Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

Hey ladies,

We all are makeup junkies. We can spend even hours on perfecting our makeup. But, what if I told you there is a way to have a permanent winged eyeliner or permanently perfect red pout? Will you be game for it? Well, in today’s post I will tell you everything there is to know about getting permanent makeup done.

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

What is Permanent Makeup?
It is a cosmetic procedure, much like getting a tattoo done in which your natural features are enhanced by producing designs on your face that look like makeup.

How Is It Done?

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

How is a tattoo done? By the needle that penetrates your skin and releases pigment. Right? Well, this is how permanent makeup is done. A patch test is done on the area where the procedure is to be done to check whether the pigment used will suit your skin or not? Then, just like tattoo, your technician will sketch the area according to what kind of makeup you want with a surgical sterile pen. A vibrating needle is used to release the pigment into the skin and giving you your desired makeup look.

Healing Time After Permanent Makeup
You will most likely have redness and mild swelling that could last from few hours to few days. The applied makeup color will look so much darker than your desired one for few days. It takes about 5-7 days for the exact color to show up.

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

Is The Makeup Really Permanent?
No, it is not! It shows signs of fading after a couple of years. You can totally imagine your eyeliner fading, right? Would you want that on your skin after some years? Permanent makeup needs touch ups after a few years so that it looks just the way you want and not like the mehndi that has started to fade. You just want to scratch that mehndi away from your hands at that time. Don’t you?

Types of Permanent Makeup

• Eyeliner: top and bottom
• Enhancement of eyebrows
• Eye shadow
• Lash enhancement
• Scar camouflage and beauty marks
• Lip contouring and shading

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of permanent makeup:

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!


• No hassle of doing and removing your makeup everyday.
• If you are allergic to cosmetics, getting permanent makeup is a good option.
• You will look good 24 hours a day. You will look presentable and fresh even after gym or swimming session
• If you have lost the hair from your eyebrows due to chemotherapy, burns or accidents, it is a very good option to get them back.
• It is also used to hide scars.


• Very painful procedure, imagine a drilling sensation on your waterline or eyelids.
• Expensive, not everyone can afford it.
• You can easily get bored with it. Imagine you wash your face and your makeup is still there.
• If unsterile equipment and needles are used, there is a greater chance of serious infections like hepatitis and staph bacteria.
• If you ever need to get an MRI done, the iron particles in the pigment used will interfere with the results.
• You could get allergic lumps because of inks and dyes used in permanent makeup.

Although, it is an individual’s choice to get this kind of procedures done, one should always talk to the technician and weigh the pros and cons of everything in detail.

In the end, here are some before and after pics of permanent makeup:

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

Do tell me your thoughts about permanent makeup, I would love to know!

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9 thoughts on “Things You Must Know About Permanent Makeup!

  1. Nice article! I just heard about permanent makeup a few months back from a youtuber who had got this done. I think it’s one stupid thing to do! It takes 2 minutes to put an eyeliner on, what’s the use of going through so much pain for it! Things people do for looking good these days,duh! However, loved reading the article!x

    1. thank you and I totally agree Vanya!
      things women do in the name of beauty, they don’t see the after effects 🙁

  2. This is interesting and boring at the same time…it is good for getting rid of some scar or birth mark! But why would somebody choose to put the lipstick or liner of same colour all their life!! :O

  3. My eyebrows are very light and have very less hair on it. I was thinking to go for brow coloring through temporary makeup. Pls suggest will it be okay.??? Really confused

    1. I just got it done a month back! Its NOT paninful. Just a tingling sensation.

      My suggestion – ask the cosmetologist to first mark how its gonna look.
      I made the mistake of not doing so and now am not too happy with the shape of my brows!
      The Dr. I went to showed me one side after it was done and when I told her how I didn’t like the shape – she insisted that the shape she is making out is how it should be!! – given my face is round etc.
      Everyone tells me am looking at them a little too much which is why am finding faults 😛 but then when you shell out 10k – you want to get it right!
      My brows were tooo light and did not have much of a shape. So maybe all of a sudden defined brows do take a little time for you to get adjusted to.

      Although on the plus side – my eyes look bigger!

      The inking takes time to ‘dry’ – so the brows will look very dark for first 2 weeks. But don’t worry about it. It’ll settle down.

      Am gonna get a retouch soon to correct length , color and little flaws.

  4. I got eyeliner and my lips done a few months ago. The most painful thing I have ever done. Should have done more research before I did it. My eyeliner looked great but my lips did not work. I had a retouch and that didn’t work. The only time they had color was the day of and until the swelling went down. I will never have it done again.

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