Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Lotion Review

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Lotion

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Before IMBB came into my life, body lotions for me were all about Nivea and Dove. Or once in a while when dad used to go on business trips I would ask him to bring TBS gift packs. That’s it! It is here on IMBB I learnt that body lotions are not just the necessity for your skin but also an indulgence. And what better way to indulge in the fresh and feminine fragrance than VS. I totally love VS body lotions because they are light, smell absolutely delicious and the beautiful girly tubes are very travel-friendly! You can carry them around in your bag everywhere.


I have already reviewed the body mist from the bombshell range and now its time for the body lotion. FYI the bombshell range has been rated as their #1 fragrance on the VS website. Inspite of being rated #1 it has very mixed reviews.

Price: $13.29 for 100ml

Which girl doesn’t drool over a pink beauty stuff? Certainly not me! A lot of times I buy products just by their packaging and this was no exception. The lotion comes in a 100ml pink tube, with candy pink flip top cap. And that silver VS logo in the middle gives it a luxe feel. I anyday prefer flip top caps over pump bottles and tubs. They are easy to carry around, creates no mess and look kind of classy when you pop them out of your bag before your colleagues.


My Take on Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Lotion  :

Let me begin by telling you that I hate heavy lotions. I don’t require much hydration, not even in winters. Nivea and Dove lotions have worked well for me always. This one when I opened the tube seemed thick in consistency but on application, it came out really lightweight. So it’s a winner for you if you don’t need heavy duty moisturizers. My skin absorbs the lotion in few seconds leaving behind a soft and feathery feel. But I doubt it’ll be of any help to dry skinned beauties. They may find it good enough for summers but definitely not in winters! Though there are no shimmers in the lotion but I still feel it leaves behind a healthy luminosity.



Now my favourite part about this body lotion- its fragrance! VS describes it as a blend of passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. I’m not quite sure about the latter two but the passion fruit fragrance stands out. I looove the tanginess of the passion fruit and this lotion does impart its essence. It is fresh, feminine and very subtle. a must-have for hot humid summers. The lasting power is good 1-2 hours considering it’s a body lotion. But if you’re using the whole range including shower gel, lotion and mist, the effect does increase.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Lotion

• Lightweight body lotion, a perfect companion for summers
• Tangy and fresh fragrance
• Good lasting power for a body lotion
• Travel friendly tube
• Cute packaging


Cons of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Lotion

• Not suitable for dry skin, it’ll be too light for them!
• Expensive for 100ml
• Availability is an issue! It can either be found in exclusive VS stores or online.

Do I recommend Victorias Secret Bombshell Body Lotion?

If you prefer subtle and fresh fragrances then it’s the thing for you. But avoid it during fall, may be you can try it next summers.

WIill I buy Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Lotion again?

Though I love it totally but I might not buy it again and that’s just because I like trying out new stuff every time. I love it’s fragrance and that can be replaced by the bombshell body mist.

IMBB rating: 5/5 for me.

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