10 Ways to Look Slim in Jeans

Jeans and denim pants are must-haves in all our wardrobes. You can style it in multiple different ways and it never goes wrong. However, jeans that does not match your body type can look unflattering. You can gain a few inches at times, but that does not mean you have to stop wearing jeans. In this post, I will tell you about 10 things that you can do to look slim and fit in denim pants.

1. Choose Deep Washed Denims

If you want to look slim in your denim, choose a darker wash. Deeper colors make you look slimmer. Choose colors like deep blue, deep indigo or black. These colors not only make your legs looks slimmer, but also look good with all types of tops and tees.

2. Go for High Rise

The days of low waist denims are long gone. If you want to look fit and flattering in denim, choose the high waist. High waist denims hide our muffin top and flabby tummy. It keeps the area tight and toned. If you are overweight and want to wear a crop top, high waist jeans can be your best friend.

3. Check the Length

If you want to look slimmer in your denim, choose the ones that reach below the ankle. Longer denims give an impression of longer legs that make you look tall and slim. You can easily pair these denims with high heels to complete the look.

4. Shop for the Right Fit

Try to find the right fit for yourself and your jeans wearing experience will change forever. Try to go for skinny jeans as they hug around the leg and hip tightly to create an impression of slimmer body. You must have a few trial sessions before you know the right shape for your body.

5. Do not Buy Oversized Denims

Many girls tend to buy loose, oversized denims just because they are fat. This is not the right thing to do at all. Buy jeans made of stretchable material and buy the right size for you. Jeans always stretch and fit according to your body size. But then, again do not buy a too small size just because you want to look slim. The right size will flatter your body and make you look slimmer, whatever your size is.

Jeans slimmer

6. Check the Back Pocket

The right back pocket is also important when you want to look slimmer in your denims. Do not buy jeans that have back pockets with flaps, embroidery or any extra patches. This will draw too much attention to the back. Also small back pockets create an impression of big butt. If you want to look slim and create an illusion of smaller butt, make sure that the pocket is simple, big and covers mid to lower portion of the butt.

7. Invest in the Right Quality

Good quality denim will be expensive. But if you invest in it once, it will be the most comfortable bottom wear ever. It stretches, fits and stays in place, highlighting your good features and hiding the bulks and flaws. It allows your skin to breathe and you do not feel uncomfortable at all. Also, these denims stay in good condition for years and you won’t regret buying them.

8. Jeans as Shapewear

Buying denims that are made of stretchable fabric is very important. They stretch and fit according to your body shape and also acts like a shapewear. If you want to hide the flabs and create an illusion of a toned, slim body, go for stretchable denim with high rise. You won’t need to wear a shapewear with your jeans ever again.

9. Pick the Right Shoes

Wearing your denim with a sandal may not help you in looking slimmer. Try to wear boots or high heel shoes to create an illusion of slim, tall body. If you are not comfortable with stilettos, opt for block heels. But, do not buy wedges as they make the legs look bulky. Also, try to pick dark colored shoes as they make the legs look slimmer than usual.

10. Use Accessories for Illusion

Portrait of attractive happy careless young woman with beaming smile is wearing warm cardigan, scarf and holding her purple handbag. She is isolated on grey background

using colored upper wears with dark denims can definitely make you look slimmer. You can pick monotone or horizontally stripped shrugs too. A bright colored scarf around the neck also works in diverting the attention towards the face.

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