Permanent Methods to Remove Underarm Hair

Apart from the previously discussed temporary methods of hair removal there are few permanent methods as well which can definitely reduce the hair growth if not permanently remove them. These methods include the following:

laser hair removal

Laser Treatment:

Laser hair removal has become extremely popular in the recent times because of its speed and efficiency. It involves using the light energy to destroy the hair in a follicle. This method does not work as well on fine hair as on coarse hair. It is a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved method for permanent hair reduction.

Pros of laser hair removal:

1. It is not time consuming i.e. its speed depends upon the area to be covered for e.g. it takes in just few minutes to remove the underarm hair completely.
2. Prevents ingrown hair problem which is common in shaving and waxing.
3. Painless method of hair removal as no tweezing or pulling of hair is required.
4. Long lasting results.

Cons of laser hair removal:

1. Some normal side effects may occur after the treatment like itching, redness, and swelling. But these will subside within few days of treatment if the proper precautions as told by the doctor are followed.
2. It may also lead to hypo- or hyper-pigmentation.
3. Multiple treatments or sessions are needed to achieve the desired results.
4. Expensive method of hair removal.

Laser hair removal


In this method electric current is used to destroy the hair follicle and since one hair is focused at a time the results are precise and better compared to laser treatment. Electrolysis was invented in United States over hundred years ago. Just like laser treatment multiple sittings are needed to ‘permanently’ remove the underarm hair.

Electrolysis has been recognized as the only ‘permanent method’ of hair removal by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association. Unlike laser, electrolysis is effective on all hair colors. Electrolysis is of three types- Galvanic Electrolysis, Thermolysis Electrolysis and Blend Electrolysis.

In the galvanic electrolysis, as the name suggests, hair follicle is destroyed chemically whereas in the thermolysis electrolysis it is destroyed using heat. In blend electrolysis, both the above two methods are combined to produce electro chemical reaction.

Laser hair removal

Pros of electrolysis hair removal:

1. Unlike laser treatments people with different hair and skin types can get electrolysis.
2. Compared to other methods has best overall results.

Cons of electrolysis hair removal:

1. Multiple sessions are needed to achieve the desired results.
2. Discoloration of skin may occur if it’s improperly done.
3. Not a cheap method like waxing or tweezing.
4. It is a more painful and tedious procedure than laser treatment.
5. People suffering from diabetes, hormone deficiency or other skin problem are not advised to go for this procedure.
6. Chances of electric shocks and skin burns are always present.

So, out of all the discussed methods which one do you prefer? As far as I am concerned I would still be loyal to the ancient method i.e. waxing. No matter how safe these permanent methods are they just don’t impress me.

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6 thoughts on “Permanent Methods to Remove Underarm Hair

  1. My friend did laser in Kaya and said her hair growth stopped completely in 6 sittings !!!! Since then even I want to do it. Another friend did electrolysis (upper lip) and her pores became so big and it is the same always since then 🙁

  2. The chance of electric shock is NIL during electrolysis, and the chance of a skin burn is also nil. Even bad electrolysis rarely produces lasting damage.

    If electrolysis doesn’t impress then you must not have had it done by an experienced professional. I am working on someone’s underarms today and our goal is to have her throw out her deodorant by summer’s end because most of her hair will have been treated by then.

    For underarms it is possible to achieve permanent removal using electrolysis and it will be cheaper and less time consuming than waxing because after 10-20 hours of treatment you will be hair free for life!

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