts on this next month and I’ll pick it up. 🙂


  3. So pretty!!!!
    Btw…I also lovee your eyeliner, thanks for id’ing it!
    Could you id your lippie for me, so I can go out and buy it? They do say imitation is the finest form of flattery!

  4. GUYS! I just got this at 50% off at TBS sale! GO GRAB IT! I got it for just 500-odd. Got one for my mom and one for me.

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