How to Wear Nude Lips Without Looking Washed Out

How to Wear Nude Lips

Nude coloured lips have their place and can be chic in the right situation, but wear it with the wrong colours and it could destroy an otherwise well thought out look.

The beauty of a nude shade is that it can be paired with any look and colour, be it a party dress in red or a casual day outfit like jeans. Pair it up with your outfit, keeping in mind the below mentioned points, to look effortlessly gorgeous and stylish.


From beige to mocha to sheer washes of pink, a nude-toned lip can be quite flattering when paired with bright coloured clothing, so when you really want your outfit to do the talking, a nude lip can help do the trick.

Tips to wear nude lips:

• If you look washed out, you’re wearing a shade that’s too pale for your complexion. For a natural look, don’t go more than one shade lighter than your skin colour. As a general guide pale skin tones should stick to soft pink and peach shades, dark skin tones are better suited to chocolate tones, and those with yellow undertones should opt for beige’s like caramel and latte.

• It is very important to make sure that your lips are in the perfect condition before you put on a nude lip colour. Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to prevent your lipstick from peeling and looking hideous. Remember to apply balm afterwards to keep lips moisturised.


• If you have dark pigmented lips then, try toning down your natural lip colour with concealer. Creating a bare canvas will help you get the true shade of nude you want to wear. However, just make sure that you are creating a thin layer and not putting on too much product on your lips otherwise the final result will end up looking cakey.

• Consider wearing a semi-matte lipstick or dab some gloss after applying nude lipstick to create volume and prevent creasing. Avoid frosty and full on matte finishes in a nude lip shade.

• Neutral lip complements a big, bold eye look very well. It helps to draw attention towards the rest of makeup. Direct even more attention on your eyes by creating emphasis on the brows.


• Add some colour to your cheeks by dusting on a pink or peach cream blush to add that much needed brightness to your face.
Just remember, getting the right nude shade for yourself is the key to sport this look without looking washed out.

Do you like wearing nude lipsticks?

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11 thoughts on “How to Wear Nude Lips Without Looking Washed Out

  1. That’s a really nice article. Nude lipsticks can look great on really fair skinned people. However, i’m in the opinion that olive skinned (like most us Indians) and dark skinned girls do not look good in nude lipsticks, thoda pink\red\maroon shade to banta hai boss !!

  2. I love to sport nude lips and I’ve learnt that wearing a tinted lip balm under the nude lippie is what works for me & does not wash me out 🙂

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