Walnut Scrub Mask for Dull Skin: Do-it-Yourself

Walnut Scrub Mask for Dull Skin: Do-it-Yourself

After a year or so, I am doing a DIY face mask.I have done a saffron face pack which works in 15 days 100%, I am claiming this from my personal experience. Today, I have a walnut mask to revive dull skin, lighten, moisturize and also scrub the dull skin gently.In this long weekend, you must try this scrub pack.

Walnuts have amazing nutritional value,I make sure I eat some after the gym. Honestly,my favorites and pistachios and cashews but cashews can be fattening hence i had to switch to walnuts. I think almonds are favorite too for skin care but walnut has some beneficial oil for the skin too, and hence this post! You can make it in a few minutes and need to keep it on for 15 minutes before scrubbing it off.

2 whole walnuts removed from the shell.
Half a lemon juice
One teaspoon of honey

Step 1:

Take an okhli and grind the walnuts to powder,keep it gritty to scrub the skin too. I have kept it larger but surely a finer powder will help you to stick it on better.I had no issues with this size grains too.
Step 2:

Add the honey to keep the consistency thick,keep some scope for adding lemon juice.

Step 3:

Add half a lime juice or lesser.Here I would like to add that if you have oily skin, add more lemon less honey. For dry skin, more honey can be added compared to lemon juice.Also this depends of skin sensitivity too, add less lemon or skip it for sensitive skin. Depends on what works for your skin.


Step 4:

Apply this mixture in patting motion, it will stick to the skin due to the honey so no worries.After 15 minutes, scrub the skin for 3-5 minutes with the granular walnut and then wash off with warm water.You can use this mask once a week provided you are not using lemon on other days of the week.


This will give your fresh clean revived skin.This is ideal for dull skin which is worried about losing the glow very soon.DO try it let me know.For tan, please try THIS mask and let me know how you like it.

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  1. I usually eat 2 walnuts and 4 almonds everyday…will now try this walnut scrub for sure..I’m totally into DIY face masks these days and some of them have worked really well for me

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