Top 5 Must Have MAC Blushes


I am such a sucker for blushes.  My hubby made me fall in love with these beautiful blushes. Once a MAC makeup artist used Fleur Power blush on me and my hubby liked it so much that he asked me to go buy blushes. I tried a few brands ranging from Covergirl , Maybelline , Loreal , Stila , Colorbar besides MAC.

favourite 5 MAC blushes

But MAC is written all over my mind and soul 🙂 The top 5 blushes are powder blushes that come in almost 40 colors and 5 finishes – matte , sheertone , satin , sheertone shimer, frost.

  • Sheertone shimmers are sheer and slightly shimmery (so they apply lightly).
  • Matte is flat and without any shine or sparkle.
  • Frost finishes are high shine and highly reflective because of the sparkle particles in them.
  • Satin is somewhere in between matte  frost  but very creamy and applies like a dream.

I like peachy bronzey cheeks not overpowered with shimmer just a sunkissed look for those night outs. And for day look I prefer a hint of pink. I am NC35 in MAC so  the shades which I would be telling you are according to my likings.

So here come my top 5 MAC blushes –

5. MAC Blush Fleur power fleur power

It is a beautiful shade of pink-coral but you have to be very careful while using it. Apply it with very light hands otherwise you will look like a clown. It was my first purchase and will always be close to my heart.


ambering rose

You want rosey cheeks? Go for this rosey color. Be careful to be very light on your hands because it might be slightly overpowering. But the color itself is awesome .

3. MAC Blush WELL DRESSED – well dressed This blush is a perfect flush of light pink color. When you don’t want that PINK look but still want a flush of colour on your cheeks. If you want only one pink blush in your stash, I suggest you go for this color. It is a beautiful light pink blush and a must have.

MAC Blush no 2. SUNBASQUE – sunbasque

I was looking for a bronzer but we Indians are not very comfortable with the idea of that TANNED look. While searching for that little bit of tan and sunkissed look that too without a bronzer, I  came across this beautiful peach bronze shade. It has very light golden shimmer, which gives you a TAN look .

1. MAC Blush MARGIN – margin

It is my favorite and I know it will be always be no matter how beautiful colors I discover in future. It looks a little unpleasant in pan but when applied it gives this beautiful dirty peachy berry look with slight shimmer. It is in frost finish so definitely will have tiny bit of golden shimmer.

My MAC Blushes wish list – Springsheen , Plum foolery , Lilicent (cream) , Peachykeen

If  you are above or near Nc35 , you might also like these colors – dollymix , peaches , desert rose , plum foolery , springsheen.


72 thoughts on “Top 5 Must Have MAC Blushes

  1. u and ur hubby have a great choice
    loved all of these
    although i would like to see some pics of YOU wearing the blush…after reading the intro of the article :beauty:

    1. wow neha thanks for comments okay sweetie i will post the pics next but pls m sooo uber duber plump aahhhh but i will show u face pics so its okay hahaaha

  2. hellow! Glad you wrote this 🙂 a growing MAC addict myself, I totally empathise 😉 havent tried too many others except loreal mineral blush (just got and hasnt grown on me surely), lakme (mmm no!) and Body Shop (happy with it) – but MAC is the cream [until maybe the Chanels come into my life]

    Dame in Satin finish – close to well Dressed – so agree about it being a sweet pinky nice one (my personal fav)
    Loverush in Sheertone – very close to Springsheen and Peachykeen but found them a tad too light for my skin (if u like peachy bronzy golden this would be great)
    Brit Wit in Blushcreme – a cream blush; not the best of mine i must say but like the texture

    1. awww u r tempting me to buy DAME …. i wonder how it gonna look on my NC 35 skin ????

  3. You are a total MAC girl Rashmi..arnt you???

    I am really liking Well Dressed alot…what are the prices of MAC blush?

    1. aahhhh m a mac lady HD i know hahahahah well dressed is to die for pair it with INTIMIDATE slimshine n u will look damn good yaar try it at MAC next
      yeah rati said it right they are for 1150/-

    1. ohhh ambering rose is an excellent color to contour its really nice choice rati i must say

    1. he he me too….have my eyes on colorbar peachy rose since a long time but sadly its been out of stock

      1. hey u want me to pick it up for u … its there on SV road’s beauty store not beauty centre but the one on signal where there was old beauty centre … opposite that there is new beauty store “BEAUTY AND MORE” they have quite a few …
        hope it helps HD

        1. thanks Rashmi…I have a visit planned to the beauty store at Kandivali this weekend and I will check there once again….

  4. Nice review, Rashmi. I am a pink blush person, but last week I picked up Springsheen……which is supposed to be like the NARS blush you will be receiving……and I know what you mean…..I too am not saying the NAME!! I also have Peachykeen and other pinks in MAC, now Pink Swoon is going round and round in my mind and will continue to do so until I pick it up!! I wonder whether Pink Swoon is from a limited collection, that will be so sad.

    1. no ways pink swoon is permanant dear its a nice color
      BTW what color are u in mac ???

      thanks dear u liked the post

      1. Hi Rashmi……Thanks for the advice on Pink Swoon. I am a MAC NC20, very fair, with pink undertones.

        1. P.S. Rashmi…….From which website do you order stuff online, and do they arrive safely, without breaking (or being stolen). I’m saying this b/c I had such a bad experience when my friend sent me stuff from Australia. They were all stolen, but for courtesy sake, they put the labels back in the packet and sent me the same!!!!! Now she only sends me stuff by courier, but its more expensive to send it that way. In any case, foreign make up is always costlier in Australia.

          1. I also had a recent experience regarding the lost package. I ordered a brush from Sigma Makeup. Thankfully I had paid through paypal. The brush never reached me but since I had paid through paypal, I got my refund. Worst was that they never even gave any explanation for the non delivery. 🙁

          2. sabrina dear u will surelly rock pink swoon as u r sooo fair thats why i asked ur mac compl.
            and dear my whole family is in USA and i also returned in nov last yr so i buy on mac’s site only and whenever any friend or family coming they get the stuff
            right now m expecting stuff in aug as in-laws are there …

            1. Thank you, dearie. That’s great that you have family in the US, you are lucky to be able to get almost any make up brand from there.

  5. Neha,HD:
    Count me in, I am a big succer for MAC products… 😀 My husband thinks I can start a MAC outlet of my own… :blush: …Just LOVE MAC…!!!
    I have Sincere,Style,Garb,Sunbusque,Melba,Ripepeach (from the Summer Collecion) and PearlMatte (from the lily land collection)…and needless I say I love them all…but Sunbusques and Style are my top favs… 🙂

    1. wooh … hey me too m big big sucker for blushes …
      i posted only 5 coz doesnt wanted to be considered as mad …
      i love desert rose as well , its a matte so i pair it with margin …
      u have nice collection rajol …

  6. That was a very cute and lovable collection Rashmi..I have only one blush from MAC and that is Sunbasque. So beautiful

    Other than that, I am in a blush exploring phase-cream,powder and got myself a pink from MUFE recently.

    I am definitely going for Hipness and from your collection, loving Margin too 🙂

    1. yeah i too bought MUFE HD blush in nip slip and quickie which one did u picked from this brand ??? ….
      and i have yet to receive my hipness next month …
      margin is to die for poornima …
      its a must … A MUST ….
      thanks for appreciating

      1. Hey Rashmi…can u do a review of MUFE blush? MUFE is opening soon in mumbai so I am trying to go thru as many reviews abt MUFE as I can

        1. ohh sure i will do a review on 10th AUG hahahahah
          dont ask me the reason for so precise date

          thanks HD … and yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh for MUFE in mumbai they have THE BEST FOUNDATIONSSSSS on earth and loose powder
          i would write ur name when i pick up my first stuff
          hugsss for telling me darling
          u want me to send the bill along when i write ur name 😉 😉 😉

            1. aahhh sweetheart u were the one who told all of us …
              m saying coz i will be receiving my stuff around 7th aug thats why honey i said …. hey they have awesome lipstick range too m sure rati gonna visit us soon as she loves lipstick …

      2. Same pinch….In fact, I enquired about these 2 shades thru ma friend for CZ. I fell in love with Quickie..and ordered one. My friend got the other one also for me as a gift 🙂

        Ooh definitely my blush.

    1. rati and u know we have colorful carpet here for u … no greens no reds … colorful carpet for rati the time she arrives mumbai airport…
      hahahah n for nars part yes it is definatelly and along with that nars albatross highlighter … to die for aab toh tumhe aana hi padega…
      get sanjeev along its an open invitation dear

          1. i know HD …. but atleast u tell me ur name here pls … meeting rati and all would be exciting i know

    1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i think this is bigger news then MUFE coming to mumbai right???
      ofcourse it is …koi shak ….
      pls let us know we would be more then happy ….

  7. Hey Rashmi/HD, The next time I am in Mumbai I will give you guys a shout. My folks are in mumbai so I keep shutteling btw mumbai and bangalore. 🙂

  8. Hi girls !!!
    I was just surfing and found this blog
    I am a blush and eyeshadow fanatic.
    I read the reviews and bought 3 blushes from MAC and everything holds good .
    Thank god got this blog

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