Today’s Makeup : Feline Smokey Eyes


Hi Everyone, 🙂

I love doing my smokey eyes and I like to keep trying various versions of it. This version is probably one of my longest versions of smokey eye I ever do. I do it on days when i am in a bit of a relaxed mood, and when I have lots of time. Well, since I am here in Paris, I am definitley taking advantage of the time. With this smokey eye, I go with layers and layers of kohl and endless blending. Let’s say I don’t know when to stop when I do this one. But when I stop I always like the end result. And often I am confused how will I recreate this. It’s like how you do a free hand drawing without any rules and you go in your own zone. Still I have listed a few steps for you all. Give it a try. It’s an easier one but a very moody one. Either you’d love doing it or you’d lose the patience midway and remove all of it. 😀 Either way, I hope you like it and give this a try. 🙂 Do share your makeup pictures in Madam Gupshup as always. 🙂

Face : I wanted a bit of coverage on my skin but still want that luminosity. So I applied concealer first under my eyes. Then I applied Bobbi Brown Stick foundation on the rest of the face. Blended concealer and foundation seamlessly. Then I applied one thin layer of Laura Mercier Candlelight foundation. It’s a little thin watery foundation so it adds another layer of foundation without really the heaviness of foundation. You could use MAC Face and Body foundation as well for all such purposes. 🙂

Eyes : For eyes it was just one single kohl pencil – Sugar Stoke of a Genius. I am obsessed with this pencil. It’s my third one and I am already halfway through it. I applied the kohl pencil the way you’d use the eyeliner. I smudged it with a pencil brush and a bit of brown eyeshadow. Then I repeated the same step for 3-4 times unless I got all that smokiness. A good tip I could give you is to apply your kohl pencil on lash line every time. This will keep the intensity of kohl would just be on the lashes and you’d get that smokiness on your lids with blending. To add a bit more dimension, I used a shimmery copper shadow just a little on the lower lash line. It’s like there but not there. What this shimmery shadow would do is that it would add another dimension to your regular smokey eye. It adds a little more fun that ways! 🙂 Finish off with kohl on waterline and lots of mascara / lashes .

Lips : I used 3-4 layers my lipstick using this technique. I think it’s all about how you apply your makeup and you can achieve so much even if you don’t have the exact products that you want to use. 🙂




Products Used :
Face :

Bobbi Brown Stick foundation
Laura Mercier Candlelight Foundation
Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector
Cover FX Concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Blush Love Glow
NARS Talia Bronzer

Eyes :
Sugar Cosmetics Stroke of a Genius Kohl
Ardell Lashes
Sugar Cosmetics Mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Palette Golden Goddess

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Natural Rose


16 thoughts on “Today’s Makeup : Feline Smokey Eyes

  1. Wooowww…so gorgeous…and soo flawless…if you have time please do a video tutorial of how to do this, it would be really helpful…I really wanna try this…I luv the lipstick…Can you suggest a dupe for it?
    Also, have a great time in Paris 🙂

  2. I love your smokey eyes look more because mine never looks perfect. 😀 I have noticed on Insta that you’re looking more glowy and radiant these days…so much more beautiful. :-*

    1. shikha it’s the clean air. Delhi has no air literally.. we breathe our Air conditioners or the crazy pollution we have.. 🙁 So … Thank you 🙂

  3. You are looking absolutely flawless! Stunning!! You made me get off my lazy ass and do a smokey eye after ages! My only problem – no patience!! It came out ok – nowhere close to this…but still… will share with you on Insta..

  4. You look soooooo fresh in this makeup.. although it is winter there, you make it look like a bright sunny day with your refreshing makeup 🙂 Totally loved how subtle and chic it looks 🙂

  5. This is such a fresh natural yet hot makeup look. You look really beautiful. Totally loved this stunning makeup..:) 🙂

  6. Aww very youthful and glowing look. Totally loved smoky look on you like always <3 I have no luck with nude base makeup but you totally nailed it.. Had to say I kept scrolling your pic up and down can't get enough of it say touchwood 🙂

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