10 Ways to Reduce Double Chin

Have you been noticing double chin in your selfies recently? Some women genetically are wired to stored around the jaw area, so even if they are skinny, they tend to have fat around the jawline.  Not everyone can afford surgical methods to correct double chin, but thankfully, neck and chin can be toned without any surgery. In this post, we have listed out 10 ways to reduce double chin.

10 Ways to Reduce Double Chin:

1. Apply Melon Juice:
You can use this remedy for double chin and sagging in arms and legs. Make melon juice (without water) and apply on the affected areas for 20 minutes daily and wash off with fresh water.

2. Massage with Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is very important in reducing double chin because it increases the elasticity of skin. Include vitamin E rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, wheat germ oil, nuts, peanuts etc., to get a good dose of vitamin E.  You can also increase the daily intake of vitamin E by taking a daily supplement.

3. Sleep on a Thin Pillow:
High pillows are the worst enemy of double chin people because they stretch your skin that causes double chin to increase. Ideally, sleeping on a satin one is recommended for smooth skin and soft hair.

double chin remedies

4. Increase H2O:
To lose weight, you should drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause water retention, which would give your face a bloated look and an impression of double chin. Try to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. Also, eat water-dense vegetables like these to increase water content in your body.

5. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum:
When you chew gum, your facial muscles get activated and it’s a good activity to get rid of double chin. Also, if you are weight conscious, do pick a sugar-free chewing gum.

6. Massage with Cocoa Butter:
Rich in polyphenols, cocoa butter boosts the elasticity of skin and reduces the appearance of double chin. Take 2 tbsp of cocoa butter and melt it in a microwave. Massage your chin and jaw area with this butter five times a week.

7. Massage with Wheatgerm Oil:
Wheatgerm oil is a good way to tighten up sagging skin and to reduce the appearance of double chin. Gently massage your neck and jaw area with wheatgerm oil every night before going to the bed to see considerable difference in double chin.

8. Glycerin and Epsom Salt Pack:
Make a pack by mixing 1 tsp of glycerin , 1/2 tbsp epsom salt and a few drops of peppermint oil. Apply this all over the jaw area and rinse off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. Do this four times a week.

9. Apply Egg White and Milk Pack:
Massage your jaw with egg white (from one whole egg) and 1 tbsp of milk, and a few drops of peppermint oil. Mix well and massage the jaw area with this pack. Rinse with lukewarm after 20 minutes.

10. Homemade Massage Cream:
Curd, Apricot, Honey are the main ingredients in this massage cream and it’s rich in vitamins and nutrients and help to tighten and firm up the skin and jaw area.

Exercises To Reduce Double Chin:

Tongue Press: Sitting with your back straight and shoulders down. Tilt your head back, so that you are looking at the ceiling. Forcefully, press your tongue flat to the roof of your mouth. Then, keeping your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Then, lower your chin to your chest as far as possible without rounding your upper back. You should feel your chin and the front of your neck contract. Then, relax your tongue and straighten your neck to return to the starting position. That is one rep. Complete two sets of 20 reps each.

Side Neck Stretch:
Sitting on the floor, place one hand on the floor, away from your hip. Facing front, stretch your neck to the side as much as you can.

Stick Out Tongue:
This is a great exercise that builds the muscles in your chin and can reduce a double chin without surgery. Stand or sit in a relaxed position. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can, so that you feel your chin and neck tighten. Hold your tongue out and count to 10. Relax and return to the starting position.

Chin Lifts:
This exercise helps to strengthen and tighten the muscles in your face and neck. Stand with your back and neck straight. Raise your chin toward the ceiling and look at the ceiling. Pout your lips toward the ceiling and hold for a count of 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Do the exercise every day for best effect.

Limit Your Calorie Intake:
Satisfy your hunger with fruits, salad and low calorie food items. If you are really serious about getting rid of your double chin, then losing weight can definitely help.

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