Tom Ford Lip Brush (21) Review

Tom Ford Lip Brush (21) Review

Tom Ford Lip brush Review

Claim : Tom Ford’s brush collection is designed to bring ease and luxury to the process of creating your look—they make expert makeup application completely effortless.

Apply Lip Color with ease and absolute precision. Developed with synthetic hair, this brush allows you to expertly modify or enhance the shape of the mouth for a smooth, finished look. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

Price : USD 46 / Rs 2,700 approx

My Experience with Tom Ford Lip Brush :

I am someone who totally cannot use lip pencils. At the moment I probably have only 2 lip pencils that also get to see the light of the day only once in a while. So I rely heavily on lip brushes …not to apply the lipstick but to get the edges right. Also, if you apply lipstick with a lip brush your lipstick would stay longer. But I am lazy. I rely on pat-apply-pat-reapply your lipstick technique to make my lipsticks go on for hours and hours. 😀 The downside of using a lip brush is that you always have to spot clean it. Well, I am okay with it. I always have my brush cleanser handy.

Coming to the Tom Ford Lip Brush.

It is a flat shaped square synthetic bristles brush. The brush looks gorgeous with its gold and brown colors. I have never used a brush of this shape so this was new to me. It turned out to be CRAZY GOOD. The flat shape of the brush helps give that sharpest edge you could get. It reaches the very corner of the lips. It is easy to clean because of its synthetic fibres. The brush is soft. Also, the width of the brush is not too small or too big… it is just perfect for lipstick application. You can also use it to re-shape your lips with a lipstick. It is quite a sturdy brush but has enough bend that would keep your lipstick application easy and comfortable.

It’s perfect.You can get precision like no other. I use it all the time.

Tom Ford products are not available in india yet.

Now, all the Tom Ford fanatics might want to kill me for writing this but here’s a thing. You can go to a craft store and buy a same shape art brush for less than Rs 100. It would work absolutely great. I said it. Kill me now. Thank me later. 😛

Not a must have at all. 😛

Rating : 3/5

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10 thoughts on “Tom Ford Lip Brush (21) Review

  1. Hey rati…superb review…n dat art brush thing… *happy dance* loved it…cn not buy tom ford , bt vl definitly try this thing out

  2. Rati… U do write such honest reviews… Though this one looks good… I agree regarding the price factor….. Btw…. Which brush cleaner do u use???

  3. hahaha rati.. you have a great sense of humour..and so honest you are 😀 i will rather buy something similar from a craft store as you suggested *hihi*

  4. Hahahahahaha rofl you are so cute Rati rofl but seriously, you are the most unique blogger I have ever come across 🙂 if it was someone else in your place, they would have probably recommended buying this brush rofl but you gave such an awesome idea 😀 love you for your simplicity *puchhi*

  5. hahahaha look at the conclusion *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* “Not a must have at all” rofl rofl rofl It looks sooo soft but somehow i never find myself patient enough to use a lip brush *hihi*

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