Avon Naturals Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion

Avon Naturals Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion

Hello Beauties, I wanted to talk about a really nice product, which is the Avon Naturals Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion (skin lightening). I was not dying to buy this product as I had not really heard anything about it. I ran out of my previous lotion and I wanted to get a new and I thought I would give this one a go and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Avon Naturals Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion


Pamper your skin with this lightweight and non-greasy hand and body lotion. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft, supple and velvety smooth, while leaving a deliciously fruity floral scent. This lotion will maintain skin’s natural moisture and provide 24 hours moisturization.

It also contains:

Papaya Extracts: Known to be a natural source of papain, which helps lighten, smoothen and soften the skin.
Soybean Extract: Known to be rich with skin balancing nutrients.
Hydrolyzed Milk Protein: Known for its skin conditioning properties.

How To Use:

Apply a generous amount all over your body, particularly on exposed areas such as arms, shoulder, legs and thighs. Massage in a circular motion onto skin until dry. Use twice daily, morning and night.




Rs. 69 for 100 ml. This is the price on an offer. I think it was originally Rs.99.

My Take:
I must say that this body lotion is worth your money. I don’t have dry or problematic skin to begin with but I do travel long distances and hence I do need to care for my skin. Also, I am out in the sun quite a bit, so a skin lightening lotion is just what I want. I get tanned really easily. It does not contain SPF though, so I only use it as a night moisturizer. I like this lotion because it moisturizes your skin so well without making it oily or greasy. I, personally, hate applying lotion on myself because I feel really uncomfortable with a layer of cream on my skin. This is the reason I hate sunscreen, but this lotion does not feel heavy on my skin. In all the years of me having experimented with body lotions, this was the only one that made my skin supple and really nice to touch.


It smells really good too. The smell is very soothing in a way. As for the skin lightening claim, I am not really sure as I haven’t seen much of a difference. So that’s a bit disappointing. It has not caused my skin to erupt or caused any sort of rashes. It gets absorbed in the skin very fast. You don’t have to keep rubbing your skin.

Pros of Avon Naturals Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion:
• It makes your skin soft and supple.
• It lives up to its claims except the skin lightening part.
• It smells absolutely great.
• It does not feel heavy on your skin and absorbs really easily.
• It is pretty inexpensive.
• It does not cause allergies.
• The packaging is pretty colourful.
• You don’t have to use a lot of product at one time. A little bit is enough to get the moisturizing effect.

Cons of Avon Naturals Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion:

I can’t think of any.

Will I Repurchase This?

If I get this on offer, I definitely will.

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  1. I love this!! I’m using this currently..it makes the skin smooth and soft instantly. And the scent :)) Also try the wild apple and grape one from this range..the scent is a little stronger but its also quite non -greasy and moisturizing! Nice review !

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