Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips- REVIEW

Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips- REVIEW


I am a working lady in a private ltd organization, which means that I constantly look for products to make my daily routine a lot easier and faster. One problem that I have is unwanted hair, in fact we all have.I don’t have enough time and the patience to remove it “manually” and shaving as I believe is good but the result is very itchy and also a short term solution. Thus I believe Waxing is most preferred methods of depilating for arms and legs with young girls and working women. Earlier, I tried using wax that has a lot of preparation to make like heating wax and putting some pads that’s gives me a hard time. So I bought Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips because of what I read in the magazine that it is effective. It says that it is easy to use and painless unlike the wax that we need to heat first before using….

What Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips claims:

  • Veet Facial Easy to Use Cold Wax Strips- A convenient and easy way to ensure effective and long-lasting hair removal.
  • The strips are easy to apply, adhere well to the hair, and are removed immediately.
  • The small strips are particularly suitable for face, bikini line, underarms, and touch-ups.
  • The supple and soft fleecy paper backing adapts perfectly to any body contours.
  • Tested under dermatological conditions and accredited by the British Skin Foundation

Its Price: It is priced at Rs 69/-

Variants Available:

Veet Waxing Strips

The product comes in 3 variants -one for each skin type:

  • Normal Skin : with Shea Butter and Berry
  • Sensitive skin : with Vitamin E and Almond Oil
  • Dry Skin : with Aloe Vera and Lotus.

Ingredients list (as mentioned on the pack I bought):

  • Wax Strips: Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, Glyceryl Rosinate, Silica, Polyethaline, Fragrance, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHA

Wipes: Mineral Oil, Hexyldecyl Stearate, Parfume, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate

Veet Waxing Strips

As I have sensitive skin I picked up the second variant. Each pack of Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips contains 8(4 double sided) wax strips and a perfect finish wipe and it comes with a leaflet which contains step by step instructions in 6 languages. It’s a strip that is ready to use and needs no heating up. I just warm it up with my hands and apply immediately on a clean and dry area to be waxed. I was quite satisfied with it. I mean, I did everything on my own. Waxing every single part of my legs is yes, painful but tolerable. And I enjoyed the part where I can see all the hair sticking to the adhesive and I can feel the smoothness on my skin after applying the finish wipes

Veet Waxing Strips 2

5 steps to use the Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips:

  • At first, wash & clean the area to be waxed & then dab some talcum powder to absorb moisture if any. Follow the mentioned steps one by one.
  • Step 1: Rub a Veet wax strip between the hands for about 5 seconds to warm the wax.
  • Step 2: Slowly peel the strips apart.
  • Step 3: Place a strip onto the shin & rub repeatedly in the direction of the hair grows.
  • Step 4: Then very quickly pull the strip back on itself opposite the direction on the hair growth.
  • Step 5: After completing waxing, wipe up with the veet perfect finish wipe available within the pack to get rid of the wax & stickiness.

Veet Waxing Strips

Veet Waxing Strips


  • Veet’s pre- coated wax strips are ready- to-use. Thus, no heating and no mess!
  • The smell is very pleasant to describe will be a nice herbal smell.
  • Three different variants are available according to the skin type.
  • A well descriptive manual is provided with the pack, containing step by step instructions.
  • Unlike ordinary waxes, Veet wax strips have special formula which grabs hair as short as 2mm, so there is no need to wait for long hair regrowth & it effectively removes hair even if my technique is not perfect.
  • It contains Vitamin E and Almond Oil well known for its skin moisturizing properties,.
  • It is a cheap alternative to going to the salon to get a wax job, but it will be more time consuming and I highly suggest reading the directions carefully.
  • The pieces can be cut according to fit the needs and the same strip can be reused again & again until it loses its grip. For me one strip works effectively for 4-5 times.
  • The wax strip can be easily used on arms, legs, underarms and bikini area.
  • After removing hair, I gently wipe the skin with the moisturizing wipes provided along the pack, it leaves my skin soft and smooth.
  • It don’t hurt at all. I have usually sensitive that swells, turns red, and breakouts after waxing, but this veet strips are AWESOME! I did not face any of such problems.
  • Very effective, a single strip is enough for removing the hairs of one leg/hand, so out of 8 only 4 are required to be used at one time the rest could be preserved for the next period.
  • These are reasonable priced.


  • The entire process is very time consuming, tiresome and no doubt messy.
  • Even though it claims for hair removal for sensitive areas, but it did not work well for my underarm area. I applied one strip on my underarm and waited 10 seconds and then pulled it in the direction of hair growth as instructed. The strip came off but my hair was still there. Then I replaced it again but the same thing happened.
  • The finish wipes doesn’t removed the wax completely. I used oil (sesame/til) to get rid of the wax completely.

Will I repurchase?

Do I need to mention this? You all have guessed it right by now, I’ll definitely. I am glad I found this removal strip that is easy to use. It is a nice cheap alternative to getting your waxing done professionally It really works very well and it is even safe for all types of skin It is very gentle on the skin and just within a few seconds I can be ready after using it.. Veet is a well known and trusted brand and this product is another good one from them..It is not even costly comparatively. Just try it girls.

**Note : if you are new to waxing kindly test your skin by waxing small part of the area you want ,wipe clean & wait for 24 hr. If there is no reaction then go for whole area waxing **


80 thoughts on “Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips- REVIEW

  1. morning sush!
    ya me too i picked up two packs of the sensitive one
    and u really need to use thick talc for underarms and warm it a lot by rubbing if u want it to be effective there
    for legs its great
    cant run to the parlors all the time so i just bot two as back ups!

    1. a v gd morning neha, yeah i 2 m liking this very much… :inlove: :inlove: just follow the 5 steps & u r ready… great na.. i was so excited to put the review dat i didnt wait for 4 weeks to see if it is really effective for 1 month…

  2. i have tried them too but doesn’t work for me more than 2-3 times per strip.for me its ok to use them in times of emergency.
    i use them mostly on my legs as it gets too painful for me on hands or underarms!!

    1. hi sree. cn u believe it didn’t hurt me a lot xcept for my underarm area….. & 1 strip was enough for my entire hand….
      but yes it depends on the hair type also na… i hv fine hairs so worked for me i guess… :blush:

    1. ki i have tried the pink pack from France too
      i was just abt to tel that the imported ones also are great
      my sis had got it and that works for me even better….
      indian strips are more sticky but works
      not in humid weather tho..

  3. Your review is so true. I’ve tried it but i find it extremely time comsuming. It’s a cheap alternative when compared to the cost at parlour.

    I still like to go the parlour and get my waxing done. I’m too lazy to do it all by myself 🙂

    1. hi priya agreed !!!!!how can we lazy fellows of IMMB do this tiresome job all alone.. 😉 🙁 u know i tried for the 1 st few times out of curiosity & thereafter engaged my mother to do the job…ha ha :laugh:

  4. aahhh me too bought this coz i had to go for some urgent appointment
    and it just ruined my feets…
    they were all messed up and some bleeding also
    i just hated it …
    oohh my mom was making fun of me … why do u have to do it now when u know u r in hurry …
    i know how it is …
    but good it worked for u …

  5. really sad rashmi it didn’t worked for u 🙁 :-(( may be coz u were in a hurry….regading the removal of the wax i used til oil , u can use any body oil, the wax comes out smoothly this way without much labour…try it out… 🙂

  6. I am too lazy to do this myself Sush. Might be I’ll suggest this to my sis in U.S. She does waxing herself all the time. I really appreciate you guys for your patience.

    1. hi aarthi…we all r lazy here (xcept a few like rati)so dont feel alone n we deserve no appreciations … :-)) 🙂

  7. Sush im definitely buying this one.. earlier i used to get my waxing done once in 2 months but from 2-3 months i’ve started getting my waxing done every 20 days by then my hair haven’t grown fully so i guess it would be great for people like me who just compulsively have to wax their arms and legs..!!

    Rashmi you bled with these….??? how come..??

    1. hi nusrath, u know just 4 stips were enough for me. m so happy..
      n yeah the wipes are not effective enough for the wax removal 😕 i hope they improve the quality of the finish wipes aslo there should be 2 /3 wipes instead of 1 in the pack.. 😮

  8. Hey sush…..Veet works wonderfully for me…..the cream one I mean….it makes my skin ultra smooth and I feel like a boiled egg…….I was trying to buy this strips for a long time now…good that you reviewed….I need to get these urgently………….. 😀 😀 ….before today evening, I am getting them…. 🙂
    .-= jomol´s last blog ..HUGE GIVEAWAY ON INDIAN MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG =-.

    1. hi jomol, great it worked for u bt i never prefer using cream coz of the fear of the skin being darkened.. 🙁 😥
      try it out u will definately like it… 😕

    1. yes i agree the superior quality waxing could be achieved only in parlours.. 😉 bt yes these are good during emergencies…

  9. nice post sush n thnks for the review….as a routine I like to get my waxing done from the parlour lady…but for emergency this is a good option!!!

  10. these strips didn’t work for me even though i have ultra fine hair that get waxed off in a jiffy. my entire waxing takes no more than 15 minutes at the parlour! then why don’t these strips work for me? grr!!!
    the oil tissue that they provide is too tiny for using on the entire arms/legs etc. in fact, the oil transfers from the tissue on to the skin in one swipe itself, so it’s difficult to spread about.
    the hair removal cream made holes in my skin and out came drops of blood. i had massive scars, scabs and rashes for the next many days. 🙁
    glad this worked for you.

    1. hi rima,

      oh so sad it didn’t worked for u!!!! 😕 but as you can see from the pic above it all came just in 1 pull from my legs, it didn’t hurt me at all…. but really the wipes are really nt apprapriate :giggle:
      N wat a u speaking about the veet cream made holes in your skin causing to bleed??.. how come??? 😯

      1. oh i have extremely sensitive skin and hair removal creams always cut my skin and make it bleed. i expected the sensitive skin veet cream to be different but it was worse! made holes! brr! 😥
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

        1. oh u hv such a sensitive skin dear …u scared me…!!! 😯 so hw do u take ur hairs off???
          i sometimes shave my legs ,it is as wel effective bt short term… u can trying shaving during emergencies…

          1. shaving gives me horrible, painful rashes.
            i get myself waxed at the parlour and turn black and blue all over, literally. my friends always end up asking me who had the nerve to beat me and give me so many blemishes. 😛 i also get pinprick sized droplets of blood in certain sensitive areas like my inner arms and thighs after waxing. this doesn’t pain though so i’ve learnt to live with it. but i do make sure that my parlour uses a disposable wax applicator and bowl on me coz i don’t want to infect anyone or get an infection myself. the strips are as it is disposable. boohoo now i feel so bad for myself 😥 😥 😥 thank god i have very fine hair that come off in one go.

  11. These strips doesn’t work for me either. I have thick hair which is a pain to remove with this kind of strips. I still end up removing only few hairs.

    But veet cream works fine for me as I use them regularly for underarms 😀 . I don’t get any inner growth or other problems. I have been using them for more than a year and I find it better than shaving of my underarms.Because when you hair grows again it grows rough after shaving. If you have thin hair, the cream will work fine for the legs and hands as well.
    .-= Charan´s last blog ..Review- Essence Eyeshadows =-.

    1. hey charan i face the same problem during the removal of my underarms hairs… it was so painful that i couldn’t jot down in words… may be coz the hair are coarse over there.
      it worked wel for my legs & arms….. :-))
      doesn’t the cream darkened ur arm pit????? ?:-) ?:-)

  12. hey, uhm i used the pink one for my underarms and then, it worked but there is still some hair. and uhm, do i have to do it repeatedly? i mean uhm, do i need to put the wax then pull then put it again then pull, just to remove he hair??????help me!!:((

    1. hi daniella, it ddn’t worked wel for me too for my under arm area.. :-(( due to the coarse hair i guess…bt as neha neha suggested can try after applying a thick film of talc… :blush:
      no dunno need to put the wax first..just place the strips on the area , rub it vigorously & pul towards the opposite direction of the hair growth.. for 2 to three times… :blush:

  13. Sush, As I told you I bought these recently. I just wanted to ask that they are two strips attached to each other. let’s say if I use only one of them, how do I store the other one?

    1. hey rati, uhave to use two at a go… u cant store one N use another…
      actually the wax are spread on each strips & the best way to preserve them was to fix they together facing each other… so in this case i cannt think of any idea.. 🙁

      But dear u can preserve the unused one for 1/2 months… :yes:
      n do not forget to puff loads of powder on the perticular area…one more thing dont dare to use water to remove the wax, always use some body oil /finish wipe & then rub with dam cloth… :silly:
      hope this helps… :blush:

  14. hi, im 13, and am not allowed to wax, i can shave though, but i suppose it darkens the skin… 🙁 but i can’t live without wearing sleevless…. though my hair growth is very less, i hv to shave at the most once in 2 months.. i hv been told that these veet wax strips r not really gud for the skin… and stick to ur skin resulting in severe pain and rough skin…. but is is it tru that they r really effective and do not darken the skin???? pl help me…. 🙁 and neither can i use epilators!!!! pl pl pl help!!!!! ?:-) ?:-) 😥 :-(( 🙁 😕

  15. hi sweety, as u can make out from the review they are very effective as effective as waxing done at parlour if done correctly & yes with patience ..
    also i didn’t noticed any darkening of the skin..they wil not stick if used thick layer of talcum pre waxing… do try it out..n also i suggest take the help of any elder/sis to get it done for u… :yes:

  16. Hi, For those who are finding underarms waxing difficult, please try this..

    Dont apply deodrant on your underarms (even any body lotion on arms and legs) for 2-3 days before waxing, if you are finding the waxing ineffective or painful.. I follow this and wax using the VEET strips just after bath.. It works awesome.. No pain, No hairs left unremoved.. :dance:

  17. Hi Their,

    I have used the wax strip on my legs but dont know how to use on arms as how can we pull skin to remove strips pls tell me how to wax on arms.tks

  18. plz plz give me my answer mw waiting plz plz …..just becoz that my confidence level is also low…. me used veet sensitive on my private part also….. and that area skin also turns to black… plz give me soluiton……my age is 23

  19. Hi all,
    I too bought these strips primarily due to long work hours (by the time i reach home, no parlour is open) and the unwaxed hands looks certainly ugly.
    But to my horror it didnt work well the first time. Thought money got down the drain. Then i tried this method: Warm the wax strip on gas (2-3 seconds), rub powder on the area where i need to remove hair and wax… it was so smooth… Underarms – didn’t try (Didnt have the requisite courage… :))

  20. hey,
    i have a vry sensitive skin,tried hot waxing in parlour nd ended up with bruises 🙁
    i then used veet cream for 2-3 months bt am scared of skin darkening.neways would try strips nw .hope those work

  21. hi
    thanks for the review..eve tho i read it too late
    can we use this product for upper lip hair removal ?please reply..thanks :struggle:

  22. Why are your pros and cons contradictory? In pros, you say its not messy and good for areas like underarms. In cons you say opposite. My concern is the messiness.

  23. Hii,if i want 2 remove hair of my legs…do I need to rub talc there????or it’s required for underarms only???and veet strips are good for skin na,,m really confused..wat if I get rashes or any other prob???

  24. I have been purchasing Veet wax for years now and I am not very happy with the new wax strips that have recently been put out, they do not work on my hair and the wax gets stuck onto the hair whenever I try it, they are very rough and painful to use. I would like to see the old pink wax strips back on the shelves as I think these were much better and more people prefer them. If these new wax strips do not change I will be looking into purchasing another product.

  25. I bought the sensitive variety last year and decided to wax my arms with it. As no warming and all the mess is involved, both my arms got waxed by only two or three strips. I found it more painful than the traditional waxing with cold/ hot wax. My skin was smooth but with the kind of reaction it showed, I had to apply ice pack for a week and the itchy rashes stayed for about a week too! *woot* I think I’ll stick to the normal waxing as it doesn’t show an adverse reaction on my skin. Or better, I’m also thinking of buying an epilator! *nails*

  26. veet ready to wax strips is a very effective product by veet. it is as effective as regular waxing n very cheap product also.

  27. Hello,

    Same problem here, long working hours and then household chores! I don’t have much time for all this…except for weekends and generally, I save weekends for fun and my personal hobbies like DIY & all…so I am thinking about trying this one.

    I just have one question. Will this product tan the area on which it is used? I have used one cream once and my hand got black after using that…after that I never used those methods! Only parlour wax, but now I want to try this because of my crazy schedule.

    Please help me if anyone knows!

  28. I have tried pretty much everything from shaving to waxing and even bought an epilator long ago. The epilator made my skin dark, rough and dull. Shaving did the same. Hence these days I go for waxing itself. I used veet aloe vera strips for sometime and it worked well in the beginning. But nowadays I noticed the wax is different and not as good as the old one (the old one was green and had more wax on the strips, new one is kind of plain and less wax). From my experience, I found sugar wax to be the best, and when done correctly there won’t be any ingrown hair or any such problems. I go for waxing once in 25 or 30 days, because I want the hair to grow enough to get rid of them completely and easily. Making sugar wax at home and using it myself takes longer than for me to get it done in parlour. Plus, I have hair all over my body, and I need help in removing hair from my back anyway. I read about sugar wax and apparently women have been using this from since time immemorial (at least since the time of Egyptian pharaohs!)!!
    Veet used to be helpful but not anymore. Also, hair removing creams (I tried fem and very) were effective for me for a day but from the second day hair started growing back and it looked like black dots on my skin that felt like sandpaper(eww!!).
    So, well, I take an hour or so to go to parlour every month and get waxed, unless I feel like preparing it at home and doing it myself once in a while!

  29. i have sensitive skin bt it doesnt get irritated all the time and i use diffrnt products…i regularly do waxing bt this is for the 1st time i tried veet ready to use waxing strips today only,,before i have used veet hair removal cream and that caused no such problms to my after using this wax strips bumps came up which was nt natural as i did waxing before bt never faced such problem
    wipes were not enough to remove all remaining wax on skin
    and wax remained on skin after pulling the strips even though i did it almst perfectly

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