How to Unclog, Clean and Shrink Pores on the Nose

Having a clean nose (without blackheads and whiteheads) is a dream for most women as we all hate dirty nose pores filled with yuckiness. Most often women prefer clean-up session at the salon to clean the pores on the nose. However, it some how manages to arrive real soon. Today, we are going to share full proof tips to unclog, clean and shrink the pores on nose!!

nose blackheads

What are Nose Pores:

Nose pores are the openings to the hair follicles on your skin. These follicles are attached to sebaceous glands. These glands produce a natural oil called sebum which keeps your skin moisturised. People with oily skin have larger pores than the rest. Enlarged pores are also genetic, example- If your mom/dad has it, chances are you’ll have them too congratulations!

1. Cleanse with Right Product:

Cleansing is a very important step in your beauty routine. It is advised to cleanse with a gentle cleanser twice a day. You can either use a gel or cream based cleanser. Always use products according to your skin type. Cleansing twice daily will remove left over makeup, dirt and excessive oil which are the leading causes of clogged pores.

2. Don’t Skip Your Moisturizer:

Your skin may look oily and thinking that you don’t need a moisturiser is the worst thought! It may worsen the condition and your skin may end up with more oil and clogged pores. Even oily skin needs a moisturiser. Use a water/gel based moisturiser formulated for oily skin and also look for the word ‘non-comedogenic’ on the label which means it won’t clog pores.

3. Don’t Sleep with Your Makeup:

Too tired to remove makeup? Keep makeup remover wipes next to your bed drawer so that this way you’ll never skip this step. Ideally, you should remove makeup before washing your face to make sure the cleanser can work on your nose pores more effectively.

4. Nose Strip:

Remove blockages with the help of a nose pore strip. Squeezing pores to clear them or release pus can further irritate skin or leave a nail scar on the skin and also that is a painful process. Try pore strips to your nose, and follow the directions. After the indicated time, remove the strip gently holding your skin tight. Surprisingly, it works and you can see it on the strip.

5. Charcoal Mask:

Charcoals help in removing the dirt from the pores and deeply cleanses the skin. These masks also control the oil in your skin, making it perfect for oily skin or skin prone to blackheads. Activated charcoal draws toxins, dirt, oil and bacteria out from the skin. Invest in a good charcoal mask and follow the instructions. As charcoal masks are extremely sticky, I would advise to apply it only to the nose and rest of the face is too sensitive.

6. Deep Cleanse with a Clay Mask:

Clay masks are designed to pull out plugs from your pores and can also help give the appearance of smaller pores. For best results, use two to three times per week. If you have dry skin, use the mask only on the nose as clay mask dries the skin.

7. Lemon:

Apply fresh lemon juice as citric acid of the lemon will exfoliate and flush out clogs. You can either use squeezed lemon juice or rub raw lemon wedge directly on to the pores of your nose. Wait for 1 to 5 minutes, as lemons are acidic in nature and it is natural to sting on the skin. But if your skin is too sensitive, wash it off. Try using lemon at least 2-3 times a week for best results.

8. Cleanse with Steam:

Steam is an another way to cleanse your pores deeply and thoroughly. This method have been used since ages and I’ve personally tried and tested! Start with cleansing your face with a mild cleanser, and rinse well. Boil water in a pot and keep aside. Now lay your face on the pot and cover your head with a towel. Steam your face for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry your face and apply a pore cleaning strip, as your pores are open and it will help the strip to work more effectively.

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