What Does Your Room Stuff Say about You?

Hello ladies!
Hope you all are doing great. Today I am here to do a fun psychological post. I have been a big fan of psychology and I have studied this subject for 4 years and so I love finding out such things like decoding our personal space. Whether you are a cleanliness freak or a hoarder, your room tells plenty of things about you. For example, according to feng shui, clutter stored under your bed represents sleeping on old unresolved issues, so remove everything from your bed right now!

Room Say About you

1. A rose on your table
A rose in your room reflects your romantic nature. It does not matter whether the rose is artificial or real, but it clearly shows that you have not forgotten anything about your love life.

wall quotes

2. Inspirational quotes on the wall
I used to do this a lot when I was about 19. I used to bring big posters of some inspiring and mood-boosting quotes and paste them on my room’s walls. This interest shows that you use your brain to stimulate your feelings. You are more of a practical person in life and not the one who thinks by heart all the time.

alia home

3. Photos of outings with friends
This reflects that you are an outgoing person and love to keep memories with you all the time. Your friends’ pictures on the wall or table also signify that the bond of friendship is essential for you.

4. God’s statue or any religious book
Having a God’s statue or religious book reflects your strong belief in God. It also strongly shows other people how pure you are from heart.

cd collection

5. A CD collection of hit tracks
Apart from showing your love for music, a stack of CDs also shows your extrovert nature. Extroverts are stimulated by people; they like the sound of voices and prefer music with lyrics to instrumental pieces.

6. Wide variety of books
Here I am talking about having not just your favourite novels or magazines but a collection of books on subjects that are not from your field. An assortment of books on different subjects shows that you are an open-minded person and you do not take every little thing to your heart.

flowers in wine bottles

7. A glass bottle to keep flowers or just plain water
This is done at my home. My mother likes to keep some good-looking wine bottles, fill them with plain water, and put some little flowers in them. If you do this, then this shows that you are someone spontaneous and impulsive. Anyone can get you easily on your nerves.

8. Soft toys or ornaments
This shows your kiddish side. Even if you are an all grown-up wise person, soft toys show that you still are a child at heart. Ornaments show your love for beauty!

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2 thoughts on “What Does Your Room Stuff Say about You?

  1. This is an interesting post, Neha. My room has a wall art of ‘hearts’ in red. Wondering what does that imply in the actual sense 😉 Pls tell me that shows– I am too good at heart 😀

  2. thank you so much sana. :* well that red heart wall art does not really say that but anyone indulged in hearts reflect their romantic nature and love for there loved ones. 🙂
    This is said psychologically that red hearts show energetic love life.

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