Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream Review

Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

Hello IMBBians,

Snow, Snow and Snow everywhere near me,  I have already started hating it. The winter is making my hair skin very  dry. The solution  for getting out of this mood, is Shopping 😀 :D. I did quite a lot of shopping two weeks back, and bought all the new stuff which caught my eye ;). After studying so hard for my midterms,  I needed a break. So today I am reviewing my first Victoria’s Secret product which I bought recently, a hand and body cream. Well I got it in an offer, so didn’t have any second thought and bought this tube.



I got it for 10$ for an offer price. I checked the price online and found that it is  sold on  amazon for 29$, whoa that’s expensive!

Product Description:

Delight in Lemon Escape, a deliciously bright blend of lemon sugar and coconut. This intensive hand and body cream from VS Fantasies collection is fortified with replenishing avocado and sweet almond oils, plus hydrating honey. Massage on for rich, 24-hour moisture, focusing on dry, rough areas. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable.

Tube says:

Lemon Escape Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream 200 ml/6.7 oz,Fragrance type: Citrus, Notes: Lemon sugar and coconut.

Packaging and Size of the tube:

It comes in a huge tube in a lemon color, symbolically showing that its a citrus-based product.


My Experience with the Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream:

I love to pamper my skin with lotions which have an amazing fragrance. I somehow feel fresh if my skin smells good, so I bought this citrus body cream. Well it is not a lotion, but a cream and you just need a small amount for your hands. It says that the fragrance and smoothness will last for a very long time and it really stood by its claims. I just loved the fragrance from the moment I tested it on my skin in the store. It made my skin sooper soft and silky :D. The fragrance on my skin stayed for a very long time, and the effect of cream too stayed for a much longer time than I expected. Hurray for the great deal I got on this tube!!! The description says that it is made of lemon and coconut, but I didn’t feel any coconut in it,  I think the lemon fragrance might have dominated the coconut smell. What ever it is, but I am in love with this body cream!!! This is for the people who have a very dry skin and love to pamper themselves with lemon/citrus fragrance creams. It really is worth the money, one tube can be used for almost one to two months,even when applied generously daily.


Pros of Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream:

  • I love the color of the package.
  • Big tube for Big Money 😀
  • Gives the skin instant smoothness and it lasts for a very long time.
  • It’s not a lotion, a cream, so just a small amount will enough for the hands.
  • A must-have for winters.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream:

  • Not travel-friendly
  • Very heavy and bulky tube.
  • A bit costly when bought online, I suggest you buy it in the stores if there is any offer.

Would I recommend Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream?

Yes, may be for this price on offer it is great, but I am might try some other products from the Victoria’s secret.

IMBB Rating:

5/5 (This is my current fav product).

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  1. Wow Sravani …5/5…. Vs products r so good… And a citrus fragrance…. I love that…. Pls pick up some more of the bargains and send to me too…. Wanting to try this out so much

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