Tony Moly Lip Tint Review

Tony Moly Lip Tint Review

Hi Everyone,

I am back after a makeup blogging hiatus of sorts – I was crazy busy travelling for work and with work in general. The only good thing that came out of all of it was a trip to LA and Disneyland 🙂 But anyhow, I am back now with a small and sweet review about a small and sweet product – the “Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint.” I picked this up a couple of months ago when I was in Singapore from the Tony Moly showroom. This is how small and cute it is:

Tony Moly Lip Tint Review


4 or 5 SGD.


There is something written in a different language on the bottle, but you can decide for yourself.

The first reason I picked this up, as you all might have guessed by now, is the sheer cuteness of the bottle and its size, which is very travel friendly and cute.

Ton Moly

Texture:  It’s a runny liquid tint, pretty similar to the TBS lip tints.

Color:  Blood red in the jar, but soft pink once blended.

Applicator: A doe-shaped applicator, like lip glosses.


My Experience with Tony Moly Lip Tint:

I am currently off lipsticks and glosses because I am finding it insanely hot in Delhi to wear anything sticky on my lips. So, I suddenly discovered this lip color in my purse the other day and was super happy. I have been using the TBS Lip Tint for some time now and found that awesome!

This Tony Moly Lip Tint is a perfect example of good things that come in small packages! I love it especially because it is completely odorless.

It gives a beautiful soft pink flush to the cheeks and lips once blended out which looks very natural and perfect for the hot months in Delhi. It’s very light, like most lip tints.  The best part about this is its staying power. I apply it early in the morning while leaving for work and it stays put all day long.  Yes, even after I have had my meals, there is a faint pink tint left on my lips which looks very natural. However, the staying power on the cheeks is not that great, maybe because I have oily skin. The picture below shows the leftover tint, I applied this early in the morning, around 8 and the swatch you see in the picture below is what’s left of it at 4P M. Pretty decent, right?

The swatch on the right side is an unblended swatch while the faint pink tint on the left is what was left at 4 PM.

Swatch 1

The swatch on the right side is once the tint has beenThe right side swatch is once its blended out

Swatch 1

Note: I am not putting up a lip swatch because my lips are horribly chapped and peeling right now, it happens with the start of monsoons!

To sum it up:

Pros of Tony Moly Lip Tint:

  • Fresh natural pink tint once blended.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Fantastic staying power, I find it difficult to get rid of the tint off my lips at the end of the day.
  • Insanely cute bottle.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of Tony Moly Lip Tint:

  • No ingredient list mentioned on the bottle.
  • Since the tint is so difficult to get rid off and I can’t get the ingredients list, I wonder what its made of and if its safe to use everyday.
  • Non-availability in India.

Overall Verdict:

Love it and totally recommend this tint.

Hope you like the post,

Love and hugs.  So happy to be back!

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24 thoughts on “Tony Moly Lip Tint Review

    1. Hehe, their showroom was actually very colorful with nailpaints of all colors imaginable! And very cheap too, the nailpaints were about 4 SGD!

  1. Haha.It sounds so cute. 🙂 Looks like the Elle 18 nail pops 😛
    I loved the tinge so much. <3 Natury flushed pink as u hv mentioned. 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out, I was thinking I have seen a bottle like this somewhere before! The tinge is beautiful and the best part is it stays forever and ever!

    1. Dolon the reason for me picking this up largely goes to the cute bottle ;P We are so mad isnt it…we pick up things just coz the bottle looks cute ;P

  2. OMGGGGG!!!! please send it across. i want it. 😛 😛 It’s soo cute. reminds me of benetint. I can imagine how gorgeous it would make as a blush. :))

    1. Haha, yeah that was my reaction when I saw it at the store as well – I.WANT.THIS.RIGHT.NOW 🙂
      It gives a similar effect as Benetint…it is gorgeous as a blush but doesn’t stay very long, maybe coz my skin is oily

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