L’oreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder Review, Swatch, FOTD

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder shade 01 – Blonde Harmony

I chanced upon buying this bronze powder when I went to buy a natural looking blusher. The Loreal SA, who is also a friend, told me praises about Loreal Glam bronze Duo Sun Powder and even gave me a trial of how it would look on me. And although it comes in two shades, mainly blonde harmony and brunette harmony to be matched according to hair colour, I somehow ended up liking the blonde one more. I use it as a bronzer, shimmer powder, blusher, highlighter for hair …. phew! You can see how much I love it.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

The powder comes in a small handy case, which looks as beautiful. The first flip open lid shows you powder in two shades, light and dark. Flip open the second lid and you find a mirror and a cute looking brush for application. I generally use different brushes but this one’s the best when I use it as a hair highlighter. The powder has a good staying power when applied with a proper base as it is good for four to five hours.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

Here goes the review.

Price : Rs 850 for 9 gm

What I (REALLY) like about Loreal Glam bronze Duo Sun Powder :

– Smooth texture. The powder is really smooth and light weight.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

– Multiple uses – Although the company primarily promotes it to be used on the cheeks, it also use it as an eye shadow over a primer for day wear. It really gives me a nice daytime natural look, coupled with a coral lipstick. Infact, i use the lighter shade as a daytime compact for a shimmery glow, while the darker one adds a warm glow to the face and two extra swaps can double as a natural blush.

– Light texture – The glam bronze’s texture is so light that you can hardly feel it on your skin. And it does not block your pores at all.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder swatch

– No breakouts – My skin reacts very strongly to products but this one has still not had any breakouts so far. I LOVE IT FOR THIS.

– Even covers minor blemishes without concealer – I often have pimple or mosquito bite (In summers) marks on my face but they are easily covered with this bronzer without the concealer over a simple tinted moisturiser, which is a boon for someone who doesn’t like layers on the skin.

– Easy to keep – Often when i have to go to a party from the office, this is my simplest tool for a quick ‘I-was-just-kissed-and-I-am-blushing’ kind of the glow.

What I don’t like about Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

– The brush – although its a neat brush that comes free with the bronzer, it is difficult to hold it and hence, it is actually a waste and one needs other brushes to apply the bronzer smoothly.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

– The powder can spread if not stored properly – Though it is not a loose powder, it tends to fall a bit in the lower case, which stores the brush, in case it is not stored properly.

– The price – At Rs 850, it may seem on the expensive side but then, it seems worth.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

For me, its an instant gimme-a-glow powder and i love it.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

My rating for the product is :-* :-* :-* :-*

Me waring Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder on my friend’s wedding.

Loreal Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder

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  3. ok I don’t remember it was you or someone else…..but someone did suggest this one to me here for the overall glow……..I am so going to get this now :waytogo: :waytogo:
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    1. Yeah Jinal,

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