Victoria’s Secret Luminous Touch Luxurious Body Cream Review

Victoria’s Secret Luminous Touch Luxurious Body Cream Review


Product Description:

Go glam in Luminous Touch, a sparkling blend of white peach and sandalwood. This nourishing body cream from the VS Fantasies Radiance Collection is infused with illuminating diamond dust and moisturizing shea butter. Massage on for rich moisture and the perfect glow. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable. Live out your beauty fantasy in our most popular scented body care, exclusively at Victoria’s Secret.


White peach and sandalwood Package Include Victoria Secret Luminous Body Cream with Diamond Dust Radiance Collection.


12 USD for 200 ml.

My Take on Victoria’s Secret Luminous Touch Luxurious Body Cream:

Victoria's Secret Diamond Dust 1

This is my first Victoria’s Secret body care product. Because of its packaging (it is packed in a tube), one would expect it to be a lotion, but it is actually a cream. I generally prefer creams to lotions, especially during the drier months of the year, because I have extremely dry skin. Although this is a cream, it is not thick in consistency nor is it greasy. It is very easy to apply. It is not runny, but the density of the product is not too much. I find it to be adequately moisturising on my skin. I usually layer it on and I don’t experience any stickiness a minute or two after applying it. It is also very light pink in colour.

It has a fairly strong fruity fragrance. I think the fragrance is a blend of the white peach and sandalwood that the cream contains.  I am not a huge fan of the fragrance, but some of you might like it. It is not unpleasant or anything. It’s just that I don’t like it.

Victoria's Secret Diamond Dust 2

This is also supposed to be a “luminous” body cream, but I will tell you right away that the shimmer or the diamond dust in this cream is very, very sparse. The shimmer does not show up as such and it certainly does not reflect light (like some other illuminating body lotions and creams). So, don’t expect it to add any kind of glow or radiance to your skin. It certainly won’t do that.

Apart from that, this cream contains parabens and several other chemicals. That is one of the primary reasons because of which I don’t use it too often.

Because this cream is no light-reflector nor is it one of the best or most moisturising creams that I have used, I am not going to re-purchase it. I don’t really recommend it. However, now that I have this tube, I’m probably going to use it or give it away, but no more after this!

Victoria's Secret Diamond Dust 3

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Luminous Touch Luxurious Body Cream:

  • Adequately moisturising. It is not a thick or dense cream and it does not feel greasy or sticky on the skin.
  • It has a fairly intense fruity sort of fragrance (I don’t like the fragrance personally, but it might appeal to some).
  • The packaging is convenient to use and looks nice.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Luminous Touch Luxurious Body Cream:

  • It contains way too many chemicals, including parabens.
  • It is not at all light-reflecting and does not make the skin look radiant. The “diamond dust” and the claims to luminosity are redundant.
  • Really, there are way too many better creams out there. There is nothing special about this product.

Verdict on Victoria’s Secret Luminous Touch Luxurious Body Cream:

This product is not exactly terrible. It is quite okay as a moisturising cream, but I don’t like the fragrance and it contains way too many chemicals. It is not illuminating and doesn’t do anything to “light up” the skin. I wouldn’t buy this again. There are lots of good stuff out there in the market.

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  1. It has such an appealing name and has luxurious feel to it. But sad that it doesnt do anything good to the skin.. I would stick to VS’s Body mists.. 🙂

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