VOV Professional Trio Blusher in 01 Review

VOV Professional Trio Blusher in 01 Review

I have been out of action for long, so I hope all you ladies are doing fine and I also hope that you people missed me here on IMBB *kisses*.

I hesitantly confess here that I’m not much of a blush person. I have a very small blush collection and I’m quiet satisfied with it. I know satisfaction is one word you never hear a girl using in regards with makeup and shopping. But the truth is that though I’m satisfied with my pre-owned blushes, I won’t mind getting a MAC blush for myself that would look good on me and for this I blame Rashmi’s recent Top 5 Mac blushes post. Just while writing this post I’m craving for a pretty peach or pink blush.. see this is what IMBB does to me.

So here I review one of the blush trio from my teeny meeny blush collection. It is from VOV, I guess everyone must have heard of the brand. Since I’m not much into blushes I found buying a trio to be more feasible than buying separates.

VOV Professional Trio Blusher in 01 Review

Price: Rs.450

Quantity: 0.95oz/27gms

It is a white rectangle shaped palette with golden lining at the outside and VOV professional printed on top of it. Though, on my palette it has erased since I generally always carry it in my bag. The palette contains 3 pans of 3 different shades and a small brush. The palette has a nice big mirror which comes in quiet handy for touch ups. With VOV cosmetics one big problem is you never know whether you are buying an original product or a fake one, and there are so many fakes of VOV floating in the market. My friend saw my palette and went to buy the same palette and the one she got was of such crappy quality. It felt like colored chalk with flecks of humongous glitters. She then took my palette to the shop to show it to the shopkeeper and get a refund. Also the prices are different at different places since they don’t have a printed price.

VOV Professional Trio Blusher in 01 Review

What I like about VOV Blush Trio:

  • Choice of three shades. I like that I get 3 different shades in one compact. A pink, a peach and an orangish coral type. This is good for traveling since you get 3 blushes in one palette.
  • Huge mirror. The compact has a huge mirror which I like to use for touchups.
  • Awesome quantity. The quantity for the price I get is humongous. I mean 400 bucks for 27gms of product is just too good.
  • Decent staying power. The staying power is quiet decent at 3 hours after which it starts to fade.
  • Goes on forever and forever and forever. I haven’t made much of a dent in them even after using it for 3 yrs and since it is a powder product I will be using it for some more time.
  • Very reasonably priced. Rs.450 for 3 blushes is quiet reasonable for everyone.
  • Build able intensity. The blushes are sheer but the intensity can be built upon. The best thing I like about sheer brushes is that you don’t have to worry about using a light hand or look like a clown. You can adjust the color payoff according to your liking.
  • Not chalky at all. These are not the chalky cheap kind of blushes.

VOV Professional Trio Blusher in 01 Review

What I don’t like about VOV Blush Trio:

  • Messy. They are quiet messy as in when you swipe your brush on the blush the loosely packed particles create a mess inside the palette. So every time I use it I have to wipe my palette with a tissue paper to get rid of it.
  • Useless applicator. The brush that comes with it is useless. Though I think almost every brush that comes with a blush is useless.
  • Product Wastage: Since its loosely packed whenever you swipe your brush a lot of product gets wasted by spreading here and there.
  • I will be disposing this after some time, so a lot of product will get wasted.
  • Sheer: For people who want their blushes to show up in just one swipe won’t like it at all. Since they are sheer you need to swipe 2-3 times though for me and people who are scared to use blush it’s a plus point.
  • Contains talc. So this could be pore clogging or could lead to breakouts though it has suited my extra sensitive skin so I doubt that.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, definitely and this time I will buy the bronze browns palette as well.

I basically don’t like to keep expensive powder products in my bag since I’m quiet careless and my bag just keeps on lying here and there and because of this I have broke some of my blushes.

My rating: :-* :-*:-*

This is not an exceptional blush and I didn’t even expect one at the price I got it. But, I would totally recommend it for people who are hard on cash and newbies, who are experimenting with makeup and want to know which shades suit them and which ones don’t.


30 thoughts on “VOV Professional Trio Blusher in 01 Review

    1. Thnks Aarthi..!!
      Is there any other IMBB reader from chennai.. who can tell Aarthi where she can buy this from..??

  1. Hey Priyanka…I too have a blush from VOV..though not a palette but a single one which is like a huge dome, costed me arnd 150 bucks I think…it is quite nice as you rightly said nice for starters..thats how even I had bght it…to try it out arnd 2-3 years back and I think this one is gng to last me forever

    never seen this palette though, it may not really be available also frm where I usually buy my stuff…the stocks seem to vary with the shops for such brands

    1. Ya they are decent.. i must buy a single now since i know they are not just crap..!! and they last such long long time..!!

      Yups the stock does varies..!!

  2. I have seen all the blush palettes by VOV and as you said that they are excellent for beginners. The best thing I find about them is that they are very pigmented so you cna play with the colours depending on your mood and preference.

    If ever you need to purchase VOV professional products, let me know. Will help you out. 🙂

    Pink shade is very pretty in your palette.

    1. Ya they are quiet pigmented..!! i will definitely consult you if i want some other stuff from VOV..!!!
      Ya the pink is very pretty but the color i have most used from this palette is the peach one..!! im finding a similar pink but completely matte.. this one has shimmers..!!

  3. Hey Priyanka, you are back…I was just about to write a mail and even lodge an FIR to look out for you. As you said, after I had seen your VOV nail polishes, I bought some shades and you know what, it was of very poor quality and I knew instantly that they were duplicate and not what you had shown in your post….so good to have you back……we need some serious ganging up here………. :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake:

    1. hi priyanka
      i guess its time to try it
      where to find it?
      i saw a huge eye shadow pallette here but i felt the colors are chalky
      but donno 😕

      1. Hi..!!!!! In Delhi i know the places where you can find them… but You are not from Delhi..right..??

        Even i dint like the shadows much so bought the blush palette..!!

    2. Haha FIR.. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

      Ya i know someone told me that they got VOV nail paints and it was such pathetic quality and it turned her nails yellow..!!

      :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  4. Nice article Priyanka 🙂 I never knew VOV had fake palettes. I thought everything was original 😉 I like the peach colour the most 🙂

  5. Thnks Appu..!! There are more fakes of VOV than originals floating in the market..!! Almost everything is fake.. you come to Rajouri market and every other cosmetic shop has fake VOV.. and just today i saw fake of MAC Fafi collection and Heatherette collection.. can u imgaine the guy was so confidently telling me they were originals and had priced the lipsticks and glosses at 700..!!

  6. thats great priyanka and thanks for taking my name hahahah its always a pride whenever ur name appears in a post which is not urs and it happened with me for the first time and m alllll happy hahahha

    but u know on serious part i do need to buy a bronzer so i might see the VOV one , it is just that i need to find original .. i hope i will
    and then i will share ur name for attracting me to buy from VOV … lol
    thanks dear..:):):)

  7. Nice review. Where is VOV (original) available in India? Also, where can NYX cosmetics be got from in India, any idea?

    1. Hi,

      I got original VOV directly from Korea. Never buy VOV from India as it is absolutely fake China and Taiwan make. Spoil your skin.

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