How To Treat Neck Wrinkles

How To Treat Neck Wrinkles

Aging is an inevitable process. No matter what you do and how much you strive, your age shows itself through the numerous fine lines and wrinkles that appear on your skin. Just like you get wrinkle on the face, you get wrinkles on the neck too. These wrinkles look equally bad and herald the aging process all the same! Wondering how to treat neck wrinkles? Here is another of my research articles on the said topic. Read on to know some of the most well-known treatment options that you have.

How to treat neck wrinkles: treatment options

neck wrinkles treatment
• Cosmetic surgery- Neck lift helps in improving the condition of wrinkled neck. Depending upon your needs, you may even have to go for a lower facelift. You should get it done by a reputed plastic surgeon. Generally, this surgery is done under a general anesthesia. You may also go for a neck liposuction along with neck lift in case you want to do away with any fat in the neck region or below the chin. This is an option for you if you are not afraid of going under the knife and you want fast results.

• Topical applications- Various neck treatment serums and creams containing ingredients like Shea butter, Matrixyl, Sesaflash and such other active components are available and you may go for these topical application. They can be effective to some extent if the wrinkles are in the initial stage and the process of aging hasn’t gained much intensity. These creams and serums provide the desired moisture level to your skin to plump up the skin and cure the wrinkles.

• Facial exercises- A variety of facial exercises, precisely facelift exercises, are there that will come to your rescue if you can practice the right exercise in the right way. Take the opinion of an expert before you go for these exercises. Mostly, they don’t have a side effect and help you combat the problem of neck-wrinkles in an efficient way.

• Other treatments- Various other treatments are also available for treating neck wrinkles. For instance, if you want drastically fast and effective results, you may go for hyaluronic acid treatment or botox treatment. If the wrinkles on your neck make the skin sag, Mesolift can be a treatment for you. Radiofrequency treatments and laser treatments are also known to work wonders for neck wrinkles.
Each of these treatments has its own pros and cons. Do your research, ask your physician and consider the side-effects before you decide on any of these treatments.

How to treat neck wrinkles- Home remedies

neck home remedies
Home remedies for neck wrinkles are effective when you start quite early, even before the wrinkles start appearing or when you combine them with other treatments like Topical applications and Facial exercises.

Check out the following easy home remedies to treat wrinkles on the neck-
• Mix sea salt with turmeric and lemon juice. Use this mixture as a scrub to exfoliate your neck.
• Mix coffee and some drops of lemon juice with yoghurt made of whole milk. This caffeine mask is known to give you firm and beautiful neck as it has anti-aging properties that help to prevent and treat neck wrinkles.
• Apply a mixture of Shea butter and vitamin C regularly to reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines on neck.
• Mix fresh cream with tomato juice and cucumber juice. Apply it to get rejuvenated skin and to delay the appearance of neck wrinkles.
• Mix smashed banana, a spoon of honey and two spoons of yoghurt. Apply this anti-aging mask to get tight skin on the neck region.

How to treat neck wrinkles- Tips

neck massage
Delay and treat the appearance of wrinkles on your neck with the following tips-
• Apply night creams and anti-aging creams not only on face but also on neck.
• Do not forget to apply sunscreen on neck before going out in the sun.
• Avoid pulling or dragging your neck skin.
• Take food items rich in anti-oxidants. Also include vitamin supplements if required.
• Apply citric acid compresses on your neck once in a while. Soak a cloth in lemon juice or lime juice and place it on the neck for about 20 minutes.
• Massage your neck with olive oil regularly.
• Do not forget to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize your skin in the neck area.

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  1. My neck lines are much smaller and less deep since I started using the Made From Earth Olive Night Creme at night. My forehead lines have almost completely vanished and my chest skin looks tight and soft. I can’t believe it! In just two weeks from using the Made from Earth Olive! I put this on at night so I wasn’t paying attention but I wish I’d taken a before and after!

    The cream smells really nice, very mild scent and not perfumey, and it spreads well and absorbs well into my skin. I don’t feel oily or sticky at all.

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