VOV Cotton Pads Review

VOV Cotton Pads Review

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Today, I am going to review Beaute VOV Cotton Pads. I have always used sanitized cotton bundle available at pharmacies. Every time, I visited The Body Shop, their organic cotton pads lured me like anything, but I found them expensive as pharmacy cotton bundle cost  only Rs. 40-60.  In the month of February, I decided to purchase them and went to the TBS outlet at Shopper’s Stop in my city, but they were out of stock and hence I ended up buying VOV’s Cotton Pads from a local shop.



Rs. 140/ 100 cotton pads.

Specially designed for:

  • Deep cleansing of the face.
  • Gentle cleansing of the eyes.

Cotton Pads 2

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My Experience with VOV Cotton Pads:

I still wonder what made me wait so long to try these cotton pads for face and eyes. VOV’s 2 in 1 cosmetic cotton pads for face and eyes are square in shape and are made in France. They are manufactured from 100% cotton fibers, are hypo-allergenic and are recyclable.

Cotton Pads 3

They are extra soft and ideal for sensitive skin. They are packed in a plastic bag with draw string opening at the top. I use these pads to apply toner, take off my eye-makeup and remove nail polish.

Cotton Pads 8

I am yet to use these as eye pads. Both the sides of these cotton pads are textured; though the texture of one of the sides is almost negligible on feel. They don’t leave any lint behind and are not at all harsh on my face and eyes. I think they will last me 2.5-3 months.

Cotton Pads 4

One thing I would like to share with all of you is that when we use cotton pad, it is not entirely used up, we generally dab the toner in the centre of the pad and apply it on our face. Majorly the centre portion of the cotton pad gets dirty while the outer portion is very much clean and we throw the used pad away. Before dabbing the toner on the pad, I cut it into half, one half of the pad I keep back in the bag and use the other half for application of the toner. Somewhere in my heart, I am satisfied that I didn’t waste much of the cotton.

Cotton Pads 5

Pros of VOV Cotton Pads:

  • Manufactured from 100% cotton fibers.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Recyclable.
  • Very soft/gentle on face and eyes.
  • Do not leave lint behind.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to use packaging.
  • Made in France (not actually a pro though but makes me feel good 😛 )

Cons of VOV Cotton Pads:

  • Can’t think of any con.

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