10 Tips to Rock Dark Lipsticks Like a Pro

Gone are the days when women sported deep, dark, vampy lipsticks only at Halloween parties. Goth makeup is trending these days and many women are bold enough to sport the deep, bold shades for regular party makeup looks. However, you must keep in mind a few things to rock these shades. If you are a beginner, the application may get messy. Follow these tips to carry the look with complete confidence.

red lipsticks for dusky skin tone

Prep the Lips Well

You won’t love to see patches of deep colour on the dry flakes of the lips. Make sure to exfoliate your lips well and moisturize them well with a lip balm. Often dark lipsticks highlight your lip wrinkles. To avoid that, use a hydrating lip primer. You can also apply Boroline on your lips the night before and you will get smooth, fuller pout for the perfect lipstick application. Also, using a concealer or foundation on the lips is advisable. This neutralizes any lip pigmentation and provides you with an even canvas.

Choose the Right Lipstick

Try to find a lipstick that has good pigmentation. Building up a dark shade can make it look layered and patchy. Choose a product that gives full pigmentation with just one swipe. A matte, liquid lipstick can be the best option in this case. Choose a colour that will suit your mood and also something that you can wear with confidence. You can start off with burgundy and deep browns. As you feel comfortable in the shades, try experimenting with plums, purples and black.

Use a Lip Brush

You should not rush while applying a dark lipstick. Using a lip brush is always advisable as it gives you the precision and you can apply the colour perfectly. Try to line the border first and then fill the lips.

red lipsticks for dusky skin

Use a Lipliner Later

Applying the lip liner after applying the lipstick is a good idea in this case. The lip liner prevents any feathering of the colour and also gives the lips a defined shape. Dark lipstick often makes your lips appear thinner. So you can make the lips look fuller and bigger using the lip liner. Try to use a liner that matches your lipstick colour completely. This will blend the two products and give the right finish.

Blot and Reapply

To avoid fading and make the lipstick last long, blot the lipstick after the first application. Set the product with a translucent setting powder and then apply a second layer. This will make the application even and it will definitely stay on for long.

Avoid Glosses

A gloss can make the lipstick patchy and the bold shade may end up moving out of the lip line. It is better to go for a matte finish. If you want to apply a gloss, go for one with a thin consistency that adds shine when applied minimally. Also, instead of applying it all over the lips, apply it only at the centre of the lips.

Conceal and Brighten Up the Skin

Dark shades, especially the dark red ones, highlight the blemishes, red and dark spots on the face. To avoid that, conceal all the patches and spots well. Conceal the under eye area and the area around the lips. Apply foundation evenly and set the makeup with a powder.

Keep Rest of the Makeup Minimal

If you are going for a vampy shade, do not opt for black smokey eyes. It is better to keep the rest of makeup soft and minimal. Let your lips do all the talking.

Add Some Bronzer and Highlighter

Dark lipsticks can make your face look dull and lifeless. Add some highlighter and bronzer to make the face glow. You can also opt for soft coral and pink blushes to make the makeup look healthy and right.

Try Various Application Techniques

If you are not confident with dark lipsticks yet try various application techniques to get used to the shades. You can use a bold gloss over a regular lipstick or tone down a dark lipstick using a lighter gloss. You can also create ombre lips using a dark lipstick with a lighter one. Once you get used to the shades, you can apply it all over the lips.

Here is a bonus tip for you all at the end: You won’t love patches of black or burgundy on the lips, right? Before leaving home, do check the teeth and make sure they are shining white! And do not worry about what others will think about your lip colour. If you are happy with it, wear it with confidence. I am sure, you will look beautiful in it.

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