10 Ways to Reduce Burn Marks Naturally

Burn marks are extremely common, especially when you are doing chores around the house or cooking. These marks are stubborn but do not worry! There are some ways to reduce the appearance of it. If your marks aren’t severe, then you can eliminate it completely. Try these 10 natural ways to reduce burn marks and let us know the difference:

Ways to Reduce Burn Marks Naturally

1. Potatoes: This vegetable is packed with amazing antioxidants. It contains natural bleaching properties which will not damage your skin unlike a traditional bleach cream. You can take slices of potatoes or grate it to use the juice of the vegetable. Apply this directly on the affected area for a month and you will see some improvement. This is a tried-and-tested method by me for acne scars or marks on my face or body. So, I can assure you that it works well. Other than this, you can also leave the potato juice overnight on the burn mark and wash it off in the morning. Do this religiously for a month and you will see an improvement.

2. Tomatoes: Just like potatoes, tomatoes too work wonders in lightening marks. Packed with rich ingredients like vitamin A and C, the purée of a fresh tomato or slices can help you out. Apply slices of a tomato twice a day to see the magic happen. Make sure the tomato juice dries off completely before you wash it.

3. Lemon: We all are aware that lemon helps in skin whitening and is a great alternative to chemical bleach found in the market. Just add a few drops of almond oil in lemon juice and apply it on the burn marks. Repeat this every day for a few weeks and it will help reduce the marks. The vitamin C in the lemon and the vitamin E in the almond oil make a great combination for healing the skin.

4. Fenugreek seeds: Methi seeds or fenugreek seeds are found in every Indian kitchen. Soak two spoons of seeds overnight and grind it in the morning to make a paste. Apply this for 30 minutes on the burn marks and wash it off once it starts to dry. This is another tried-and-tested method which works wonders. It may seem a little time consuming but do it thrice a week. Alternatively, you can pick one of the above methods for the rest of the days.

5. Aloe Vera: This magical plant is good for so many things. Take a portion of the plant and cut it into equal halves, remove the white pulp from both the halves. Mix this with little lemon juice and apply it daily on the marks. Keep it on for half an hour and use cold water to wash it off. You can repeat applying aloe Vera just on its own twice a day too. Instead of buying aloe Vera from the market, it’s best to take it fresh from the source. Since most of us have an aloe Vera plant at home, we must use it for the skin.

6. Gram flour: Besan is found in every kitchen and it is a miracle worker. You can make a simple pack of gram flour with yogurt and turmeric. This thick paste works well for reducing marks. You can apply it every day and it does make a difference. It takes some time but it surely works.

7. Honey: Before you sleep, cover your burn mark with honey. Now wrap a bandage over this and let it be overnight. Remove the wrapped bandage and wash off the honey. Make it a part of your night time routine so that you see a change in a few weeks.

8. Lavender oil with olive oil: A few drops of the essential oil and olive oil make a wonder combination for your burn marks. Massage it in the area with the scar and leave it on for 20 mins, rinse it with warm water and repeat this method two times a day. You can store a combination of the oil in a glass bottle and reapply whenever you have the chance.

9. Coconut oil: Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is incredible for the procedure. Heat a little amount of the oil and massage it on the scar. You can repeat this method two to three times a day. You don’t need to wash off the oil as the skin will absorb it in about an hour. Along with healing the scar, it will moisture your pores too and keep your skin supple.

10. Vitamin E: Buy vitamin E capsules and simply puncture one on top of the scar. Massage it for a while until you see the oil settling in. Wash it off after 10 minutes or keep it on for a longer time according to your preference. Repeating this for about two times a day is recommended to see a vast difference in just about a month on the scar. 

Burn marks, scars and dark spots can take a while to fade away. Be patient and keep using a few of these methods to eliminate any burn marks on your skin.

Do try them and let me know how it worked for you!

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