Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist Review

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Victoria’s Secret recently launched their new mists and I couldn’t resist picking them up! I got a few mists from this range since I am really crazy after them and I love adding different scents to my collection 😛 So, here’s the review of the mist which is called “Exotic.”
Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist

$18 for 250 ml/Rs. 1200 (I got it at an offer of 5 for 200 Dirhams which is equal to Rs 740 per bottle).

Product Description by Victoria’s Secret:
New look, better-than-ever formula—this sheer mist is made to mix, blend and play for a custom scent, with iris and warm sea salt.
Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist

Fragrance type: Warm
Style: Velvety and enticing
Notes: Iris and warm sea salt.

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist:

Packaging: The new Victoria’s Secret mist looks a lot different than the usual signature style ones. This one comes in a fat round bottle in hot pink packaging with an ombre effect. It has a gold round cap which Victoria’s secret engraved over it. The bottle is loaded with the mist and I think the quantity is great for the price because just a little gets used for each time. It is a little heavy but handy as well. I wouldn’t mind carrying it around. The nozzle works very well too, so as far as the packaging is concerned, they nailed it! I haven’t seen more gorgeous bottles than the VS ones and that’s why I am big fan!

Fragrance:  The scent “Exotic” just transfers me to the beaches with sand, sea, and sunset. The fragrance is very crisp and refreshing. I feel refreshed the moment I spritz this on. It has a sweet hint to the scent because all the VS mists have a sweet touch to make it feminine. It smells floral with a hint of musk at the same time. I love the addition of musk to the scent, which makes it a warm fragrance.
Exotic fragrance

This makes me feel very energetic and lifts up my confidence. I feel like a diva with this scent! The scent signifies a woman who is brave, powerful, strong and carefree. It smells very much of iris but the addition of sea salt makes it a very unique scent which cannot be duplicated at all.
Open fragrance mist

Staying Power: The staying power of this mist is pretty average. It stays for somewhere around 3 hours and then it has to be applied again, but I think it might stay for around 4-5 hours by using other products from the same range together because that is usually the case with VS mists. But I really wish they stayed a little longer because these have been priced a little higher for a mist. But again, these mists are from Victoria’s Secret, people 😛 I don’t really mind using these mists, but some of you might not like the low staying power, but they do smell faintly for long, so that’s okay for me.
Spray botle

Overall, this fragrance is a steal when you get it at an offer price, and the best thing is that they do have some great offers running currently 🙂
Nozzle spray

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist:

  • Super gorgeous packaging, made of plastic, so does not break.
  • A warm scent, smells of sea salt and iris along with a musky base, making this an exotic scent.
  • Would make you feel very powerful and strong, s*xy and carefree.
  • Seductive scent.
  • A delicious blend of fruity and floral notes.
  • Revives my senses and gets me in a fun and energetic mood.
  • When layered with products from the same range, the fragrance would stay on for 4-5 hours.
  • Great scent for all year round.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist:

  • You need to spritz it on every 3 hours.
  • Limited availability in India.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Victoria’s Secret Exotic Fragrance Mist?
Yeah, I highly recommend this scent as it is the most unique one that I have ever tried. It sells super fresh and these new ones, you should try for sure.

IMBB Rating:

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  1. I cannot tell you how delicious it is to just see vS body mists <3 Good review Saloni and girl I am waiting for your other three reviews on VS 🙂

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