Ways to Make Your Lip Gloss Last Longer

Ways to Make Your Lip Gloss Last Longer

This post is based on my personal experience with lip glosses and I am positive this will help many of us. Most of the time, we love and wear a lip gloss only to find out in some time, it has vanished without a trace. Lip gloss in creamy finishes may last longer but nevertheless they surely need some base to them to last long.The sheer and shimmer glosses can be a real issue with their poor staying power. Here are some tips to make your favorite lip gloss last longer:


Over foundation

Like concealer, you can use some foundation on the lips, set it and then go for a coat of gloss.


Over lip liner

Lip liner creates a nude or matching base in a matte finish. Use a neutral or matching creamy matte liner and fill the entire lips with it. Then you can apply the gloss on top.Rest assured your gloss will last long enough.


Over concealer

Take a matte and sticky kind of a concealer that sets.Do not use a liquid one.Then pat it on the lips and wait for it to set. Go over with a lip brush and lip gloss, this will work for darker glosses.


Over matte lipstick

Use a matching matte lipstick and then dust some powder and then go for brush application of the lip gloss. This is the best way to make sure your gloss lasts long, and the benefits of a beautiful matching lipstick underneath the gloss are also awesome.


Use a lip brush

Using a lip brush for a thicker and even coat of gloss works better rather than using the gloss applicator. It gives you better coverage and lasting glossy lips.


Dust some compact or loose powder on the lips:

This works better for lipsticks but dusting and dabbing some compact or loose powder on and around the lips surely helps. This would work better for lighter lip glosses.


Use a lip primer

There are a lot of lip primers available around, BH cosmetics and MAC are two brands I know of. Try to gently pat the primer on the lips, let is set and then go over with the lip gloss.It is a sure shot way for your gloss to last doubly long.
Use a light sticky lip balm

Using some kind of light but stay-put and sticky balm would surely help as well. This would work like a sticky tape for your gloss, and will help the gloss to adhere on the lips well.

Try creamy formulas

Look for creamy glosses that are slightly sticky and do not have the tendency to bleed.These will surely last longer than regular lip glosses.

These tips work equally well for lipsticks too.

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