7 Ways To Rock Slip Dresses

Hi ladies,

Slip dresses are not only easy to slip but they can be dressed up and down according to the need of the occasion. Let’s find some great ways to wear these sultry dresses!

Slip Dresses

1. Wear a slip dress over a tee:

slip dress with tee

If you are a bit of conservative dresser but would still like to explore the slip dresses trend then you can easily do so by wearing your slip dresses over a basic tee. This is really simple and apt look for those hot summer days.

2. With a shirt layered over it:

slip dress with shirt

Use that delicate slip dress as little accents and not as a full blown outfit. You can tone down the sexiness of a slip dress by wearing it under a shirt. You can use a waist belt to accentuate the waist area.

3. With a motorcycle jacket:

slip dress with biker jacket

Sometimes for few girls, the flirtatiousness of a slip dress is tough to handle. For all those divas out there, wearing a motorcycle jacket over that feminine lace slip dress can be a great idea. You can further accentuate the toughness by wearing suede or leather boots or you can also go for any kinds of heels.

4. Accessorize according to occasion:

slip dress with minimal accessories

Aim for a minimal look when wearing your slip dress at day time. Go for single chained necklaces and do not add anything heavy to the dress. Let it be flowy without any add-ons. But for a night out in the time, you can add 1 or 2 statement pieces to your dress to make it stand out.

5. Slip dress with all black accents:

slip dress with black accents

You can wear your seductive slip dresses with all black accents. Black is a mystery colour while slip dresses are all about unleashing the sexiness in you. So pairing your dark hued slip dress with black tights, shoes or bag is a great idea.

6. Go for printed slip dresses:

floral slip dress

Choose your slip dresses in summer prints instead of the lacy ones. They are great to wear on a day out with friends. Go for flats and bright coloured bag to make your entire outfit pop!

7. Slip dress with a hat:

slip dress with hat

Want to give an effortless yet stylish vibe to a classic black slip dress then think no further. Wear a loose cardigan over your slip dress and complete the outfit with shoes and an oversized hat and you will be good to go.

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3 thoughts on “7 Ways To Rock Slip Dresses

  1. i so baldy want to try out the slip dress trend! But I think I find it way too sexy for delhi’s atmosphere i i never end up picking a dress. i think i might muster up some courage after reading this post. 😀 good one vandana. love reading your articles:)

    1. Thank you so much mam. But you also said that you would try to drape a saree in different way after reading my post. I am still waittttttting for that 🙂

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