10 Ways To Look YOUNGER Than You Actually Are!

Ageing is doomed and we are all bound to grow old one day! While our grandmother still manages to look pretty even at 85, the things that we put our skin through these days, can make us look older than we really are! Bad eating habits, pollution, dust, dirt, harmful sun rays accelerate the aging process of our skin, which results in dull-looking skin, hence making us looking old! Even though, we cannot always be young and beautiful, we can take a few measures to slow down the process of aging- here are a few!

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1. No matter what your age is, take good care of it, so you don’t regret later on! Time will never come back to fix your skin, so try working out and get good sleep. To prevent aging, never go on those crash diets because they do nothing for your body except turning you into a skinny mess and avoid smoking (It’s too harmful). Make simple changes in your lifestyle and skin care regimen and your skin will glow in all its glory!

2. Junk food is a big NO-NO, when it comes to maintaining your skin! Instead opt for mineral and nutrient rich foods, which will do wonders for your skin, because what goes inside will reflect on the outside (skin and hair).

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3. Include supplements in your regimen. Omega-3 fatty acid is the LORD and MASTER of any skin-care and it will work amazingly on both hair and skin! It helps in maintaining strong nails, glossy hair and younger looking complexion. Who doesn’t crave that?

4. Hydration all the way! Hahahaha, yet another post telling you the importance of water! Don’t kill me!! Anyway, consume plenty of water and consume water-rich fruits like melon and cucumber! When it comes to buying skin care products, choose products that mention mushroom and aloe in their ingredient list along with lipids, hyaluronic acid and amino acids that keep the skin from getting dehydrated.

5. As much as you need those sun glasses to make that fashion statement, you need it in your life to protect the delicate area around your eyes from darkening and aging.

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6. Irrespective of how tired you are after that party or work, never sleep with your make-up on, it is one of the worst things that you may be doing to your skin! When you sleep with makeup on, bacteria builds up, your pores get clogged and you have breakouts!! So who is to blame here? Your genes or YOU?!

7. Start using sunscreen while you are pre-teen. I’m sure most of you reading this are not teens, so if you used sunscreen while you were 12 and 13, be happy, that you started taking care of your skin so early. If not, START RIGHT AWAY!! Use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more!

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8. Products retinol and peptide enhance the production of collagen in your skin, hence making you look youthful. Also, go for anti-oxidant rich products which include Acai berries, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and pomegranates which help to fight wrinkles.

9. Do not wait until your 30’s to worry about wrinkles, start using anti-aging creams in your 20’s to delay the signs of aging because your collagen starts to break down when you are 20 something, so do not wait, work on it immediately!

10. Understand that day creams are for the day and night creams for the night! Day creams are more focused on preventing UV damage and moisturizing your skin while night creams are focused on repairing your skin off all the damage that it has been through, they are on the heavier side and contain essential ingredients that are great for aging! Make a regimen that includes both day and night creams, as your skin needs them both!

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