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As promised by me, Now that we are done with the types of necklaces, let’s get to know how to wear them and where to wear them. So here I go.

Boatneck or the Batue

These particularly accentuate and enhance the shoulders and collarbones. A very few types of necklaces can be worn with the boatneck typed tops and dresses. Do not wear shorter necklaces with them strictly. The length of the necklace should always be more than 20 inches, to balance the whole look. Opt for a lighter necklace; chunky pieces look average whereas the statement necklaces look great with boatnecks. Undoubtedly accessorizing the boatneck can be dicey!

I prefer wearing short delicate and simple strands with boat necks.

scoop neckScoop neck

Scoop necks are the most appropriate and versatile ones for trying out necklaces. You can wear chokers, collars or even the ropes with the scoop neck. Do not wear necklaces which tend to hit the neckline or the one with a dangling and swaying pendants. Pearl necklaces look great with scoop necks and the chunky statement necklaces compliment the scoop necks too. Fine chains also look great with scoop necks.


The V neck is one more versatile and one of the toughest necklines to accessorize. With the V neck you always have to remember you have to concentrate on the “V” and more than the “V” it’s the point of the “V”. You gotta follow the “V”, to accessorize it.

The Choker is a obvious NO for the V necks whereas the 14 and 16 inched necklaces fall short for this neckline. The 18 to 20 inched necklaces appropriately with a pendant is the perfect match for this neckline since the pendant will supposedly sway at the V of the shirt. If you have delicate V necked top go with the sync of the top. No doubt the heavier tops can take the chunky necklaces.

button down shirtButton down Shirt

Shirts can be worn in both ways, the iron creased formal way or the rugged and easy casual way. Hence accessorizing the shirt can be done both the casual way and the formal way.

Pull down a string of pearls with the shirt. Keep the length around 14 to 16 inches. You can even wear a 24 to 36 inched necklace over the shirt. The shorter necklaces get lost with the buttons, if you wear them keep the shirt unbuttoned for the initial buttons. Chokers and collars can be fine.

If you want to play safe….get a chain with a pendant or two dangling. 🙂

halter neckThe Halter

Ahhh..this is the most impossible and toughest neckline to be accessorized and jeweled. I prefer skipping the necklace with halters. Necklaces often mess up the halter necklines.

Or if you really wanna accessorize the halter neckline, opt for more than one necklaces and chains.

low backLow Back

Go bold and confident with low backs. The low back neckline is quite in trend these days. Have a necklace dangling from the front to the back. A simple pendant swaying at the back, a loop tied or a long long thick chain at the back, all are your game.

polo neckPolo Neck

The Polo neck, I personally don’t like this neckline. I feel its suffocating I don’t know why, I feel they don’t let you express for some reasons. But accessorizing it can be fun, provided you do it rightly. Have one single, bold chunky necklace for this neckline. Or you could also wear a long necklace with the dangling pendant at the back.

round neckRound Neck

It’s the easiest one to accessorize. Wear a necklace which apes the neckline for a daytime chic look. For the evening look, wear a long strand of beads with contrasting colors.

square neckSquare Neck

The square neckline attracts the eyes straight to the neck. No angular necklaces for this neckline. Chokers look great with square necks. A multi stranded choker is recommended by me. 🙂 Or a simple pearl necklace is always the savior.


Just like the scoop neck, the strapless flaunts a lot of skin hence you have to choose the necklace with a lot of heed. Need I say what you need to pick for these, I mean you can try any length of necklaces with it..The shorter ones look better though. Chokers or princess, you can play all. Pearls, glass beads, gold straplessand metal anything will suit this neckline. A drop necklace is the best option though. A back dangle gives a touch of elegance and style to the whole look. Multi stranded chokers and necklaces compliment the best strapless dresses. But remember, the shorter the better.


Like the polo neck, long stranded necklaces look great with turtle necks. Pendants with long chains are great picks.

Some quick tips
• The higher neckline the lower necklaces
• Plain clothes must be accessorized with bright necklaces.
• Lower necklines are to be accessorized with higher necklaces.
• Ladies with a fuller bust line must wear chunkier necklaces to take off the attention from the bust whereas ladies with a modest bust line can wear layered necklaces and chains.
• Always have a pearl necklace handy for all occasions, like I mentioned before it’s the savior.

Well, I have tried and wrapped up all I could in this article. So go ahead and flaunt your necklines with the right necklaces.!

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