Tom Ford Makeup Remover Review, Demo

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Claims : Tom Ford makeup remover features a gentle, two-phase, lightweight formula that quickly and gently removes makeup from your eyes, lips and face. It effectively lifts all traces of makeup without tugging or leaving behind any oily residue.

Price :USD 37 / Rs 2,900 for 150 ml bottle |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|

My Experience with Tom Ford Makeup Remover 

I absolutely love Tom Ford’s skin and makeup range. This time I decided to give their makeup remover a go. It’s actually and oil and water based makeup remover but the one that you can use for both face and eyes.

It comes in a clear bottle. The makeup itself is clear oil on clear water. You have to shake the product to use it. It is a very effective makeup remover. A little goes a long way. It removes every single trace of makeup without much effort and without much product. If I have full face makeup, I mostly need 3 swabs to get rid of every last trace of face and eye makeup. I have used it all waterproof and stubborn makeup products but it has not even once failed me.

I personally associate these kind of makeup removers with just eye makeup removers. So initially I was a bit vary of using it on the face. But it worked just fine. Didn’t clog the pores, leaves skin fresh and clean. Did not break me out.

The feel of the product is not as watery and light as the Bioderma Makeup Cleanser.You do feel that something oily has gone on your face. I think that is fine because the oil does help break the toughest of makeup.

It leaves skin soft and supple.It does not leave any heavy oily residue behind. I do feel the need to wash my face with warm water after I use this. Because even though it does not leave skin oily but there is this light oily film that I feel the need to get rid of.

Does not have any weird scent to it. Very gentle on both skin and eyes. Does not sting.

Comes in a basic but classic bottle. The opening of the bottle has 3 holes that controls the amount of product coming from it.

Sadly I could not find the ingredient list online anywhere, which I would have loved to know.

Overall, an effective makeup remover but I might not repurchase it. I think It’s quite expensive for a makeup remover and you can find much cheaper makeup removers in other luxury brands as well. Although I haven’t come across these oil + water based makeup removers that work both for eyes and face. This one does so it could be an investment as well considering you are paying for a 2 in 1 product. Still.. I am not too convinced about the hefty price tag for a makeup remover.

Overall a good one but not worth the heavy price tag. Love it but wouldn’t repurchase it. It’s that one time luxury buys for me. 🙂 |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|

tom ford makeup remover review

tom ford makeup remover review

Demo : tom ford makeup remover review

And this is one all with one swab. I did not have to use more makeup remover to clean the last traces of makeup. The products swatched on my hand are a cream contour , a long lasting lipstick, long lasting waterproof eyeliner and highlighters.

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  1. wow this is a really effective one…because most of the time we end up using more than 2 swabs to get it all clean…great product

  2. Now this is what i call pure luxury! I also want to grow up to be rich like you 😛
    Looks wow. Is the packaging sturdy enough though?

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