The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream Review

Soft Hands Kind Heart

The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind heart Cream is best if you want to: Care for skin while leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple with a light, yet richly moisturizing lotion with a refreshing fragrance.

100% of the net proceeds go to our global partner charity, ECPAT, to combat and raise awareness of sex trafficking of children and young people.

Best for: normal skin
How it works:

  • Angelica extract is known for its protective and soothing benefits and Community Trade organic olive oil to condition and soften the hands.
  • This non-greasy formula sinks into the skin to moisturise and condition. With a sparkling green fragrance with fresh citrus aspects in the top, leading to an elegant floral heart on a warm amber background.

Price : Rs 275 for 50 ml

Soft Hands Kind Heart

What I like about The Body shop Soft Hand Kind Heart Hand Cream :

  • The money from its purchase goes for a good cause. That was one of the reason why I picked it up.
  • It is non greasy and gets absorbed in hands quickly.
  • Smells pretty okayish, nothing too strong or weird.
  • Comes in a tube form so it’s hygienic and easy to carry around.

Soft Hands Kind Heart

What I don’t like about the Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream:

  • It does absolutely nothing to your hands. I agree that the money goes for a good cause but I believe that they should also provide a good product . It gets absorbed in your hands within seconds and then your hands are dry as ever. Forget about soft hands, it doesn’t even moisturize them.

Soft Hands Kind Heart

I don’t regret buying it but I think I would never repurchase this, not even in summers.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*

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40 thoughts on “The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream Review

  1. awww…..I expect TBS to have better quality and deliver what they claim. It so bad it does nothing. And then if you are having it for good cause. You should make the best so customers repurchase and the cause continues. :hunterwali:
    errr… compared to my combi skin on face….skin on my hands and feet is very dry. So I always want good moisturizing product.
    This is pass for me!
    Thanx for review :-*

      1. OHO!
        I had tried it tooo….. i like neutrogena much better than this one…. in summers, it becomes very weird… gud review rati…

  2. I think I have tried this in the shop..didn’t like it..for same reason that you said, does nothing for the hands. If I had to buy something equally useless I would pick up something much cheaper from regular drugstore kind of brands naa…and yes, just because the proceeds go for charity doesn’t make it okay to sell a not-so-good product. They should learn something from MAC, I suppose :smug:

    1. I know MAC delivers such awesome Viva Glam lipsticks and the money goes for charity only but really if not an awesome cream I was expecting it to be a little decent. My hands feel super dry even after applying it generously. :((

  3. I was thinking today i will send you some writeup on this 🙂 oh yeah me bought bec of charity and i somehow liked the smell…better than others which i tried !!! but its useless 😐 😐 does not work at allllll……

    1. aaaww!!!! :-* I just thought I must stop procrastinating and finally review it. SO did it. :))

      Yeah smell is decent ..which all hand creams have you tried?

  4. everything in the TBS shop…hemp hand protector,Vitamin E and one more dont reme….and finally this !!! 🙂 the loccitane one is really nice !!!! liking it a lot :inlove: :inlove:

  5. I ll never buy this one.Good review as usual Rati….I guess there is something wrong in the last line “I don’t regret buying it but I think I would ever repurchase this, not even in summers”.:)

  6. I am so addictive to this blog,everytime i login to the comp be it at home or work, I first open this blog site. I have bought so many things after reading IMBB. Thanks to all the lovely beautifull ladies out there for making this blog so worth reading.Thanks Rati

  7. Its so sad that TBS didn’t deliver a good product! You could try Neutrogena hand cream Rati, a lot of people say its their HG hand cream for winters.

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