5 Ways to Use MAC Strobe Cream

As we all know, MAC Strobe Cream is one of the MAC’s bestselling products across the globe and costs a bomb as well. Therefore, today I am back with a post on 5 ways to use MAC strobe cream, which will enlighten you by using the product in different ways and get the most out of your bucks!


For the uninitiated, MAC strobe cream is a serum like highlighter that contains mineral pigments, which help in brightening up your complexion and make it look like you are glowing from within. While providing shine and glamour to your face, this cream also contains powerful antioxidants that provide your skin with lots of benefits and help in keeping it young and healthy. Also, it contains potent botanicals that boosts the dull, flat or tired looking skin by proving it with a plethora of nutritious vitamins and a mega dose of green tea.

1. Mix with your Foundation:

5 Ways to Use MAC Strobe Cream Mix with Foundation

You can mix your strobe cream with your foundation to get a dewy finish and iridescent complexion. However, make sure to always use your primer underneath while doing so, as strobe cream being a highlighter can sometimes make your pores look bigger and skin oilier. Using your strobe cream this way will make sure that you keep glowing throughout the night out with your girls and party nights.

2. Use as a Highlighter

5 Ways to Use MAC Strobe Cream Highlighter

If the idea of using your strobe cream all over your face mixed with foundation does not appeal you and you prefer highlighting only the high points of your face, you can do the same with your MAC strobe cream. To get the deed done beautifully, use a stippling brush and stipple away some strobe cream on the high points of your face like underneath your eyebrows, above your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, on your forehead, chin and even on your cupid’s bow to make your face radiant and shine like a solitaire!

3. Layer Underneath your Blush

5 Ways to Use MAC Strobe Cream Underneath Blush

Another interesting way of using your strobe cream is to layer it underneath your matte blushes for parties and date nights. If you are someone who doesn’t party frequently or does not like wearing loud makeup on frequent basis, buying shimmery products might sound like wastage of money and you may prefer buying matte blushes. Therefore, with this tip, you can still enjoy a dewy look whenever needed and be saved from buying products that you will use rarely twice or thrice.

4. Use on the Inner Corner of your Eyes

5 Ways to Use MAC Strobe Cream Inner Corner of Eyes

Owing to its beautiful shade and glow, MAC strobe cream can be used on the inner corner of your eyes to highlight them, so that your eyes appear bigger and wide awake. And, if your eyes are set very near, this tip will give the illusion of them being set wider apart. The strobe cream’s reflective properties make your whole eye area look lighter and brighter and make your eyes look much prettier.

5. Mix it with your Moisturiser Everday for an Added Glow

5 Ways to Use MAC Strobe Cream Moisturiser

Apart from using MAC strobe cream for parties and functions, you can even mix it with your everyday moisturizers for an added glow and still keep your look casual by going light on your lips and eyes. However, do mix only a drop or two of strobe cream with your day cream while using it in summers, as it can make your face get oily.

That’s all for today girls, hope this helps.

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