Welcome Winter – 2015 in Rati’s Style!

Hi ladies,

After the summer and fall editions on Rati ma’am, I am here today with winter must haves. As the sun is not harsh anymore, we can feel a slight nip in the air and because of all the festivities around; everything is on SALE! So I thought it was the right time to do winter must haves as you can take inspirations from Rati ma’am’s style and stock up on everything that is lacking in your wardrobe 

A Cute Beanie


Beanies are such cute items to have in your wardrobe. They are so girly and come in so many fun and vibrant colours. Beanies could be slouchy or fitted. Get yourself at least 4-5 beanies in neutrals, bright colours. You can also go for embellished beanies too.

Camel overcoat

As the sale season is going on, you can get a stylish one at half the original price. These overcoats are not only really comfortable but also keep you warm and are ideal when you want to layer your pieces.

Cosy Turtleneck


Turtlenecks sweaters give off such cosy vibes. These chunky sweaters are great to beat those winter blues. You can choose an outfit in a neutral shade and use any vibrant piece to add the right pop of colour. Hint: see the picture above 

Colourful Scarves

colourful scarves

Get them in many colours. They will not only keep your neck and chest area covered but will also spruce up any neutral coloured outfit.

Puffer jackets

puffer jackets

These jackets provide insulation to the harsh cold winds and you can get them in variety of colours. A puffer jacket with a hood is an added bonus. These will keep you all comfortable and cosy in the dreary days of winters.



Black goes with almost anything and everything. Warm black tights will save you from confusion when you are trying to decide what to wear with a jacket or a blazer. You can take inspiration from the pic above, go for an all black look with a sequined jacket and a red bag!

I think cute sweaters look so feminine and girly. They also keep us warm too. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy sweaters in fun and quirky prints and have with them. I got one in owl prints today itself!

Leather Jackets

leather jackets

The leather jacket is like a staple for every winter wardrobe. You can easily dress up or dress down a leather jacket. A well tailored jacket looks really stylish and also a thinning effect. You can get a brown leather jacket like Rati mam or you can go for bright colours.
Colourful cardigans or short jackets

Colourful cardigans or structured jackets are a great to break the monotony of neutral dresses. Winters are the time when you can flaunt all those bright and vibrant colours. So now is the time to stock up on them and please do get the one like yellow above! 



Bags are evergreen and we girls need them with any and every outfit. In winters, a bag becomes all the more important. A bag will handle all your winter essentials from hand creams, lip balms, scarves, gloves, moisturizers or even your beanies. So bigger the better!



Boots come in so many different types and designs from combat boots, knee high boots to stylish booties. Boots come in handy in winters and go well almost all winter outfits and look super nice. So invest in good leather boots in preferably black or brown.



Sweatshirts are not just comfort clothes that you wear at home when you are lazing around at your home. Go for more fitted ones with different patterns or graphic prints and just experiment!


You should definitely include at least one outfit that has a cape for upcoming winters. It could range from a cape jacket to a cape blanket also. They will keep you all snuggled up and will look super stylish.


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  1. perfect post with perfect model vandana 🙂 I am yet to try all these styles but i myself take motivation & inspiration from rati whenever it comes to holiday styling 🙂

  2. woooooow the pictures are awesome and the compilation is even brilliant .. 🙂 i know now what all to get for the coming season 🙂

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